My AncestryDNA Results! (Dominican)

My AncestryDNA Results! (Dominican)


This video has been on YT for more than a year now – every now and then I get emails notifying me of new comments. I am still confused at some of the comments – I don’t understand why everyone thinks I am upset at my results. I am very happy with my results have absolutely no reason to be upset.

A couple of other comments I have come across:
2. “Results are Fake”. Okay, this is silly. First of all – why do I need to lie about my results? I don’t know any of you – no reason to lie. Also, link to my results are above.
3. “Looks like this was not the first time she has seen the results”. Again – silly. No reason for me to lie? I don’t understand. Maybe I came across a certain way because I was really shocked that I was more European than African. I always thought I was more African – so it caught me by surprise. Regardless of what the results would have been – I was just excited to find out my origins.
4. It would be great if people kept the negative comments to themselves. No need to hate on anyone. Love always wins. Please be nice to one-another.

Anyway – those where my results whether they are liked by you or not. I don’t really care. Just wanted to share that information because i have never responded to the comments on those themes.

Have a great day!



  1. Sheluv Harvey says:

    Beautiful baby girl, you look like you really want to cry right now when you saw your DNA results. It seem like you wanted your DNA to be more African then anything else ???! Please know this you are still beautiful no matter what your ethnicity are! Love the skin that you're in, keep your mind and heart open to everyone and may the spirit world continue to bless you!

  2. Did you got the new UPDATE results and Are you making another video with your new results ?

  3. Derick Ofodirinwa says:

    lol at Nigeria Cameroon and Congo being tribes

  4. Charles E. Spradley says:

    You are gorgeous, a wonderful combination of ethnic diversity. The mixture that is you produced a beautiful example of the Human Race.

  5. XboxBeast Mode says:

    If u from el cibao or any close regions u will be more European but the more u go in too land no more European line… African and tainos (native American)

  6. akelly929 says:

    The black moors that came from Spain were the black rulers of Spain for 700yrs until 1490. To think that Spain and Portugal would turn their most educated people at the time into slaves then separate them from their children so they could not teach them how to read. The Africans had introduced mathematics, science, medicine, astronomy, ocean travel to Europe. Europe to this day don't teach their own people that blacks brought them out of the dark ages. Most of the castles were black owned and built. Some castles have black stone faces of the owners built in but the words have been chipped off.

  7. ishamel shiya says:

    Christopher Columbus raped most of Latin America why would you want European blood smh ??‍♂️

  8. Deal Wolfstriked says:

    Girl you are so hot…..more videos!!

  9. Hector D Lunio says:

    Soy Dominicano mi hermana se realizo un Ancestry su resultados fueron 79% europea …18% Africana …3% nativamericana taina súper feliz con ese 3% Taina del 79% europea es 39% italia-Grece…5% (franc-German)..35% Ibérica.. De África 7% de África del norte …5% de mali 6% kenya eso es todo Yo deseo realizar el mio Ya Qué varían de hombre a mujer aún siendo hermano.

  10. Dominican Republic has the most beautiful women because the mixture is so rich.

  11. Georgio Dukes says:

    Mostly African Americans have European blood in them (if not all ) but we just not in denial.

  12. arizaliit says:

    I have white skin, green eyes but only 4% European in me. :))

  13. Robert Coca says:

    Ur white

  14. Robert Coca says:

    Point is we keep telling African Americans were mostly European they confuse us with bi racials were not bi racial we're Europeans who are mixed

  15. candace moreno says:

    My daughter's father is her complexion and his father is 100% white European and his mother is black….complexion has nothing to do with your amount of ancestry….My other kids father is Mexican and light skin but only 41% European the rest is Native and a little African so technically my last daughter's father is more white but darker than my other kids father who is lighter?

