My SHOCKING Ancestry DNA Test Results & Review! [Mixed Race & Black Race Ancestry DNA]

My SHOCKING Ancestry DNA Test Results & Review! [Mixed Race & Black Race Ancestry DNA]

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Here are my Ancestry DNA test results: I am 25% European (that means I’m a quarter white)! Like many African Americans, I was told that I had Native American ancestry in my blood so I was pretty shocked by my ancestry results! An AncestryDNA test is a kit that you can purchase from where Ancestry sends you a kit, you spit in a tube and mix your spit with a certain blue liquid that is provided for you, you close the test tube and send it back to the company. Shipping is free!

My results came back as such:

I am 74% African and of that I am 31% Benin/Togo, 16% Africa Southeastern Bantu, 10% Senegal, 8% Ivory Coast/Ghana, 6% Cameroon/Congo and 3% trace regions in Nigeria, Africa South-Central Hunter-Gatherers and Mali.

I am 25% European and of that I am 18% Europe West and 7% composed of trace regions in European Jewish, Iberian Peninsula and Great Britain.

Lastly, I am less than 1% Pacific Islander with trace regions in Polynesia.

This is amazing! Have you tried this before? What did you think?

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  1. Just know that DNA is a fickle thing. There have been people who have taken these tests with their full blood siblings and both have had different results. Meaning that you may not have inherited the same genetic markers as those that others in your family have. Also you are you, and that is all that should matter.

  2. Lamarr, I also took the test and honestly I wasn't surprised at the fact that I had absolutely no Native dna, whatsoever. I will say this because I recently learned; DNA is tricky! Sometimes your immediate family (like your mother/father) could have DNA that won't show up in yours. So, there might be SOME truth to Native American lineage if they had it, it's just that you didn't receive it. If you have a brother or sister, I would encourage them to take the test as well to compare and contrast the results.

    My DNA results (we might be cousins!)

    26% Benin/Togo
    17% Scandinavian
    15% Irish/Wales/Scotland
    12% Mali
    9% Nigerian
    9% Europe West
    7% Southeastern Bantu Africa
    1% Great Britain
    1% South Europe
    1% Cameroon/Congo
    <1% North Africa
    <1% Senegal
    <1% Finland/Northwest Russia

    The beauty about doing genealogy tests, is that the DNA does not change, but genealogists are constantly updating regions tested so the percentages change along with it. Not a scientist, but I love THIS kind of science. lol

  3. I have 30% Benin Togo and 13% Senegalese 13% Congolese so its similar to yours I also had some Ivory Coast, Mali 23% Southeastern Bantu 4% Europe West 1% Irish and .8% Italian/Greek

  4. My biological father told me that there was NA on his side but I didn’t get it on the rest I took or places I uploaded my results to. So clearly it skipped me lol ?

  5. I got similar results too. 73% African 24% European <1% Pacific Islander (Polyonesian) 1% Native American and 1% West Asian (Middle East)

  6. ancestrydna, debunking the native american ancestry story one test at a time

  7. Hi! Dear Fellow Capricorn, I wanted to add information to help you understand the North Western European basically Scandinavian, Iberian- Spanish (more or less), either way this combination is many time synonymous with Viking mixture of Irish Scottish English decent. It may have nothing to do with unequal treatment, but of a friendly blending of cultures! I think 1 sign of this is your family behavior of each other. Hidden or denied connections- I think are more shady. Oral history is a huge part of this. There also have been mixed races adopted into native American tribes. Culturally, Native Americans- like the buffalo riders! Irish were at first discriminated against and intermarried with other groups! So rich is our heritage. Also, blood types in your family may also be a clue. If you had 23andme test- you could have found out your Neanderthal percentage another clue plus they test for unknown groups! Also keep in mind I have learn Native American genetics may be masked/mixed with "Irish" blood lines, so don't believe you have NO native American blood. There is the DNA tribes and that would be very beneficial for you to test your numerous heritages! Many Native Americans had Polynesian admixtures! It would be nice to know your X and Y research those on YouTube and that will give you a stronger signal of your deepest male and female lines! Best of luck and it is great intrigue to discover or ancestors!

  8. My results were similar. 70% African and 28% European and 3% low confidence stuff. And my grandparents told me the same thing about our Native American ancestry but I only had 1%. Very interesting ☺️

  9. You can still have native American in your family and you didn't inherit the gene

  10. We are all mixed baby ☺

  11. If this type of DNA testing was mandatory in elementary school, it might go a long way towards ending racism.  Most people would be shocked at all the different races and heritages that make up all of us.  Me, I'm half Greek and half W.A.S.P, which makes me someone who desperately longs to express himself passionately, combined with a terminal case of stage-fright (LOL!).  Seriously, though….this testing could also detect hereditary diseases to watch out for.  Congrats for your testing, and thank you for sharing it with us.

  12. Thanks for sharing you results. By the way, the title of your video is strange. I hope you are aware there is no such thing as a "mixed raced" or "black race" from a genetic point of view. The "races" were invented by the original white supremacists (aka Western European enslavers) to rationalize their crimes against humanity (e.g., theft of indigenous people's lands and continual enslavement of African people). Race is simply a socio–political term and is neither a scientific, genetic, or biological term; thus DNA has nothing to do with race. All these ancestry dna tests reveal is whether your alleles match certain population groups around the world (whether from one region or the world or multiple). Also, do you know that the continent of Africa contains the most genetic diversity than all other continents combined? The San Khoisans indigenous to South Africa is genetically closer to Swedish (Northern Europeans) than another indigenous group 10 miles away from them!

  13. Cool! Interesting how many who are desinformed by their parents/grandparents instead of them just saying nothing, the DNA test thankfully set it straight✌ Thank you for sharing ???

  14. Many African American people are 20-35% white. My maternal line is primarily Togo/Benin as well ?

  15. You are right, you cannot tell a person's ancestry by skin color alone. I got 73% African and 23% European and I am way lighter than you! I am lighter than or as light as some biracial people, but the both of us have a similar racial estimate. I have seen darker people with less African ancestry than the both us, too! So, we cannot judge a book by its cover!

  16. Now FEMA and the government have your DNA and current analysis on the function of you current status of your body..DON'T BE SURPRISED IF YOU THEY USE YOUR DNA AND PIN CRIMES ON YOU…IT'S PROPAGANDA TO BLACKS CONNECT THE DOTS"GET OOOOUUUT!"

  17. I'm adopted and had this done. I have always been told that I was Scandinavian. I am but I am mostly Western European. Interesting.

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