My Shocking Ancestry DNA Results Are In!!!

My Shocking Ancestry DNA Results Are In!!!

Watch me live as I read my shocking Ancenstry DNA results. Two things were a complete shock to me and one family rumor finally gets an answer.

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  1. Many people get upset when they find out things that they were not expecting. You are beautiful and strong enough to stay positive and happy. Congratulations on ALL of your results. Together that have made a great woman.

  2. Are tribes included in these tests? If im not mistaken Seminole is a tribe? Idk! I wonder if these tests even pick up on Native American dna?? I've been told we have full blooded Cherokee in our family but was not found in my grandmother's or moms dna

  3. I ran a DNA lab out of my garage for 10 years. People would send in a buccal swab and a photo of themselves and I would throw the swab away and look at the picture. I would be able to tell fairly accurately a person's background by just looking at their picture. Then I would print a report on a form template I found online and send it to the customer. I charged $150 per test. my accuracy rate was pretty good since determining race and sex was simple, the rest was made up. Right now I can accurately say that at least 50% of the people reading this are female who had a mother and father. Pretty good huh? I recently retired to Maui at age 35 and will be setting up shop soon running a maternity matching testing program for people looking to find out if they had parents. Good luck all, on your trip down the rabbit's hole.

  4. BeninTogo is Yoruba/Dahomy, Cameroon/Congo maybe Igbo. Your father being African American must have had european blood also as all African Americans.

  5. I feel like they give everyone a bit of Arab. I got it too. I’m 50% Italian 50% Irish. Both sides could go back quite a few generations. The dna test confirmed that…with a 49% & 49% and 2% Arab. waste of money lol.

  6. I think every racist should have to take a DNA test to realize we are almost, to a person, of racially and ethnically mixed background. We are all really one race, the human race! And you are a beautiful expression of your unique recipe.

  7. Well it's nice you got an idea of your background, I guess, but I would not do it as this is not a benign process IMO. The downside of this is you've given permission for ancestry and/or 23andme to use your DNA – your most intimate info – as they see fit.

  8. Whatever your make-up is from your relatives it mixed together so nice to make you a very beautiful, smart lady!!

  9. When you can go decades/most of your life thus far not knowing your actually heritage (as opposed to the one you assume or to you have), it goes to show that it doesn't mean much in the grand scheme of things. We are one race: the human race — with lots of variations on a theme — that is all.

  10. Check back every so often because they've gotten more detailed. They nailed down my region in Italy down to the town!

  11. Its great that people can embrace ALL of who they are and respect others as well. Great video

  12. Beautiful personality. You are Euroafric , hope this helps in consolidating the identity. My mom is white and my father is also black. My DNA ancestry is 53% European and 47% Sub-Saharan.

  13. European is on both sides for your parentage, African could be too. It is hard to assign who is what. But one thing I know for sure 100% human!!!!

  14. You are beautiful and I just subbed to your channel can you show some love by checking my channel too

  15. Let's not forget the fact that average German has only 6.75% German heritage. Whole German is mixed by people from Britain, Ireland, France, Italy, Scandinavia, Baltic States, Balkans, Russia, Finland etc…There is no German DNA really.

  16. I took my Ancestry dna test and the results were mostly very much what I expected,a whole lotta Irish & British. But something cool was 3% Asia and 2% African Bantu! Say what?! Lol So so fascinating.

  17. Noticed she did the white ppl first lol Uncle Tom slave

  18. Lısten if you are 2% from the middle east and 1 % Caucus that means you can belly dance next time you must prove it, HA !

  19. I had my DNA analysed by 23andme and can recommend. It was for medical reasons but the results were interesting. I was appalled to find out i have 2.7% neanderthal DNA ? but apparently that is standard for Europeans.

  20. The Eastern European part is explained by the German heritage. Germany is in central Europe, its closest neighbour to the East being Poland.

  21. An high yellow beautiful black woman is what u are! It takes two white people to make a white person!!!! Non – White is a person of Color" (black)! ? Case closed!

  22. When I first saw your face in the video thumb, I thought you were African European and Middle Eastern, but I'm doing tons of research on this and watching like every Ancestral reveal video I come across so I'm getting even better at pinpointing ethnicities. Though I've been highly skilled with Asians for a long time. So I don't know if one would consider that cheating if you're already skilled at it..

    PS the Middle Eastern influence is very strong in your face.

    I'll share something with you that I've learned along the DNA ethnic research journey:
    The amount of DNA they find for an ethnicity is not determining of how much of the physical traits you will take on from each ethnicity. For example, even if you were 1% of an ethnicity you can look anywhere from 1% of that ethnicity to like, 80% or more.
    Of course this all has to do with dominant and recessive genes and likelihood of inheritance.

  23. Awesome video.
    Always love seeing people be happy about their results.

  24. That’s Africa usually goes right to the hair! Look at that beautiful fro. I thought you’d be a bit more African. Lovely video. You can check mine out!

  25. Great mixture. I got 98% European and 2% Asia. 49% was British. We could be cousins.

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