My updated 23andMe results! + Parents! ► ASIAN DNA

My updated 23andMe results! + Parents!  ► ASIAN DNA

Many of you have requested this update, so here it is!
23andme has finally specified Asian DNA! YAY!
But are they correct?

P.s. I’m still fiddling with the position of my lights a bit, so i’m sorry this video hasn’t got the best lighting.

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  1. Thanks for the update!

    Chinese in general is regarding the Han Chinese. Wegene Gaoshan ancestry is regarding Taiwanese aboriginal tribes. Chinese Dai is also a minority tribe in China that many of them have settled in SE Asia over a long period of time. Your mom does not look Han Chinese to me. More and more Asian people are doing ancestry analysis and we shall see.

    I went from 99.2% Chinese to 96.8%, 0.6% SE Asian to 1.1% Indonesian, Thai, Khmer & Myanma(Malaysian), 1.8% Broadly results and still 0.3% European. My son now has more SE Asian than me(0% to 2.2%-1.1%Indonesian, Thai, Khmer & Myanma, but also 0.9% Vietnamese, 0.2% Filipinos that I do not have due to Phasing, as 23andme explained to me). His Chinese went from 51.1% to 45.4%. His Asian broadly results went from 0% to 3.5%. The European ancesry changed very slightly even after connecting with his paternal grandparents, just a bit more German from my mother-in-law. I am a bit confused but no identity crisis yet.

    By the way, Wegene assigned my husband and his parents(should be mainly Irish, Scottish and German and a bit French) around 98-99% French and a bit S Asian(Indian). It was really funny and inaccurate.

  2. Ooook! Like with the Ancestry updates I think these might not have actually helped with accuracy too much. It all depends on the quality of the samples they are adding, and if they are distorted or skewed between countries, you might get some very strange results i.e. maybe Vietnamese samples were added, but a lot of those people were of Thai descent. Similarly, they are probably lacking Netherlands samples, and samples from the areas the English were from i.e. the Angles & Saxons in north west Germany, Jutes in southern Denmark, and Frisians in the northern Netherlands. That is why your father is showing up as British but quite possibly his ancestors never set foot there. I think the Sardinian and European in your mother are likely statistical noise.

  3. Yay an update! And oh yeah the Taiwanese that you saw on WeGene is represented on 23andme as Indonesian.

    Like I said, WeGene doesn’t have specific categories for Indonesian and Filipino people, who are in the same ethnic group as the Native Taiwanese people. All 3 groups come under the umbrella term “Austronesian”.

    And also, the Dai people are genetically Thai/Southeast Asian. The “Chinese” label is cuz most Dai people live within China, but really near the China-Laos border, so the Dai people aren’t actually ethnically Chinese.

    Super cool results!!!!!! ?

  4. Yeah thats because they consider taiwanese as just chinese at 23andme (or the taiwanese part goes more far back in time , since wegene goes back to several 1000 years unlike 23andme), other then that they are not that far to be specific about all ethnics either STILL so, i guess they will be able to be even more specific with time, bcs right now the only specific asian ethnics (or SEA and EAS ethnics) are korean japanese mongolian filipino and vietnamese and different chinese ethnics such as South (dai) chinese and broadly chinese & SEA etc. , so i do kind of expect that all the dna tests still be changing with time again… For some part. And broadly chinese & SEA basically means chinese people who live in SEA for a long time already , can be considered as just chinese actually. The 23andme tests just get better with identifying all those ethnics,so ofcourse itl change

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