My AncestryDNA Results | Melungeons + GEDmatch

My AncestryDNA Results | Melungeons + GEDmatch

If you don’t have an open mind, or an interest in history, science or genetics, please don’t bother watching my video!!!!!

I know a lot of people will be upset that I am discussing the theory and evidence of certain populations being of Middle Eastern and Jewish origin but that is what I am exploring, as that is what my mother’s side of the family primarily is and has been for generations. I did not do this test or make this video just because it became a trend on YouTube.

Native American DNA: New Tests Show Middle East Origins?:

I know this is a long video. And I still feel like I left a lot out so I am going to try and put it here! First and foremost, I know these ancestry videos can be controversial. I have always had a huge interest in this stuff and have done years of research on it. This is me trying to make sense of my results, provide some information about the theories I have researched and basically rant off my thoughts.

Whether my West Asian DNA is a small fraction of a distant Cherokee ancestor from many generations ago, or a distant Turk ancestor, still remains a mystery. Many of my European ancestors can be traced back to the initial colonial times and those ancestors can then be traced back to their countries of origin, notably England, Ireland, Scotland, Germany, Switzerland, France and the Netherlands. I do understand that people can have DNA that comes from one place and then live in another, for instance my confirmed German ancestor could have been more Italian! Also, I have never come across any surnames that would suggest Western Asian, Spanish or even Italian blood.

I have traced my Melungeon ancestors back to Hawkins County, Tennessee and surrounding areas in the 16-1700’s. It must be noted, a vast number of ancestors on my mom’s side of the family trace back to absolutely nothing and dead ends, whereas my dad’s side, which is so rich in Northern European blood, can mostly be traced back to the North Atlantic.

My older cousin/family matches have significantly more Middle Eastern, Mediterranean, North African and Jewish DNA, as their biggest percentages, including the Finnish/Russian. And as I mentioned in the video about some living Melungeon descendants having Portuguese in their DNA, I have read that others have also reported Turkish/Middle Eastern DNA. My AncestryDNA results had range possibility for Spain/Portugal and North Africa. And I did match on GEDmatch with a few Spanish locations but the clear majority are Northern Europe, West Asia/Middle East (a whooole lot of Turk), Jew, Mediterranean, North Africa and Russia. While AncestryDNA has me at 1% West Asian with a range up to 4%, GEDmatch has me much higher.

Legend says Melungeon people of Portuguese/Turkish/Mediterranean/Middle East descent were believed to have been present in the Appalachian mountains centuries prior to Columbus, therefore, would that technically make them Native Americans after all? And if they came later as slaves or seamen, did they mix with the Native Americans as theorized or did they create their own tribes? These people are believed to actually be some of the Cherokee Indians who were primarily mixed with European, West Asian/Middle East, North African and even Jewish, per genetic testing done on Cherokee reservations. These are the populations I match on GEDmatch, and through matched family/cousins.

I will note that also on GEDmatch, I match Amerindian on most of the calculators to some degree but I am taking that with a grain of salt as I only match to reference locations in Brazil for Amerindian DNA. And it seems most of the Amerindian, Siberian, Papua, Berengian, Australian, Oceanian (Pacific Islander), and South East Asian only populate a percentage for me with the calculators that focus more on ancient DNA.

I’ll continue my research for answers. I may also be taking more DNA tests in the future and hopefully they may provide a deeper analysis. ? Regardless, I am who I am, as we all are.

Much love,

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  1. UPDATE: My grandmother's sister on my father's side took a DNA test and was confirmed with 99% confidence she has West African DNA through her maternal line and that she had a 2nd, 3rd, 4th and beyond generation line of grandparent who was 100% West African. She also found a census record stating I have ancestors who were listed as black and Mulatto/Melungeon (for Appalachian regions).

  2. you are Turanian, so you are Turkish .. Turan breeds are Turkish nobles. Investigate the Turanian nobles. Turkey, Bulgaria, Hungary, Kazakhstan, South Korea, Japan and other Turkish states and so on. American Indians, Indians, 100% Turks. Search the Bering channel.

  3. My brother did a DNA Test and it came back with a high percentage of Subsaharan African which made him mad and he didn't believe it . BUT my grandmother on my Mom's side had a great grandmother that was from WVA EKY and was supposed to be Shawnee , but I think she was black or mixed black , maybe Melungeon . Its interesting , and I love it .

  4. We have similar DNA results. My recent ancestors migrated from KY. Looking at you I see myself, siblings, nieces, nephews, etc. It's amazing to see the physical similarities. You don't happen to have any DeHarts in you family tree do you?
    Great video ! Thanks!

