My DNA Results: AncestryDNA vs 23andMe, & thoughts about the slave trade

My DNA Results: AncestryDNA vs 23andMe, & thoughts about the slave trade

A deep dive into 400 years of my ancestry, as measured by AncestryDNA and 23andME. How well does my “family narrative” hold up against the latest DNA technology? Plus, reflections on the slave trade.

For those who have asked, my haplogroups are:
Maternal: L3b
Paternal: R-U152



  1. This was fascinating and with the hats, hilarious. You do such engaging videos! I assumed European and African but whoa so much more. Next time I see you I will know to bring some lefsa and matzoh for starters. Some of that DNA may really appreciate it.

  2. Really interesting – thank you.

    Remember that Scandinavia and British / Irish results might have some overlap, depending on the comparison samples they're using, because Vikings. A lot of British people will have Viking (therefore Scandinavian) ancestry, so it's possible that what was originally Scandinavian was from a British or Irish born ancestor.

  3. You are such a lovely story teller?
    I had my DNA done by Ancestry & was very surprised to see a very large amount of West African & Iberian peninsula??? Funny, I've only ever heard we come from Irish & Scott's. Just goes to show how the old saying is still true (as my picture there shows, I'm the one on the right) Can't judge a book by its cover ?

  4. I did Before their recent updates, I was 23% Iberian, 12% Native American. Then they updated me and now I am at 10% Spain, 15% Native American. And either way, apparently I'm also pretty much related to every single – "Spain & Native American" in the state of New Mexico. WTH?! So I'm calling up relatives asking, "Who's our Native American relative?" So I get this response, "There isn't one. New Mexico is just a mixed region now of Spain and Native Americans." Okay, even if that's true, I still think 15% Native American is a little too much percentage, and my Spanish is a little too low now. This is the very first time that I ever heard anything about Native American. Now I know I do have some relatives that are related to me, who's other family line, (where they have no relation to me) do have a lot of Native American blood. And that is something I am wonder "if" these agencies are looking at everyone as a whole. I also have heard where people have gone to two or three other companies comparing their DNA
    results. I'm wondering "if" these companies are interconnected and get a little bit of a kickback when someone goes to another testing site. It's almost like a little DNA game now. Keep testing until you get the results you want. The problem I have with mine, I simply think the companies are giving every Spanish person from New Mexico Native American DNA. My family line does go way back to the Conquistadors, but in my particular bloodline, never did anyone ever say a word about Native American ancestry. We can actually co back and follow great-great and so-on, grandparents. So, even "if" I do have Native American, the percentage is a little too high. And my Spanish (as I stated earlier) is a little too low.

  5. So cool you have family photos. I do too from my great aunts researching pre-internet and filling out a framework genealogy that I'm completing.

  6. Wow if I saw you walking down the street I’d swear you were from India

  7. Jeff, great breakdown, you could be a YouTube star, you have composure, a calm presentation.

  8. Fuck he looks like my grandpa and they claimed native american I've been knowing my Gma was a mulatto but now knowing this ehh I'm prob 70 black 30% white no Indian if so 1-2% max

  9. Dear Sir, I did appreciate your presentation very much. I am, at this particular time, wonder what changes were done on your DNA with the new analysis from Ancestry. Many have changed dramatically. How about yours? I, too, had Askanazi Jewish in mine which has now been dropped completely. I am full blown white woman that has almost 67% English, Northwestern Europe and Wales, 295 Irish Scottish, 2% sweden and 2% Norweigen. Now, This was my previous report. >>>>> Great Britain 41%
    Ireland/Scotland/Wales 28%
    Europe West 20%, European Jewish 3%, Great Britain 41% Ireland/Scotland/Wales 28% Europe West 20%
    European Jewish 3% Scandinavia 3% Iberian Peninsula 2% Europe East 2% Middle East Scandinavia 3% Iberian Peninsula 2% Europe East 2 % and Middle East.

    How many more times do you think this will change as the DNA is probed a bit more. Thank you.

  10. Here is something to think about. The Portuguese invaded Angola and they still speak Portuguese today. Since Ancestry has you with DNA from both places I would think their report to be more accurate.

  11. You need to do a show with Dr. Henry Louis Gates Jr.

  12. Thank you for this video, for quite a while I have watched other videos on this subject and could never decide which one to go for. I will now choose 23 and Me. Love and light, from the UK.

  13. That's cool I am a Viking related to Count Rollo though my cousin Robert E Lee and My cousin Nathan B Forrest I am Scottish with #clanforrester 🙂

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