My AncestryDNA Results | Dominican (Surprising Results!)

My AncestryDNA Results | Dominican (Surprising Results!)

I break down my results and give you a little background on my Dominican ethnicity! I was honestly surprised because I was under the impression that I was mostly from Spain from my mother’s side, so finding out that it’s from somewhere else amazed me and I loved that I was able to pinpoint my African heritage from my dad’s side! #ProudDominican



  1. Hey everyone thanks for watching and once again here is the major breakdown:
    35% Italian/Greek
    15% Benin/Togo
    10% Taíno
    10% Spain
    8% Great Britain
    5% Morocco
    Shocked but I’m definitely going to do a heritage trip to these countries! ?

  2. 3% Irish, the Norway could be all the Viking raids on Ireland

  3. Hey, you're results are cool.I probably would have said Mexican because you are so bubbly. I've only met one person from the Dominican. I mainly meet Puerto Ricans, Mexicans, Salvadorians, one person Cuba, one person from Panama and one person from Chile. It's cool but it's sad at the same time because I love meeting all types of different people. Don't feel bad about not looking Dominican I look like a bunch of different things to a lot of people myself. I've lived in the US all of my life but there are people that can't tell so to speak lol.

  4. Hey, that's because people don't know what Dominican people are,really. Dominicans didn't originally have colonized bloodlines from the Spanish nor the bloodlines of the West Africans but they did have the strong indigenous blood lines that come from the Taino. You say your are 100% Dominican but you don't look 100% Arawakan-speaking Taíno. That wasn't said to be insulting but to answer why people ask. It's because they don't really know what Dominican is and the only examples that are really out are the admixtures of the three (and in some cases just two heritages) so no one really can see the pure Heritage much anymore.

  5. Awesome results primo! I am also 100% #Dominican getting similar results here, and family mostly from El Cibao especially La Vega. I have Subscribed to your channel @dominicanbrain

  6. how to you feel about knowing that you may be the product of a rape? I wonder how you got the 35% Taino and Benin/Togo.

  7. Your honest, i like that. Most dominicans don't like to be associated with having any black in them.

  8. Omg I’m from la Vega too!! Mi madre de Jarabacoa y padre de Janico. I just got my package I’m going to send it out. I’m not sure what it’s going to come out to

  9. I tried doing my DNA test 2 times but both attempts failed so I'm gonna try again soon, but I know fosho I'm gonna have Spaniard and Aztec in me since my family is from Mexico but who knows what else could be in me, nice video btw??

  10. Why your Spanish so bad ??? and why you think dominican is an ethnicity ? Dominican just a country , there German people , black people, Chinese people, etc . It not even a Latin country unless you’re an idiot american

  11. Oh my goodness your family tree is all over. Technically your more

  12. Mexican have the most native American DNA but they don't brag about the Rain I like PR and DR do.

  13. I agree with you every time someone is white skin they never think the person can be Dominican like we have all kinds of colors, same with if you have good hair?, Dominicans have people with good hair too, like every other country there is people with good/bad hair but for some reason people think If you have bad hair your from DR and that’s incorrect!

  14. Nice results i went to Punta Cana twice very beautiful since you have Greek and Italian blood you should visit these countries you will love it

  15. dominicanbrian- Dude just want to thank you for doing a great job in helping clear up the misconceptions most people have about Dominicans. The DR is pretty much a mixed race nation, a Triracial combo of white, black, Taino and any combination thereof.

    Thank God for genetic testing, we can easily conclude that the vast majority of Dominicans are predominately non-black, not the other way around as many assume. Perhaps the majority of Dominicans who have migrated to the US might be of a predominate black mix or mulato and it may also be the only image about us that the media has sold for others to see as the reason to explain why people think the way they do.

    However, back in the good old DR depending on the region of the country, that's not the case at all. In fact, most Dominicans are well over 50% white, or have a higher ratio of European and lower percentages of black in their genetic make-up. Dominicans fall within the 30% black range, 8%-15% Taino and 5%-15% other races, which means that if we add up all the numbers and compare it to the amount of black, most times black comes in last. (no pun intended)

    Nevertheless, sorry to disappoint the Afrocentric who want to claim Dominicans as their own. We don't belong to them or anybody. We are Instead members to every, all ethnicities and all races under the sun. We can be black, white, yellow or brown as well as anything that you can imagine. However, what we are most definitely and undoubtedly, plain and simple or simply stated, members of the human race. No argument about that.