  16. Sheluv Harvey says:

    I will start by saying that our ancestors did not do a great job in passing down our African Legacy when they were brought to different parts of the world, especially America! What everyone needs to do is take a deep breath and understand that the first form of human life begin in Africa! Over centuries the human form migrated throughout the world and our pigment changed to the climate that we were in so that's how our colors became lighter or darker! As an African American person I want everyone to know that if you are African American/black then you are biracial! I don't know why people only assume if your mother is white and your dad is black then that makes you biracial. When you have your DNA tested you are going to find at least four or five other ethnicities in your bloodline! Only Africans that were not born here in the United States are true 100% African and not African American/black! The rest of us are biracial/watered down/indigenous beautiful people, so get over it! When I feel out an application that asked what ethnicity I am, I simply put biracial American and if I'm feeling really Jiggy with it I just put American/African American! I feel that a lot of Caucasian people are biracial also and they have no idea where they really came from especially Caucasian American people! So in so many ways we are a lot alike when it comes to knowing our history but the only difference is the Caucasian American history was never stripped from them like it was from our ancestors who was brought over here in bondage! Not all of our African ancestors, but the majority of them were enslaved and stripped of their identity by the Europeans and others!

  17. Robert Coca says:

    Lol black people say we black I knew we were mostly European

  18. Afrentao Santiago says:

    I'm soooo proud of you… you're the first from our country that wanted to have more African roots than you do.

  19. DarkreignStudio says:

    Its means.. your colonizers had way too much fun when they saw brown skin women.

  20. Marion Rodriguez says:

    Robert santi you are so proud to be a blackey. Ther white women chasing and gubbling up black males in america.i know that bother you.punk you dont run ther world.european culture dont include beans and rice and pork.

  21. Olisa Fowlin says:

    Thanks for sharing. Perfect examples of not assuming my features. I thought your African percentage would be higher. Pakistan was interesting. I hope your more when you present that to your family.

  22. marc vega says:

    Great video, thanks for sharing your results. Obviously, from reading these comments below, nobody actually took the time to watch and listen to the whole video. You were surprised that the African percentage was lower than expected but you seemed overall thrilled with your results. What's the problem? People be buggin! lol.

  23. scriptwater says:

    The problem is, everyone is so crazy about race. So what. Live and let live. Stop hating on lightskinned people, stop hating on biracial people and stop trying to recruit others for the cause of black america. I am black, but if we could love each other and stop hating, on that crab in a barrel stuff maybe we can raise our self esteem to the point where we do not have to claim biracial people to our cause. Black people ets get it together. Some of my family is from Brazil. So i will break it down to you in Portuguese.

    O problema é que todo mundo é tão louco por etnia. Viva e Deixe Viver. Pare de odiar pessoas de pele clara, pare de odiar pessoas birraciais e pare de tentar recrutar outras pessoas para a causa da América negra. Eu sou negro, mas se pudéssemos amar uns aos outros e parar de odiar, naquele caranguejo em um barril, talvez pudéssemos elevar nossa auto-estima a ponto de não termos que reivindicar pessoas birraciais para nossa causa. Alguns da minha família são do Brasil.

  24. Marion Rodriguez says:

    Nube azul you low life bum my phone keep jumping when i type, boo i have a masters degree.I'm a ambitious jamaican you punk.

  25. Marion Rodriguez says:

    Jp men i struck a nerve eith you, I'm jamaican proud to to black westindian.never seen haiti in my life.unlike DR they have a rich history, they are proud of their African roots.your country dont have a european history.only slave master sleeping with ther slave women.go read your country history.

  26. Marion Rodriguez says:

    Jp men yeah I'm non dominican, remember your island is extremely poor.check your self brother, you located on ther same land as haiti.

