So my results were pretty much what I expected “more or less” but I’m glad to see what exactly made up my blood line.

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  1. Puerto Rican is not a race. I get that. But they're culture is completely different. That's why they make the distinction. ??‍♀️??‍♀️??‍♀️

  2. 90% of comments= "Puerto Rican is not a race"
    10% of comments are certified genealogists and geneticists dropping "knowledge"

  3. Wow that person saying that Puerto Rico is not a race is the same person with multiple Youtube Accounts.

  4. Dear you are not mixed uless you have 2 parents of 2 different races, PR not a race, you be PR and be any race, if your mom is a white PR and dad black PR then yes you are mixed, but it has nothing to do with being PR.

  5. I expected to see some Iberian peninsula lol but your more Irish, that's interesting

  6. there are over 500 NORTH American tribes alone, what exact Native American tribe did she come from and how do they know if they are not able to classify them adequately? in the Caribbean we had variety of different cultures and a lot of them that came from the mainland as far south as Columbia, so what exact Native American tribe is she? i think if they cannot answer that then its pure fallacy and for entertainment value only.

  7. Again, Puerto Ricans are descendants of AFRICANS by way of Portugal/Spain [via slave trade]. DNA also testifies of history, journey, migration, colonialization, slave trade/rape, marriage, inter-relations… African, Spain, Taino Native American i.e., Cubans, Brazilians, Dominicans, Puerto Ricans, just a boat stop during the slave trade and colonialization. Also Porto Rico was invaded/colonialized by the Italians, Greeks, and British, with Irish ancestry, some even have 'jewish' DNA. Go figure. But, DNA doesn't lie about WHO took part in the rape and enslavement of the African peoples, and WHERE they've landed/resided throughout the globe.

  8. I totally understand what she's saying when she says her race is Puerto Rican.

  9. Omg can someone explain to me what is 100% Puerto rican?!?!! My slow PR roommate can't explain. Please someone else go into depth. Cause you'll are sounding very special needs! On the most delusional power.

  10. Her DNA make up is typical for darker skinned "Hispanic". Although, it could go either way.. I still think most people of Latin America are more European than anything else.

  11. Personally I think this DNA shit is bullshit can't trust nothing in Babylon.

  12. Spanish (Spaniards ) are considered a white people, however people Canary Islanders are more mixed

  13. Respect! Boricua from Seattle ?????? new subscriber ?? you have a great smile! Show them white pearly teeth ?

  14. Why do you constantly lose track of your speech? That's funny ??

  15. Who encourage you to post this video because it's bored and who cares what are you,be you?

  16. Puerto Ricans are already multi-racial. You can't match a race an ethnic group.

  17. Pueto Rican have Taino bloodlines also Spanish. The Spanish wiped most of the Taino's away. You are part Taino native.

  18. Great video me gusto mucho proud of you

  19. Can we please not be negative. I enjoyed this video.

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