My Updated Ancestry DNA Results | Racism Doesn’t Belong in Goth

My Updated Ancestry DNA Results | Racism Doesn’t Belong in Goth

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  1. goth is supposed to be the opposite of racism. i've been too busy worrying about my weight, (im plus size) to even think about the fact that im brown. damn; just more things to make me an outsider lololol

  2. hey it didn't stop Wednesday from the Addams family , her father was ((( "Gomez Addam " ))) LOL aja!!!!! gosh your even more beautiful when your angry , chula !!!

  3. Your awesome…and your beautiful..and you have guts….?

  4. This video was amazing and so important. Thank you for making it! <3

  5. I hadn’t intended to take part in this discussion as I’m not sure as a pale skinned white woman it is my place, however it truly sickens me to see racism, sexism and homophobia in the gothic subculture to the extent that I didn’t feel I could stay silent on the subject.

    Skin colour does not in any way factor into anybody’s “gothness” or their right to be a part of the subculture – it is open to everybody who feels it is their home. I’m ashamed to say that I hadn’t noticed the distinct lack of gothic models of other ethnicities than European/Caucasian featured in gothic advertising (due I’m sure to white washing and whiteness being seen as ‘the norm’, which is completely abhorrent.)

    I have of course seen beautiful, intelligent and engaging gothic women of various ethnicities such as yourself, Angela Benedict and Morelia Reborn on YouTube and social media, and between that and seeing a growing presence of ethnically diverse goths popping up in gothic groups and on gothic pages online I had thought (or hoped) that racism in the scene was a thing confined to a few ignorant individuals firmly in the past – I am so sad to realise that is not true.

    The image of goths as pale, waifish Caucasians with long straight black hair is only an archetype – because as you mention it originally came from the English punk scene and took it’s stylistic elements from primarily European sources such as German impressionist horror films – it is only one image associated with a scene which has always professed to encourage and celebrate individuality. Even traditional gothic makeup and style borrows from sources such as Hollywood’s image of the Egyptian Cleopatra, the Jewish silent screen vamp Theda Bara and and any number of questionable images of ‘witch doctors’ and ‘voodoo priestesses’ who are usually depicted as being of African or Caribbean descent. This attitude only demonstrates a hateful ignorance and a desire to somehow justify that as being true to “their” subculture – it is no better in my opinion than slogans such as “make America/Germany great again.”

    Apologies for the lengthy comment – thank you for calling attention to this issue and for continuing to represent the gothic subculture I would like to see thrive – where open discussion, diversity and individuality are par the course and hateful racism has no place.

  6. I just checked out the new updates for mine and Ancestry says I'm no longer Middle Eastern and now I'm Norwegian. dafuq?

  7. i so agree with this, goth is for everyone no matter what skin color you are, all races and ethic backgrounds are welcome.

  8. She had the balls to post that? Did she think people would agree with her and she wouldn't get grilled for it?! Not just ignorant but stupid as hell too.

  9. She could have been parodying the spoiled Western brats who get pissed off about things like a white girl wearing a Chinese qipao dress to her prom (“My culture is NOT your goddamn prom dress.”) while actual Chinese people in China don’t give a shit.