  27. Sofi Zafaroni700 Zafaroni says:

    ese resultado!lo,veo normal Yo NO se por Qué tanta envidia disfrazada contra los Dominicanos vallan a unos años hatras la!!migraciòn Dominicana Asia cuba Donde gran parte de los blancos cubanos descienden de DOMINICANOS….Basta con ver Qué tenemos millones de haitianos mendigando la nacionalidad nuestra Y se consede a miles de niños haitianos Abandonados por sus padres apellido Hispano Y lo,han Adoptado nuestro Débil gobierno,corrupto desde trujillo vienen llegando oleadas de haitianos Y forman pueblo serca de las grande ciudades ohi estàn entre nosotros eso primeros haitianos tubieron hijos nietos,,bisnietos tataranietos la,mayoria de beibolistas vienen de hay el caso haitiano es particular a todo el múndo Ya Qué se mudan¿No? emigran eso impacta étnograficamente a cualquier pais ahora bien un Dato Aclarar Dominicana fue colonia francesa por 107 años ningún pais Hispano lo,fue Dominicana fue El Bastiòn francés de america Qué paso entonces la isla CONCÉGA de francia en tiempo pasado fue italiana osea greco-romana italia y grecia es la misma raza;en proponciòn Y volumen de genes astá la fecha los Qué más ADN grece-ITALINS o italo-greco tienen son los Dominicanos más Qué chilenos argentinos y demas paises Hispanos los franceses introdujeron miles de concégos a Dominicana ha todo el territorio nacional muchos Historiadores de muchos paises latinos elaboran mentiras cometen genocidio Historico para tratar de blanquear su raza con Falsas Historias el Ancestry o ADN micotondrial es 100% afectivo está demostrado atrapan asesino cereales con una simple muestra de cabello sangre o saliva? mi pregunta es Si los argentino se autedefinen asi mismo còmo blancos en un 98% por Qué El estudio del 2003 dise son un 56% amerindio nativo por Què salen con más aporte indigena Qué blanco No sera Qué El factor climatico tiene mucho Qué ver en todo,no sera Qué un clima frio blanquea la piel Y se confunde con un blanco? en colombia y costa rica los mestizo se definen còmo blancos cuando se han realizado el Ancestry predomina el nativoamericano,,mexico,,chile,,Uruguay,,paraguay,,honduras,,panama,,peru,,Bolivia,,venezuela,,nicaragua,,el salvador excepto las islas del caribe me pregunto espero una repuesta objetiva por Qué Dominicana posee tantas personas de genes italicos o griego-italianos Qué Es lo,mismo por Qué razòn entro a debatir esto ya Qué un amigo mita brasileño mita turco me toco ese tema hoy por Qué un pais caribeño còmo Dominicana tiene tantas personas con genes(italianos)….eso se preguntan varios brasileños e incluso Yo desciendo de los italianos Qué llegaron a mediado del 1850 a Dominicana No sera Qué Estamos Quitando la,mascara ha la Historia Y mostrando la verdadera verdad No é visto el primer Dominicano Qué no tenga ADN italiano también iberico Y africano depende la,regiòn por ejemplo en samana hay negros no haitiano Qué aùn los ancianos hablan ingles eso negros vinieron desde Estados Unidos el 1930 aùn los más anciano viven si un descendiente de Eso"O"unos de Eso haitianos Qué handan por millones por ahi quizas el resultado sea 100% africano "O"talvez de seria en hotras personas Qué se han mezclado con eso africanos puros 67% africano y el resto europeo con algo de taino aùn los genes taino en Dominicana son muy pocos a diferencia de Puerto Rico y bahamas Qué poseen más genes tainos pero los Dominicanos en comparaciòn al resto de america tiene más genes italianos y del"norte"de africa osea marruecos berbere Y canarios

  28. scriptwater says:

    I am black but lets be honest dominicans are mixed people. Some are darker than others but majority of them are mullatos and mullatas. Mangu bueno. Lol pollo guisado

  29. Marion Rodriguez says:

    Script writer i applaud and respect your comment.i love all my black people.i get offended by dominicans from ther west indies behaving as if they dont have black dna.i work with them i hear what come put of their mouth.been a out spoken jamaican i educate them about slavery. And their island history.these people look down at ther color black.i love my colir and my black people.

  30. scriptwater says:

    O problema é que todo mundo é tão louco por etnia. Viva e Deixe Viver. Pare de odiar pessoas de pele clara, pare de odiar pessoas birraciais e pare de tentar recrutar outras pessoas para a causa da América negra. Eu sou negro, mas se pudéssemos amar uns aos outros e parar de odiar, naquele caranguejo em um barril, talvez pudéssemos elevar nossa auto-estima a ponto de não termos que reivindicar pessoas birraciais para nossa causa. Alguns da minha família são do Brasil.

  31. scriptwater says:

    Please note, this young lady said nothing about being white. She sounds proud of her Dominican heritage. Its not nice to disrespect her. She is only trying to share her DNA results. Please be kind and stop being so mean to others. She is a beautiful mix of everything. Give her props for that. Don't be jealous because she's pretty.

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