My Dad’s AncestryDNA test results! (Spanish Sub)

My Dad’s AncestryDNA test results! (Spanish Sub)

This video is an informational video on my dad’s ethnic background. Hope you find it interesting! To skip right to the results go ahead to 4:33.

Este video es un video informacional sobre la etnia de los antepasados de mi padre. Espero que lo encuentren interesante! Para oir nomas los resultados, adelantense a 4:33.



  1. Not to sound mean, insulting or anything of that nature, but until you put your results on a YT video I could wait on seeing what you’re comprised of. However, now that you’ve put your father’s results I think it would be better if your mom had her dna tested. That is of course she is still alive and you are still in contact with her, because what they created with you was spectacular. They hit it out the park when they had you, plus you seem articulate and educated, interesting and intelligent. This being your first posting onto YT was done very well. There are deals all the time for Ancestry’s dna test. I just got an email notification that I could get one at a 40 dollar discount. So there’s no need to wait for Xmas, mother’s or Father’s Day to get one. If you find a discount like mine would be great, because the test would be done and the results sent back you you much faster than any other time of the year. So I hope you are able to have your mother test.

  2. You are beautiful…If you were totally European you would be probably ugly.

  3. I’m surprised no one who’s like Spanish Spanish like Spain Spanish don’t take any dna tests

  4. You are mostly spanish & italian. People from Algeria, Morocco and Libya use to be fair skinned, and those genes are present in some spanish people too. that explain your fair skin.

  5. Spaniard are full white you know? (they can go from 0,2 to max 4% of arab in a 100% spaniard and the arab where pretty white too)

  6. I really love the music on your video. It is very happy and positive : )

  7. Sorry, I wrote 400 years, but It's wrong, it was 800 years.

  8. The Iberians, Portuguese, and Spaniards were slaves slaves of the black north africans for 400 years but they were for some times lot mor inside europe, let tell you people every body in history was slave, those little percentage of Scandinavian, Italian, Bulgarian etc, its because those barbarians move very frequently, some were warriors like the ugly derty conquerors Vikings, soldiers, merchant, proxenets, slaves, whores etc. everyone has a little of something no because they were great personalities, they were barbarians including the Romans, Egyptians, Chinese, etc.

  9. From what part of Mexico did your father come from? My father was born in Juarez but his ancestors came from Spain. All his family is very light skinned, tall, with very dark black or blonde hair, and blue or green eyes. They definitely do not look any native. On my mothers side she has a more darker complexion of skin and looks more Mexican

  10. Le sorprende tener más porcentaje de español porque es "blanquita" ¿pero cómo te piensas que somos? jajajaja que yo soy española, rubia y con la piel blanca nuclear.

  11. When they are talking about Native American they aren't talking about Native American Indian tribes, they are talking about people who are native to the North America and South America regions so that could be any where in Canada, US, Mexico region or from any of the South American countries regions.

  12. 19% de Italia, 5% de Africa del Norte (Marruecos) y 2% de países árabes procede también de los conquistadores españoles junto al 27% de la propia España, debido a la Historia de nuestro país, dado que formó parte del Imperio Romano (Italia) y fue conquistado por los árabes (Marruecos y Arabia)

  13. north africa DNA similar to Portugal Spanish people
    we white with dark hair

  14. Great results I also did the ancestry dna test my results where 48% italy/Greece. 26% middle east. 25% caucasus. 1% North African.

  15. You should put "Mexican DNA results" on your title because ppl love watching those kind and you'll get more views

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