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  1. Um who the hell thought she was white? Why dont we now call anyone, who is not African black, white. Nothing in that DNA is white either.

    Well, obviously the light skin comes from the white ppl that came to India, her Irish trace, that is barely existent in her DNA. 2% Irish doesnt make her white. SO she can trash white people if she feels like it lol and it wont effect her.

  2. You guessed well. I think you are the one in class who guesses how many marbles are in the jar and you win.

  3. you have caucasus and central asian dna it did not surprise me because i think you definitely look like turkish.

  4. with that red headdress on if you were a guy and had one larg gold loop earring on you could be a Pirate

  5. Look at you rockin your Pakistani shirt living in a country built by "whites" cracking on what LITTLE white DNA you have. Newsflash…. The Germanic tribes "whites" left Asia thousands of years ago to build their own freaking countries… Now you live in what WE built (I don't care how you think we built it). Heres a question for you… We go to war with Pakistan, what are YOU GOING TO DO? Are you American or are you Pakistani? The internet is forever

  6. Caucasian means from caucuses mountains not European. Unfortunately Caucasian became a general term for white which is not completely correct in terms of genetics

  7. Mmm.. Nothing wrong with being Caucasian ??‍♀️

  8. Such a great video. Just goes to show there is a bit of something – and more – in all of us. The Central Asian connection is very unsurprising. Damn, everyone knows ol Ghengis sowed his oats like crazy…almost everyone in Asia is carrying his genes!

  9. 4:20 Another ancestry DNA video where the person looks disgusted to be part Irish. Looks at that facial expression.

  10. Very fun reveal. Check back with Ancestry periodically, They do occasional adjustments as the science gets better. There is a beta version for 2018 rolling out but most people haven't gotten it yet. It would be interesting to see if their prediction for you changes at all.

  11. No wonder some Afghanis lock their wife’s up. Fucking loud and annoying

  12. Caucasians are not white Europeans. Caucus region is Turkey, Armenia, Afghanistan, Uzbekistan etc…

  13. I don't Blame you I would not want to be white either

  14. caucasian from iran or iraq are not really white u know lol

  15. YOU ARE NOT REAL AFRICANS, YOUR THIEVES AND RAPISTS. it is amusing that end products like yourself are claiming indigenous status. thunder will strike you there. this is what years of propaganda has done to people like you, it has deluded you. you have no home you lot were just recently created through rape and put in that geographical location. when you're given your marching orders where will you go? Your people and fake culture is going extinct within the next 70 years. you will be no more and and real Africans, black people will reclaim their rightful land, if we don't exterminate you before that, either way you culture-less weirdos will be no more. FACTS

  16. "That was all less then 5% all the stans" LMFAOOO

  17. Tazzy was it you who called me a asshole a few years ago for hating whites , blacks and Hispanics if so then fuck you and Islam too and I had no fuckin idea we were the same race , I thought you were an arab bitch you really look arabian and I cum to realise y'all paks are all overly aggressive wanna be arab assholes but I'd still love to fuck you In the ass and mouth too bitch

  18. You come across as quite racist towards Caucasian people.

  19. What's the point of spending £100 on this if it tells you jack shit?

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