1. O irlandês e o britânico sao provinientes do povo Celta que deu origem ao povo da Irlanda e Inglaterra.

  2. You can't disregard a trace region from your DNA as you wish. If it is there is because a long time ago you had an ancestor from that region.

  3. I want to do this too! 🙂 my mam is brazilian and my dad is swiss so it might be interesting?

  4. What is interesting is your African/Ameridian is non existent in your phenotype

  5. Are you Brazilian? I thought you are Venezuelano! You look like the command Chaves

  6. how come you got a lot of negros?
    i m from recife and i got a 14% keyan and nigeria
    3% north african from portugas
    39% iberian
    16% north "west european
    18% italian
    1.4% amazon
    and surprisely 26% central americas..puerto rican
    i do not belive this..i mean i do not think that i have puerto rican
    the european % also is wrong.i scored more than 55%
    but suppose to be more so is the native american part.
    it was from my heritage company

  7. spanish portuguesse was occupied by the roman emperor (italy greece)

  8. Actually the 'native American' could have mostly come from your mother's Bolivian side. Bolivia is one of the 'more indigenous' regions of Latin America

  9. I got very low as Celtic Irish as half Portuguese North American, though decent North Africa. Not sure if your Irish came through Lusitania.

  10. The celts were troughout the western part of the Iberian Peninsula, and not just in the north. Both portuguese and spanish descend from the romans.The portuguese dominated the entire western and eastern coast of Africa, and not only Angola and Mozambique.

  11. Let me guess
    5% African
    35% Native American
    60% European

  12. You look so Jewish haha, I thought maybe you were Sephardi because of the title.

  13. Theese Dna test results are crazy… you look white to me and there are some other people that dont look white..

  14. Nice results. Based on your looks, I would have guessed at least 80-90 percent European. I don't see the African or Amerindian, but my guess is that you get the Amerindian from the Bolivian and the African from the Brazilian. Also, my guess is that some of the Italian/Greek comes from your Spanish/Portuguese ancestry, although you have some more recent Greek ancestry. Keep in mind the Romans and Greeks colonized Spain and that both Italy and Greece and Spain and Portugal are in Southern Europe so the gene pools are similar. That is why most iberians and Latin Americans have some Italian/Greek ancestry when they take AncestryDna.

  15. Roman/Greek more accurately, not necessarily Italian/Greek.
    You are correct about the Celts.

  16. Hi fsuroco can u tell me the company name for the DNA …want to do mine

  17. The Basque area of Spain is where you are probably getting your Celtic DNA from.-makes sense, with your Iberian DNA. Outside of Ireland, Cornwall, Wales, Brittany and South-West Scotland-Basque has one of the largest Celtic footprints. Guess getting a degree in History wasn't a total waste…lol

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