  16. Omg!! My parents are from the Cibao too. I’m always too light skinned to be Dominican ! I’m excited to have done now.

  17. I was almost positive the DNA results was going to say 50% gay.

  18. great mixture. You will be genetically strong.

  19. My husband thought he would be 95-100% native american as he is Puerto Rican. Turns out, 60% European. 14% native american. And 20% african. I thought i would be 99% european. I am 90% european( dutch portuguese and a touch irish and scandinavian) and 8% arab(middle east/north africa) and the rest are teeny pieces of other things

  20. You are more Black than Spanish or Italian. Benin 21% + 4% Senegal + 4% Nigeria + 2% S. Africa + 5% Morroco + 1% Ivroy Coast = 37% African. Cool results. Taino is the best ever, especially because they are extinct. Italians are all that.

  21. Hello! So I need some help here lol. I was adopted and my birth mother is Puerto Rican. She claims that my birth father is Dominican but I don’t think that’s accurate (She isn’t really sure WHO my birth father is…) I’m almost certain he was a white man lol. Anyway, take a look at my results and tell me what YOU think! Also, if you’re Dominican, what did your migrations come out to be? Thank you for the help!

    Ethnicity Estimate:
    Europe South: 23%
    Great Britain: 22%
    Iberian Peninsula: 21%
    Native American: 4%

    Low Confidence Regions:
    Middle East: 5%
    Africa North: 4%
    Ireland/Scotland/Wales: 4%
    Senegal: 3%
    Finland/Northwest Russia: 3%
    Africa Southeastern Bantu: 2%
    Benin/Togo: 2%
    Europe East: 2%
    Caucasus: 1%
    European Jewish: <1%
    Ivory Coast/Ghana: <1%
    Melanesia: <1%
    Scandinavia: <1%
    Mali: <1%

    Puerto Rico
    New England Settlers

  22. It’s very cool that you have some Greek and Italian in there, I would think we Dominicans have Italian since Columbus was Italian.

  23. The Benin/Togo means that you are descended from the Yoruba tribe. They have a really interesting history.

  24. I would've thought, Cuban, and South American. You seem to nice, to be Dominican. meaning the ones I know which, many are very nice but tend to have a more reserved side.

  25. Your intro was everything!! I love your energy, and I think you should make more videos because I​ enjoyed you so much!

  26. You are basically 60% european, 30% african and 10% native american.

  27. Los Dominicanos venimos en todos los colores, blancos, negros, mulattoes, mestizos, también existen Dominicanos que son Japoneses y Chinos

  28. That's 1500s dr was visited by the Spaniards 1492 .so tears of native Spaniard mixing before Africans were brought over

  29. I don't know if I should say this. But as it stands, I'm going to consider all Dominicans Black regardless of mixture. The reason why I came to this decision is because almost every Dominican have the black gene. This is just not true with any other country in Latin America. Welcome to the African Diaspora my Dominican family..

  30. If I saw you on the street, I would know you are Dominican. This is what I seen a lot. I also seen a lot of black looking growing in the 1970s.

  31. Turn over your platano for the pasta my brother 🙂 .. Thanks for sharing! I am full Dominican as well and roots from Bonao area, but born in NYC. Mine was 30% Spain and 15% Ireland and almost no Italian/Greek. I also get the same thing, no one thinks I am Dominican. I get the same answers you get as well about nationality, from Italian, Middle Eastern, blah, blah, blah 🙂

  32. By US standards you are officially a black man congratulations. BTW I thought you were mexican because we have middle eastern looking mexicans on my dads side that look just like you plus we got that medina last name.

  33. Yes I agree …our DNA has become more european…first Dominicans come from taina that during Columbus either married or was Raped by a Spaniard ..those kids were after Taino the 2nd new Dominicans ..that from 1492 till 1550…mestizo …then slave era began in Dr .so Spaniards were creating bi racial raping .after slavery all groups mixed in add in British Irish Greek Portuguese Italian French ..then add in Arab chinese haitians African Americans white Americans others..create . New Dominican very mixed 2018

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