I redid my ancestry DNA video where you guys could actually see me better. Share your results with me below and comment if you would like to see me track my MT DNA and have other people in my family take DNA tests! Here is a link of my gf’s results if you guys want to check that out:



  1. Nice Video Ashley….what state are you from?
    Hispanic isn't a race Ashley.
    Spanish people are White Europeans from Spain.
    White Spanish men came to the Americas in 1492 & they sometimes mixed with Native American Tainos of the Caribbean Islands.
    The Spanish Europeans then brought the first blacks to the Americas as slaves in 1503 on what is today the Dominican Republic.
    If a Latin American is a unmixed descendant of Spain on Both sides then he will be White & look white.
    The Latin Americans that look nonwhite are mixed with White Spanish,Native American & Black.
    You mentioned in your video you love Spanish culture….did you mean real Spanish people from Spain? or did you mean Latin American culture? I'm asking this because most Americans refer to Latin Americans as "Spanish" which causes confusion since only Spain should be referred to as Spanish

  2. Are you kidding? Scandinavians were the Vikings who raided and terrified their European neighbors. They were like the ultimate sailors and pioneers in seafaring. You should watch the series "The Vikings" with Ragnar Lothbrok

  3. I love your reaction to each one of those surprises!! Lol The Scandinavian most likely come from your British ancestor

  4. It's common for Irish people to have some Iberian peninsula DNA because they mixed with Spanish people at some point in history. That might be where you get the Iberian DNA. Awesome video 🙂

  5. Ashley El! I wondered if you would be able to give me some feedback on my channel and sub if you like it, thanks anyway mate good video!

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