My Shocking Ancestry DNA Results!!!

My Shocking Ancestry DNA Results!!!

Hey guys,
I’m really excited to share my ancestry dna results with you guys 🙂
For this test I used and then later uploaded the raw data to It was really great to learn about the different backgrounds that make up my DNA. I thought it was a lot of fun and I encourage you guys to try it for yourself… you might be just as surprised as I was 🙂

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  1. If your dad is Ukrainian, how could you havr expected to be 60% African? At most you would be 50%, and possibly less

  2. I like this a lot. Here's what I believe happened: You father was a multiracial Black : 80% African 20% Russo German.
    Your Mom most likely is 97% Russo German 3% African.
    Therefore you are 100% Bessarabian.
    That means you are a Maor Afro-Eurasian decedent of the Vikings. Nice!
    Your ancient native land would be Odessa Ukraine of the Pontic Steppes. You should start building you family tree. I have to laugh because you're a Svartr (Black) Novgorod. I found the same with me and my wife. Our children have the same as you. 65% West Slavic, 33% African and 3% Asian Dravidian.
    This ethic group are the ancient Black Rusyns of the Ukraine.

  3. The reason your only 40% African is because your mother is a descendant of slaves. Any Black person of American, Caribbean and European descent will have white, Hispanic, or native ameican blood because of the trans atlantic slave trade

  4. A lot of tribes straddle those current borders & before Eurpeans turned up there was already a slave trade beteen some of the states in the area. There were also a few different empires in which one group ruled over others for a while so quite a bit of mixing between the neighbouring tribes & ruling caste with local subjects.

  5. Almost like a Jewish-irish couple hooked up and had the largest family in history…..which proceeded to spread around the world.

  6. First off beautiful just beautiful my Queen ? also nice video……!!!!!!

  7. Nice video..I watch all these kind of videos!But take a strong interest in my fellow Jamaicans' Thanks for sharing..

  8. You actually have quite high African percentages for being only half Jamaican. I mean you couldn't be more than 50% african if ur mom was 100% so 40 is not that far off. Your mom is most likely a bit mixed but still. Nice results and be proud of ur Ukrainian heritage! Ukrainian girls are the most beautiful in the world, u have a cool and unique mix!

  9. hi mali right on. i posted on your other vid on your hubby. my dad is like 88 african your mom is like 80. most blacks are mixed.ged match i did all over the place also. dna so cool and addicting.

  10. Well if you're father is 100% Ukrainian, then you should have expected to be a round at least 50% European.

  11. You could never have been more than 50% African, because Ukrainians are 0% Sub-Saharan. That's just logical.

  12. I got Mine Last Mouth

    Africa 2%
    Africa North 1%
    Africa Southeastern 1%

    Europe 89%
    Great Britain 40%
    Italy/Greece 14%
    Europe West 12%
    Ireland 8%
    Scandinavia 8%

    Low Confidence Region
    Finland/Northwest Russia 4%
    Europe East 2%
    Lberian Peninsula 1%

    America 7%
    Native American 7%

    West Asia 2%
    Caucsus 2%

  13. Wow! amazing. I was surprised by own results as well. my father is Nigerian but I only had 11 % Nigerian in me. Sometimes it is so bewildering when you thought you were something specific your whole life. Thanks for sharing. If you ever want to see just how much you have from each side, you can do 23 and me as well as your mother with them and they you can see which DNA percentage comes from each of your parents. You only need one parent to do it with you.

  14. Great video. And you seem like such a sweethearted person.

  15. most "LATINOS " have more than half European. not all of them, though

  16. most "latinas" are mixed . that's why mixed people look "latino" or " latina"

  17. If you do research, in Africa there were several empires. Also the people in these countries/empires were very mobile. By the way, a lot of Irish settled in Jamaica. While there are some non-mixed Jamaicans, majority are mixed. By the way, ancestry DNA is done using maternal mitochondrial DNA. Therefore, don't put a lot on this information as it's more diluted than these sites are telling us.

  18. Beautiful biracial woman.

    BTW, your African % would be less than 50%, because, you are biracial. That's very common for biracial blacks in the New World. Your mother (black parent ) has some other admixtures as well.

  19. Very cool!! Thanks for sharing. I initially thought you were South American 🙂

  20. means   they lived  in the Rhineland in the Middle ages, and not in Spain/Morocco

  21. one of your forefathers must have been a pirate 🙂

  22. Gedmatch shows the detailed ancient ancestry DNA. And yes your mom has European DNA too.

  23. your mom probably is 90% African most people in the transatlantic slave trade have a little European in them

  24. my countries are scattered two in Africa basically all the sub-Saharan countries West South and East I got Irish in Finland in Native American two

  25. Most black people (not all) in the Americas, and Caribbean are already mixed with other ethnicities. So, your mom is mixed more than likely. Thanks for sharing your results

  26. You have a very interesting face. And cool results I haven't seen too many bi-racial people with Eastern European results.

  27. I can try to actually explain GEDMatch better. Europeans are actually composed of three components.
    1. ANE. This one is very mysterious and the first Europeans to have a lot of it were the eastern hunter gatherers. These people influenced mostly modern eastern Europeans.
    2. Native European HG or WHG. These were the original Europeans.
    3. Farmer-like people(or basal Eurasian). These people came from west Asia/ the middle east and brought farming to Europe.

    Today EVERY European has all three of these components. One only exception are the Sardinians that don't have ANE. Ukranians should have around 16-19% ANE, around 45-50% WHG and the rest is farmer like (often called basal Eurasian) 30-35% or so. That's why on GEDMatch you get components that seem middle eastern because it tries to show more ancient admixture whereas Ancectry, 23andme and sites like that only want to show recent admixture (500 years or so). The "middle eastern/ basal Eurasian" on ancestry is included in the European score BTW. All Europeans score significant amount of middle eastern (called east med on many calculators) on GEDMatch. Siberian is also due to Ukranians partially mixing with asiatic people, but that's just around 1-2%.

    So basically different calculators use different components. Trying to use the ancient components will largely fail on modern people therefore most good GEDMatch calculators try to mix it up. Baltic for example is a component trying to isolate what's unique for the baltic people, atlantic for the people near the atlantic, east med for the people near the eastern mediterranean etc. The way to interpret these calc. is to press on the spreadsheet and there you can see the averages for the different populations that have used the calculator and compare that to your result. Obv. if the Lebanese get a lot of "east med", you can count on east med being Lebanese-like if you catch my drift? One problem is that you're very mixed and not all calculators will work for people with both SSA and European ancestry as some are made for only Europeans and others only for SSA so keep in mind that not all will be fully accurate.

  28. I took the test in 2012. Took the dna test in 2015, and the 23andMe dna test in 2016. No surprises. The results were pretty much the same from all three.

  29. Hey ! Just a tip, we do not say "the" Ukraine. Ukraine was once a part of the soviet block consisting of "Belarus" "Estonia" "Latvia" " Uzbekistan" etcetcetc. For some reason Ukraine Україна, always gets people using poor and very incorrect grammar before our country, using "the".
    Just a tip, nothing awful just wanted to inform you going forward we find it very disrespectful. Can't explain in too much English but it's just overall something we don't care for too much . Thank! And great results

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