My Autosomal DNA Test Results: AncestryDNA, DNA.Land, MyHeritage & Ancient Origins (FTDNA)

My Autosomal DNA Test Results: AncestryDNA, DNA.Land, MyHeritage & Ancient Origins (FTDNA)

In this video I shared my autosomal DNA test results with you.

AncestryDNA Results: 1:19
DNA.Land Results: 3:11
MyHeritage Results: 4:01
Ancient Origins Results: 4:54


Yamnayan Vegan is a YouTube channel created by a vegan archaeologist whose main interest is Indo-European studies. In this channel you’ll be able to find videos on Indo-European studies, veganism, theology, ethics, conservatism, Vaishnavism and Celtic Music.

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  1. I guess this is the first time I watch a DNA result video where the undergoer of the test understands what he reads and knows what he's talking about…applause to you, even for the all-round testing

  2. you totally look afghan fo me, beautifull hair and face

  3. U look a lot like Jesus if he was alive he would look a lot like you, after all, he was from the Middle East go into any church see a painting of him.

  4. This is why the idea of Indo-Europeans-as-Aryans is a flawed idea. Clearly he is not what race realists typify as an "Aryan".. but ancestrally his roots are highly dominant in Indo-European. Genetic studies suggest the Yamnaya were tall, dark eyed and dark haired, with olive/tan skin colour, not ultra-fair, blue eyed and blond haired.

  5. You are not cut out to be a Vegan. You better start eating horse meat and drinking lots of raw milk products, to bring your diet more in line with your genetic heritage.

  6. Kafamı karıştıran bir durum var. Kürtler irani bir halktir. Fars , beluc , pestun , Lori,talis, Tacik ……. Ama gen sonuçların Fars larinkinden farklı çıkmış. Onlarda east asia yerine irani iraqi çıkıyor . Hatta Hint genlerinde büyük ölçüde çıkıyor. Zaten Zerdüşt lik ile Hinduizm de çok yakindir. Memleket nere sizin ?

  7. Hi hon, very interesting results … When I let argumentative people know that we are all connected somehow, somewhat they get an attitude with a capital "A" & bold letters … Tks much for sharing …

  8. Kurds are not caucasians, some of them have lived there. You probably mixed

  9. Υou look like a Georgian for that you are handsome. Also, Laz, Megrelians, Svans and Georgians are the same thing.

  10. bu teste ne kadar güvenilir ki? sonuçta Türk ya da Ermeni soyu da birilerinin soyundan geldi yoktan var olmadı Türk ya da Ermeniler

  11. Bende ancestry den test aldim ve sonucta 79 kafkas ve ermeni cikti..sizin kafkas sonucunuzda etnisite belli miydi

  12. At first glance, I thought that you looked Turkish but judging your name and the intro to the video I would say that you are Armenian.

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