My Ancestry DNA Results are in!!!!

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  1. Awesome results and beautiful couple!

  2. Sweetie, hello from the U.S. The Blacks in U.S. mostly do not know where they are from either b/c the Europeans captured them and sold them into slavery. My people ran into West Africa to blend in with the Africans, who hates us. They sold us to the Europeans. They brought us here on slave ships, murdered, burnt us alive, hung us on trees, raped our children and mothers, and still to this day persecute and oppress us. God said that we would go into slavery for 400 yrs. Our slavery started in 1619 – 2019. We are the Tribe of Judah, Israel was scattered into all parts of the world into slavery. God said that all the nations would hate us. It was not favorable for a Black man to date white women or he would be killed. Racism is a disease that plagues this world. Check out the "IUIC" and they will help you with all your questions about your Dad's history and our Black culture. You are a Chosen One baby. I truly believe this. Welcome home and I pray that you find rest for your soul with the "IUIC". Knowing your true identity will put your soul at peace and you'll know that you are truly loved by your people and God, who never left you.

  3. You look like some Arabs

  4. 23andme or fuck your mother.

  5. Very cute couple. Very interesting results. Cool thing to do fun and informative.

  6. "there's a little polish in you quite often." I'm facepalming over here.

  7. I am 100% Dominican, I came out with 70% European mostly 40% Spain, Portugal, and French, then a lot of Greek, Italian, with Finland at 10% and Northwest Russia, 12% Native American Indian on My Heritage but 7% on DNA Land and Ged Match, 18% Black SubSaharan African, 1% Chinese, and North African/ Arabic. Lol! I did mine in My Heritage and uploaded it into DNA land and Ged Match. I will do a future video sometime when I will do my Ancestry. com results later. Is usually a bit different than My Heritage, especially for people with Native blood like myself @The Beautiful Little Weirdos.

  8. Wow, You are 42% Black Sub-Saharan African, 38% European, 13% Middle East, 3% North Africa, 2% the Caucasus, and 2% total of other small traces like Central Asia. Totaled up your results. @The Beautiful Little Weirdos!

  9. Globalist propaganda. 100% ethnic Europeans are the overwhelming norm in Europe and most parts of the white world. Europeans are only 8% of the worlds population. Europeans are the minority in the world and yet are the main target for mass non indigenous migration. Wake up Europeans its 10 seconds to twelve.

  10. Hannibal(African King) invaded Italy and went all the up to the alps.(northern Italy) I have met a lot of dark skin Sicilian people. I went to school with some. darker than Halle Berry with a tan.

  11. I know I’m almost a year late, but I just came across your wonderful video. I love the playfulness and the love that you two obviously have in your relationship. Never lose that and never stop making each other laugh! You guys remind me of my husband and myself in our younger years. Playful and always laughing with and at each other and at ourselves. We married when I was 17 and he was 18, and we just celebrated our 39th wedding anniversary last month, and we still make each other laugh until we have tears rolling down our faces??! I wish you both much happiness, prosperity and lot’s fun!

  12. You are a woman of the world! <3 Hoping to do a check myself soon.

  13. You butchered some country names, Belarus, Azerbaijan, Kyrgzstan, Tajikistan, etc. but it doesn't matter too much :).

  14. Italians love to talk with their hands! This dark haired girl is very Italian! Keep on having fun!!!

  15. Girl, your DNA is a mess. Just say you're an American and let it go at that.

  16. Black ppl from the Islands are of African descent. 😉 lol The slaves were 'dropped' there first.

  17. Thought you would go more in depth with your relatives in North Carolina. Because your parent relationship didn’t work out don’t mean your relationship with the fam wouldn’t work.

  18. to be honest you look like a trini in truth, we say dougla, half black and half east indian.

  19. Wow your ancestors must had a boat and a bike ,that was great fun have a lovely multicultural life ta ta from ??

  20. I loved you guys right off the bat! With so much negativity in the world today it was so nice to be able to just enjoy a video and laugh! I have subscribed to your channel and am looking forward to learning more about you guys!

  21. I think your testing kit company doesn't know geography.

  22. What a load of crap, how can someone have so many different nationality mix into them!

  23. I was laughing so much, you have some genes from all over the world, its so adorable when you guys trying pronounce the countries and mostly my home country Kyrgyzstan.

  24. The best way to trace your African ancestry is to do the African Ancestry genetic test since you are female and they trace through your maternal line. Most of those other tests are done using your paternal line which gives everybody else.

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