My SHOCKING Ancestry DNA RESULTS! | Am I Biracial???

My SHOCKING Ancestry DNA RESULTS! | Am I Biracial???

Hello my loves!
I’m so excited to share with you all my ancestry DNA results! They were pretty shocking to me! I just still can’t believe it.

And I apologize for all the construction going on in the background – it’s very annoying! And yes I play with my hair a lot I’m trying to stop hehe!!!

*at 1:33 in the video I said “my mother’s grandparents” but I meant to say “my mother’s PARENTS” sorry!
*I also said the Great Migration and I should have said the TransAtlantic Slave Trade (thanks for correcting me!)

Edit 4/5/17: I think it’s interesting the more views I get the more negative the comment section can get. If you comment negatively, I will delete it. It is very simple.

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Camera – Canon T6i
Editing Software – Final Cut Pro


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