DNA results from MyHeritage DNA (East Asian & Amazonian)
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-East Asia
Chinese and Vietnamese

– South America
Indigenous Amazonian

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  1. mongolians with barely 3 million people maintaining that big land up to this day is miracle so you shoud be proud

  2. I'm Nepalese from hilly region, I belong to bahun tribe. I have really fair skin compare to most Nepalese. I was born with blonde hair and when I got older my hair colored change to dark brown. I am just 18 years old. A lot of time I get mistaken for Mexican, Hispanic, Iran, Pakistan and few other nation like that. I took my ancestry DNA to find out my actual race. I got my result last month. I got baloch, South Asia, European, American and East Asian. I was shocked. I feel like my sister has more European because people think she's Russian and while my brother looks Indian.

  3. Hi bro, nice results. I'm South Indian and you've got some really cool results. surprised there are 100% east asians in nepal. I'm not aware of the caste system over there too much but i know the basic ones like brahmins, chettirs, kirats, newars, tibetans, etc. I've already tested before so you can check out my results on my channel if you're curious. Btw in case if you want to see some nepali samples from gedmatch, here are some of the caste averages below. click read more to see the results.

    Nepali brahmin:


    S Indian 25.29
    Baloch 8.17
    Caucasian 1.41
    NE Euro 2.68
    SE Asian 0.93
    Siberian 5.65
    NE Asian 50.20
    Papuan 0.86
    American 1.14
    Beringian 1.30
    Mediterranean 1.33
    SW Asian 0.34
    San 0.20
    E African 0.47
    Pygmy 0.03

    East_Asian 73.5
    Ancestral_South_Eurasian 12.6
    Ancestral_North_Eurasian 9.3
    Natufian 4.6
    West_European_Hunter_Gartherer 0
    Sub_Saharan 0

    SouthEastAsian 50.82
    Siberian 21.95
    Indian 18.26
    Australian 2.32
    Neolithic 1.64
    EastAfrican 1.09
    Oceanic 0.91
    Ancestor 0.84
    Amerindian 0.74
    NorthEastEuropean 0.63
    Steppe 0.6
    NorthAfrican 0.2

  4. What does Nepali mean? This test seems like a scam. On one hand, there is the indigenous South American ancestry which has to go back thousands of years before his ancestors even settled in Nepal so what kind of Nepali does this test imply considering he's already Nepalese.

  5. This must be a first for someone from Nepali community doing a DNA test, interesting results! I assume that the Mongolian genes are widespread in most parts of asia (southasia, central asia to west asia) because of Genghis Khan's "marauding days", leading to interbreeding, migration and settlement in the respective regions.

  6. I belong to the magar ethnic Group. My surname is Pun. When I searched about my Surname I found it was originated in China (Xin/Qin/Chin era) about 2300 Years ago present day Xi'an City. Most of our elders believe that our ancestors came to the Nepal from North. May be Gurung,Magar & Kirat are related.
    For eg, there two district from the Nepal Taplejung From the Kirat region & Taplejung means लिम्वु भाषामा "जुङ्"को अर्थ किल्ला वा सैनिकले घरेको किल्ला हुन आएबाट ताप्लेजुङ्ग अर्थात ताप्ले नाम गरेका राजाले शासन जमाएको किल्ला हो भनिन्छ। and Lamjung From Gandak Region, & Lamjung means लमजुङ" शब्द मगर भाषाबाट आएको मानिन्छ । यसको अर्थ अग्ला, लामा तथा ठूला पहाड तथा पर्वतहरूले बनेको भूमि भन्ने बुझिन्छ ,Where the Gurungs are dominant than Magars. In both Districts 'Jung' is common & it's meaning is High & long hills.
    And ' Baglung' district from Magarat region,it is Derived from Magar language Bang= Plane land & lhung=Stone.
    Same for 'Myanglung' of Kirat region.It is Derived from Kirat language,, Myang= Cat, Lhung= Stone. These are some example that we are related & were later separated. -about Magars. – About Pun Magars. – about Pun/Pan surname in China.
    In this study I found that My surname is also shared by Ex-UN secretory Ban Ki-Moon.

  7. Kirat people basically Rai and Limbu, there's an old folk lore in Mundum which talks about 10 brothers who came from china and tibet and ruled Nepal under King Yelung Hang or Yalambar Hang, and still within Rai and limbu there's a say " Das Rai or Das Limbu" ten Rais or ten limbus.

  8. Congrats I think this is your most popular video idk 😀


  9. this is true. we kiratis have our link roots tied to china as well.

  10. grt to see ur dna results bt no need 2 b different brother we all r proud 2 b gorkha..stay united n alys b proud who u r.

  11. MyHeritage is not accurate. Try 23&me. Nepali is not an ethnicity. Ethnicity and nationality are two different things.

  12. The Chinese and Mongolian parts are probably from Tibet lol. Almost all Tibetans in upper Qinghai have Mongolian blood and since China conquered Tibet that’s what they probably mean by China. Lol but great video I’m also half Nepali 🙂

  13. Interesting results. I am surprised you don't have any South Asian/Indian ancestry.

  14. DNA.LAND separates Central Chinese and Vietnamese. It only groups the border town Chinese and Vietnamese together under South East Asian category (Dai and Lahu in China; Chinese Dai in (China) Xishuangbanna and Kinh in (Vietnam) Ho Chi Minh City). 23andme has them completely separated. Many southern Han Chinese have a little bit of SE Asian ancestry due to proximity of the region. I had 7% on DNA. LAND, 0.6% according to 23andme but 0% on Wegene. I tested 93, 98% to 99.2% Chinese on various sites.

    Thanks for sharing!

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