1. Great results girl! I'm anxiously waiting for mine, they've been in lab processing for 7 days now,

  2. you honestly have the most touching DNA video I've seen….and one of the few I've watched right through. i am broke atm but hoping to do one within a few months. i estimate myself to be about 30-38% west african, middle eastern, some jewish, and some european….guess I'll solve the mystery of percentiles and confirm some things….maybe find out things i don't know as well.

  3. Thanks for sharing your DNA results. More verification that the world is truly a "melting pot." So many people become angry when they learn they have European ancestry. Truly this nation has a long history of oppression and slavery. Yet, only YAHWEH God knows all the facts on all sides of the slavery issue. The fact is, we are genetically who we are and nothing will change it. Thank you for your gentleness in this video. Let all of us look for a bright future. May any animosity disappear from within our hearts. If not, we will rot from the inside out. That is no way to live. But it is a way to die. May love be the guiding light of this world.

  4. Aww your reaction was very captivating, CONGRATS!! Yes it is an Amazing feeling!! And Lovely teeth by the way Beautiful

  5. I just received my results and I had and still have the same feeling.  What a great feeling.  It feels so good to know that there is more to me than just the history that was taught to me.  Congrats Quisha.

  6. I enjoyed watching your video, it was awesome. Hello my sister

  7. I am not trying to offend anyone but the lady in the video looks at least 35% European or Native American.

  8. I am getting suspicious of these DNA results. I have come across too many less than 1% Pacific Islander and 6 to 7% Irish as well as that small percentage from Senegal. I imagine that some of these DNA companies must be more reputable than others.

  9. Nice results ? loved your reaction to them and I can't to see you do other test like gedmatch that test is free if you dont know and you can upload your results from Ancestry and find out more info about yourself.

  10. Don't you mean, your ancestry results are in? A DNA test can't tell you what country you are from. I would feel the same things as you are but scientists say, “Inexpensive tests that claim to trace a person’s ancestry from a DNA sample are no more than genetic astrology.” There is no gene for nationality. Don't you have or didn't you have any native American family members? What did they say?

  11. I found out I'm less than 1% Polynesian too!!  I wonder how can that be?

  12. Great video and great results.. I agree it feels great to know.. much blessings my African sister..

  13. This video is amazing. It's always amazing when our people discover a part of who they are. This is bringing light to the darkness most African Americans live with in terms of our identity consciousness. Most African Americans do not know anything about their families prior to the institution of slavery in the U.S. and this has severely impacted our identity consciousness and in many other ways.

    You are one step closer to discovering the point of origin of your ancestors. You've now narrowed down the countries, now you just need to determine the actual ethnic/tribal groups. This is a great start. Your ancestors are proud and happy that you taken this journey of self (family) discovery. On the wall of the Kemetic (Ancient Egyptian) pyramids, there is a message that says…'Man Know Thyself'.

    That's the message the ancestors left us. The foundation of everything is Self-Knowledge, which is a prerequisite to Self-Worth and Self-Love. We can't love that which we don't know. I can't wait to see the results from http://www.africanancestry.com to see which ethnic/tribal group you descend. Ase (ah-shey) 'Let it be so'.

    – King Nkoundji II

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