My Mother’s Ancestry DNA Results (Jamaican Edition)

My Mother’s Ancestry DNA Results (Jamaican Edition)

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This is the link to my sister’s and my Ancestry DNA results video:

Results are at 2:02



  1. Ancestrydna had updated it's estimates and it shows that my aunt has 1% Native American. Very interesting.

  2. Your mother is beautiful.

  3. We are negros = Malayu Australioid americoid ?wee are dusky skined south asians . No afrodecendents. Original americans came from asia .

  4. I guessed she would be part Asian. It must be from the Chinese that came to Jamaica.

  5. how did polynesian get in there its probably false

  6. Damn gabbi fine and her mother fine too

  7. I'm 59% African, 36% Asian, 2% Europe

  8. Very cool video. My grandfather is from Jamaica and i have almost the same dna results as your mom.

  9. I just got my genetics done. I found out I was Finnish as your mum is! Do you know if this is from the UK/Ireland/Viking or actually Finland? I ask because with the exception of the large Asian part I am the same mix as your mum and am the same color too!

  10. Most Jamaicans are black with small amounts of white , East Asian or Indian ancestry. This is a fact because of Jamaican history but I don't trust those fake ass DNA tests. Both my parents are Jamaican but my grandad on my mum's side is one of those mixed people but not directly mixed where look look nearly 100% white like Norman Manley or Alexander bustamante. Not really anything to be proud of but it is what it is.

    It seems like a lot of people are self haters & wish they were less black & more mixed like the people in the Spanish speaking countries in the Caribbean. Smh

  11. Mom Jamaican
    Dad Jamaican
    Grandma Jamaican and Indian
    Papi(Grandpa) )Jamaican
    Grandma Jamaican
    Great Grandma Jamaican
    Great Great Grandma Jamaican
    Great Great Papi Jamaican
    (Idk much about my dads side)
    But there are a handful of light skinned people in my family so.

  12. America, Africa, Asia is the Asiatic Nations.("Black" Nation)
    Europe is the European Nation. ("White") Nation

  13. I am Jamaican too and my African and European breakdown were very similar to yours

  14. Please do not use ancestry DNA garbage. You wasted money. The Jamaican and the African Americans are the American Indian.
    They just don’t know it and we have Mongol Asian in our gene pool that’s millions of years old.

    Knowledge of thy self

  15. So she's white black and Asian. Many Jamaicans have that mix

  16. Wow! True to the Jamaican motto !Out Of Many One People! i love it…..I need to do mine as i have an idea of my ancestry too. Great video 🙂

  17. both of you were spot on..soo nice to see such beautiful representation of jamaica, as i am.

  18. Lots of Chinese slaves were brought to Islands especially to Jamaica. Thanks for sharing.

  19. All that dna result stuff is a hoax its not real. Its just for fun you poor thing smh.

  20. I apologize for going off topic. I would like to state that Europe is not a continent but an extension of Asia

  21. These DNA companies are always assuming so called black people from America and Caribbean are from Africa then they add small percentage of other nations. This lady look more Asian than African.they are not going to tell you the real truth.

  22. it was not called nigeria back then it was loads of different tribes living in the area it was the british that brought it all together

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