My Fathers Ancestry DNA results (Dominican)

My Fathers Ancestry DNA results (Dominican)

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  1. Excellent Video Juan! I found that interesting that you only had 2% Cameroon/Congo vs. your Dad's 12% Cameroon/Congo.. I haven't watch any DNA Results video in a while…I am Glad I thought about you. I will come back and watch your Mom's results when you post them! I also like the old version of Ancestry Breakdown that we had in the past! We had a conversation way back a couple years ago when I found out I had a lot of PR cousins from my Ancestry DNA Match …well I wanted update you that I also have met about 15 cousins from DR Descent!!! Yay!!!!.. I also have some cousins from Cuba.. I hope you are doing well and I see you still have that gorgeous thick head of hair!! 🙂 Take Care Juan and I will check back to see your Mom's DNA results. Stay Blessed Mi Brethren! 🙂

  2. Another Dominican with Jewish ancestry, shalom brother! I do too and so does my dad: 3% and 6% respectively. I'm detecting a pattern here and it's all pointing that the Spaniards that made it to Santo Domingo may have been ethnic jews, crypto jews or just jews who were not religious any more. I think about these things and it's just mind-blowing. Did these Spaniards move to the New World to escape the Spanish Inquisition in Spain? Dominicans also tend to have equal small percentages of Middle Eastern, Africa North or Caucuses, these are all regions from where Jews settled as well. I'm still studying this theory of mine but the more Dominican Ancestry DNA videos I view the more I detect a pattern.

  3. Hello! So I need some help here lol. I was adopted and my birth mother is Puerto Rican. She claims that my birth father is Dominican but I don’t think that’s accurate (She isn’t really sure WHO my birth father is…) I’m almost certain he was a white man lol. Anyway, take a look at my results and tell me what YOU think! Also, if you’re Dominican, what did your migrations come out to be? Thank you for the help!

    Ethnicity Estimate:
    Europe South: 23%
    Great Britain: 22%
    Iberian Peninsula: 21%
    Native American: 4%

    Low Confidence Regions:
    Middle East: 5%
    Africa North: 4%
    Ireland/Scotland/Wales: 4%
    Senegal: 3%
    Finland/Northwest Russia: 3%
    Africa Southeastern Bantu: 2%
    Benin/Togo: 2%
    Europe East: 2%
    Caucasus: 1%
    European Jewish: <1%
    Ivory Coast/Ghana: <1%
    Melanesia: <1%
    Scandinavia: <1%
    Mali: <1%

    Puerto Rico
    New England Settlers

  4. you should've shown us a picture of your father

  5. Africa North + Europe + West Asia = You are 50% Caucasian!

  6. Aaahhhhhh You have the most beautiful ancestry mixture. Your mom is beautiful your father is handsome

  7. Dominicans might just have the most diverse dna results here on YouTube.

    Good video!

  8. It's great that you could have the results from both parents to compare your's with. I got my results last year, but sadly both my parents are deceased. So I have to guess what I got from each of them based on family stories, and that is not the most reliable source as many of us find out when we do DNA tests.

  9. Your mother may actually have similar results, you just may have pulled more Caucasian than African. My father and uncle both took the test and my father has more Caucasian than my uncle. Same mother and father. My father and my results were somewhat close as well. He is 73% African and I am 79% (77.5 on 23 and me). I was expecting to be more in the 80’s since i was pretty familiar with my mother’s genealogy.

  10. My REsults are crazy. makes me wonder what the hell was my ancestral line was doing. lol They were mingling and traveling like My mother is indigenous Panamanian .so I got my native american DNA from her. My grandmother is half Asian and Native, Spanish her line reaches into Mexico, India etc. Panamanian Grandfather straight indigenous from Colombia, My bio US black father ppl mixed with native and british and scots. My results is all over the place but no one will ever suspect it by looking at me. I am proud and honored to look 100% Black . although im rejected as bi racial in alot of BW circles which is understandable for BP to take their place by not being replaced by us. I do not take offense.

  11. Your father being 49 percent African may mean that your mother's African percentage is between 38 to 42, so I will say 40 percent.

  12. hey darling! I do not like the new look @ Ancestry at all. Are you still doing readings?

  13. Head Champ…really interesting. What I find puzzling, Father or Mother has something you don't share…Hmmmm, Nevertheless, I had my parents done. Didn't have my own..simply because I'm their child….I would have sworn I had some Asian dna…did not. African, Native A, Hill billy….damn shame…THanks so much for sharing….

  14. Thanks for this vid. I'm now interested in finding out my ancestry.

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