  10. well racism was i tro to america from white folks do to their history of being from the land where kings come crom which those have a dark and evil history behind it because they are the first to find out the idea to own things and to own you had to take from others and claim things. now here in the americas we all have some of it .. one came here being racist while other natives from here then standing up and terning things around with some racist.. we all have abit even if you claim good person because blinding you do things thats discrimination and racist because for example you cna be good person to any race but at the same time you have european ways or mentality that only mix with a person who have the expectation and base on somethign physical and most things is base of all european base of , money , "future" with owing of things, mayerial, money , land , expectation of well grammer or speach all this is verry racist or diacrimination and this what we hold and see from other people . because i see some people who is good person and they only mox with their own ignorantly , we i can say me too but see i dont mix with other people not for racist or discriminate at least in this case , i mix with more nagtive people because i ben told and educated by my grandparents that we can mix who ever we want but not to the ignorance , meaning ypu cna be super mix because theres a reson why we have genetics , and since we live in the americas i believe we should mox with nagive and be native nothing to do systematic that type political but see this native land made for native genetics . which is not an escuse but is more of a reson why i dodnt mix with other things because i think about my feature kids when it come to healt and to keep genes live on with ont getting sickness that will come from genetics resons …. but see no escuses me as a mexican i dodnt learn racist in home i learn it by other people with it from my race or from whats going on with white folks on how they threat my people being native to thins lands and their believe they force on other while they not being in their lands to expecat that which i can understand but here in my lands sorry but that aint passing apon me . so this actittude yes is negative but see if we have to be racist then we be it also not a shame of it , because they done to much to my people and if we bad, or good , racist or wvil shit at least we are in our lands . im good person but i can be also a dick to people and the thing is that i speak facts remind them who they are, where they come from and were they stand . good and bad always will be here and we all have abit of it is a must , is a law , is a duality like it or not . and if im bad shit im bad in my lands which have shit to do with your opinion of how natives live in their own lands and you have to worry how you live and act in this stolend lands . thats my opinion abou it dodnt care if you hate it or love it because in the end of the day this lands made for nagive people not others . and if you going to be here is find but dont push other your believe thats not even from here let people be .

  11. I'm mostly white but I do have Latin ancestry its really nice seeing people with similar coloring and backgrounds standing up for themselves and being unapologetic about who they are. You inspire and encourage me.

  12. First, Brava! Goth should not be about race, or gender, or body type, or whatever. But, sadly, like most human endeavors, it creeps in on tiny feet. It's supposed to be about who you are as a person, not what you can't change. If you truly embrace the darkness, remember that Death doesn't discriminate.

  13. I guess this stupid person was unaware of the Batcave black people who are well documented in pictures and in videos also how everyone who was part of that scene and the early punk scene mingled with rude boys and listened to Reggae. Many of the early drum machine elements in bands like Alien Sex Fiend used sped up and distorted Reggae beats. Black punks and goths existed before that nitwit was born. In America the punk and Deathrock scenes mostly in California had a very high percentage of Latinos and people of all races. If anyone is bastardizing any of these subcultures it is the vein and egotistical morons who define themselves solely by their outer appearance ,race, ect… and think winkle pickers and instagram sponsorships count as a personality.

  14. Apologies for being off topic from the video but could you talk about your eye colors, if you match them to your mood, or the rest of your look, or any other significance, etc. Or maybe I’m the only person that’s interested, lol. Just wondering 🙂

  15. You look a lot like the Latina version of Amy Lee lol I love your look! I know what you mean about racism and being gothic. It is not cool. I had plenty of Africans American friends who were gothic back in Junior High and High School. We all enjoyed being the way we were and people hated it. Oh well. Racism sucks in every way possible.

  16. You are awesome ! I’m a girl who is a black goth and I give no craps anymore! Love your videos ❤️❤️❤️!

  17. THANK YOU FOR THIS!!!!! I get flack for being a Native American goth and I never know how to respond. Now I do

  18. I saw that post and holy shit did it infuriated me. I'm so happy she's getting called out on her racist comments, and we should be calling out this type of behavior more.

  19. I completely agree that Goth is for everyone. I've seen so many women and men of different backgrounds look amazing in their styles of dress. You are gorgeous and I love your style. Very well said hon!

  20. Fuck anyone who thinks goth only includes white people. That is bullshit. Every single kind of person is welcome if this is where their soul feels most at home. Thank you for making this video because that person deserved a massive “fuck you”. She doesn’t get to speak on behalf of an entire legion of people and try to make our entire culture look like racist pricks. Side note, I’m so glad you like the necklace and earrings.

  21. omg im so happy i got a like and a heart from you oh my goth your my gothic idol

  22. i didn't know you were latinx. rock n roll. more goths of color. 🙂

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