  5. There is this documentary (in 3 parts) on youtube that was shown on portuguese national TV, RTP international, about Melungeons. It is said that Melungeons claim to be Portuguese descendants. As a Portuguese knowing my country History, I think it is possible as we used to be great navigators and there is evidence that we have been on North America before its official discovery by Colombo. Here is the video, it is in portuguese but some interviews are in english.

  6. Thanks for educating people about the true diversity of America. Beautiful Melungeons.

  7. I guess your people looked so much like the people that were here that you were taken in as Native American. Beautiful people!!

  8. As someone from this region, on both sides. We were told we were Black Irish which my grandma was adamant was Turkish mixed with Irish I did get Caucus Mountains, and at least 10% Italy/Greece. What suprised me was Melanesian DNA. I have that too, many of us from this area have Melanesian its not a fluke. My DNA is British Isles, Western Europe, Italy Greece, Scandinavian, Iberian Peninsula, European Jewish, Finland N.W. Russia, Caucaus Mountains, and Melanesia.

  9. problem with DNA tests among Native communities is that a many Native people (and European and African descendants to a lesser extent) today have mixed lineage beginning since the 1600s. Which prompts the question: What would the Cherokee DNA tests have shown if they were done in 1500 instead of today? Just because DNA tests today show that many Natives TODAY have some European ancestry, it doesn't mean that the Cherokee ORIGINATED in Europe or anywhere else.

  10. My maternal grandfather family is a small state recognized tribe in Alabama, and their story is very similar to your mom side of the family. For years people didn't know what race they were and where they came from. As of my knowledge, we are descendants of Native Americans. Although I claim I'm black . I oftentimes get mistaken for being Hispanic or Arabic . So, I plan to have my mom DNA tested just to see what's her makeup

  11. Your DNA sounds almost identical to mine.. my family also said great grandpa was full blooded Cherokee.. people always ask “what are you?” My family is very dark skinned but European looking too.. we are from eastern Kentucky which is another area the melungeons are known to live. Anyway, my dna came up with 0% American Indian.. but to my surprise there is Portuguese, mortician and European jew.. also north west Russia and Finland.. I never would have guessed.. I find it all very interesting.

  12. Though I now live in Portland OR, I was born and raised near Cherokee NC. I totally know what’s up with people thinking your Asian! My dads family is like yours, Scott-Irish German back to the 1600s+, and my mom is the melungeoun “Cherokee” mystery meat. When I moved out West, people used to ask me if I was Samoan! Being 6’6” didn’t help either… I think your literally a beautiful example of why I can still love America.

  13. All of my Melungeon ancestors come out of Hawkins County, Tennessee; Granville County, North Carolina; Stokes County, North Carolina; Virginia; North Georgia, etc. Surnames are: Sanders, Adams, Lewis, Medaris, Heim, etc.

  14. Both sides of my family are predominantly from Georgia but in researching my family history for over the last 10 years I've discovered ancestors in the Carolinas, Virginia, Tennessee, Florida, Texas, Louisiana, etc.

    AncestryDNA results:

    African, Native American, Iberian Peninsula, Scandinavia, Finland/Northwest Russia, Great Britain, and Europe West.

    GEDMATCH DNA results:

    Using MDLP World 22 calculator it basically said that I was a mixture of: African, European, Native American, Asian, and Middle Eastern. Some of the Native American tribes that came up were: Lumbee, Aleut, Miwok, Serrano, and Nez Pierce! When using two population approximations on my DNA Puerto Rican came up but it makes sense. Puerto Ricans are tri racial just like the Lumbee in North Carolina (Native American, Black, and White)

    My DNALAND results:

    African, European, Middle Eastern, and Native American.

  15. I also have Melungeon ancestry. My father is from Pike County Kentucky. My AncestryDNA results was mostly Western Europe 53%, multiple other European but I did have 1% Polynesian and 1% Caucasus. Thank you for sharing!

  16. my papaws side the side of the family is from hawkins county and are melungeons and moms native american. as far as we know her dad was too.

  17. How can you be Melungeon when you are 99% European? On your facial traits are correct.

  18. Before I see the results I can tell from your nose you are English.

  19. Thanks for posting this video. I am creek/Cherokee on my mothers side and my DNA results came back west Asian, Jewish, middle eastern too & also Amerindian, Siberian on GEDmatch. There needs to be more research on this topic because it's such a mystery! i know my ancestors were creek & Cherokee because of their creek names and were they lived in Florida and Georgia. Keep up the research and continue to be proud of who you are!! 🙂

  20. My family came from Hawkins County and Rogersville and I do have Melungeon characteristics and genes. My grandfather was born in Hawkins County in 1805 and the majority of my family today has stayed in Southwest Virginia and East Tennessee. I find this very interesting and I wanna know more about it. My mother's AncestryDNA results came back Portuguese, Jewish, Congo African, and some Scandinavian. Very interesting!

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