My Ancestry DNA Tests Results Shocker | Mamadee Family Vlog

My Ancestry DNA Tests Results Shocker | Mamadee Family Vlog

My ancestry DNA results are in. In this vlog I reveal my dna results.

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My Ancestry DNA Tests Results Shocker
My Ancestry DNA Tests Results Shocker | Family Vlog
My Ancestry DNA Results Are In – Shocking Dna Sesults Ancestry

My DNA ancestry results from are in. Unexpected results! In this video I reveal my dna ancestry results. Watch my reaction to my dna ancestry results. My ancestry results came after 8 weeks of waiting.

What does race, ethnicity mean when it comes to skin color. Having grown up in South Africa where there are lot of mixed people, I was often mistaken for a mixed girl, never 100% African. I could pass for mixed if i wanted as many mixed people tried to pass for white.
I was shocked but not shocked when I saw my dna results. They revealed what I’ve always known about my own race and ethnicity.

DNA can reveal hidden ethnicity. Can dna results be wrong? Yes because they don’t go all the way back, they only reveal the last 500 years.
What made my results even more shocking is the fact that in South Africa we are multi-cultural and have different races. I was sure that I would be Cape Coloured and that my dna results would reveal that I have Cape Coloured DNA. Coloured people are mixed people in South Africa. I aslo suspected that I would have Khoi or San in my DNA.

My Ancestry DNA Results Are In | Mind Blown | Jaw Floored
I still have to do my 23 and me this year. Of course if we believe in the out of africa theory, then everyone else has my african dna.

Because I was born with light skin, as an African I was always made to think that I’m not African. As much as I’ve always known my heritage, it was important for me to have this scientific proof that I’m indeed African.
I come from a family that has all colors, dark skin to light skin so that was a little bit confusing too.
Though my DNA results were shocking, I knew from the bottom of my heart that they would come back the way they did.

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  1. Hi All, my ancestry DNA results are finally here! I'm so excited and shocked at the same time. Hope you enjoy the video. Don't forget to like, subscribe (and get notifications) and share so others can see them as well to dispel misconceptions about skin color. Also, feel free to enjoy my other videos after watching this one. Thank you so much! Turn on CC if you don't understand my accent 🙂

  2. African light skins is evidence of a racial mix. She should research her family tree , she most likely has a caucasion great great grandfather if she wants to be more sure. Still not convinced that Africans could be originally light skins unless there is an albino skin condition

  3. I am fascinated by this. Thank you for sharing with us. Just a point I'd like to make, the Khoisan people are an older race than the asian race. So it's the asians that look like the Khoisan.

  4. Wow! I am shocked to hear that myself! A pure bred African! And you are not even dark skinned. Wow!

  5. Your DNA reveal video is the best I’ve ever seen. Brilliant results.

  6. AMAZING ?? I'm 92% African born and raised in America my parents and grandparents

  7. Basotho and Xhosas got their clicks from Khoi Sans. You look black to me my sister.

  8. Nice!! I’m also 100% African. I’m Igbo.

  9. That also means that the so called Asians that migrated to the America's that the govt falsely call native Americans are really negroes… LOL.. if you research the Cherokees, Seminoles, and many other Arborigines are not europeans or Spaniards like people assumed them to be…

  10. I try educating many of my American black friends that skin color does not determine your race, only features and hair texture….Khoasian do not have europeans blood like ignorant people assumed… Khoasians produce many skin tone…this prove my theory is right.

  11. congratulations and you definitely look 100% african

  12. I think this has been the most shocking dna reveal and I've seen most of them. It's crazy I look more typically African than you and you are 100% I'm 59%. You look more Asian than me and I'm 36% Asian. You are the perfect example why not to judge based on phenotype…. You look like my older sister except lighter…

  13. I think Asian have your ppls features not the other way around.

  14. Lol good for u sister iam absolute 100% black greeting from burundi

  15. So interesting and what a great blog. I'm writing from Cape Town, and will definitely be following you. I visited the USA last year, and was thinking as a Coloured lady what will people think of me when I get there, African American or Hispanic… You know what happened? They saw me as "east Indian" meaning from India. Even Indians in the USA thought I was Indian too haha. Anyway blessings to you and your family.

  16. Educated illiterate,there's nothing called middle East the territory is called North East Africa not middle East, middle East was created in 1948 after the 2nd world war ,as matter of fact Alkenbulan or Africans extended to Indians, irag, Iran the canal that divide Africa maps is man made canal by the British government the Arabs conquered the territory 800yrs ago at the same the time the Irish people were fighting the British government they robbed,, enslaved , molested the indigenous people of Africans brought them fake religion's ,fake war's, coupled with the other slave masters using the indigenous people as guinea pigs, disorganization of families, miseducation's, brainwashed, bamboozled the innocent soul's in the name of God which means gun oil n drug's, the Catholic churches introduced cesar Borgia image now called Jesus Christ they fooled a lots of people around the world pope is the president, bishop's are the supervisor n Rev father's n Rev fr are manager's they have one thing in their minds cheap labors n mineral resources to leave large while the African's who are the richest continent in the world become's the poorest continent ever known. The donations which some organizations collect's are picketed by the president n his cronies only one percent get the people what happened to ninety nine percent of the donations? Africans are big dinner on the table because their so called leaders are conspiring with the slave master to steal their countries wealth n transferring them to slave masters land while their citizens are in pain crying for help they encourages their citizens to take prilgramages to Mecca, Rome or Israel these three organized religion's are involved in the slave trades now they're still operating in Congo n other parts of Africa till today.African's welcomed others because we believed that we are brother's n sister's but these fool's thinks that they have sense n common sense but they do not have the wisdom's a thief might be stealing from the owner but one is day is for the owner. I'm glad that Rothschild boys the Ashkenazi Jews from eastern part of Russian called Georgia they converted into Jewdazim eight century ago and their leaders name is Theodore or their king name is bulan who was tied of their mischievous attitudes invited the three major religions Catholics, Moslems n Jewdazim leaders but he finally accepted Jewdazim eight century ago United nations voted to relocate them to Uganda after the 2nd world war but Rothschild intervened by purchasing the land called Israel with the knowledge of queen of England, pope n other illuminati the discussion has been on since 1917A now their dreams materialised they understand how the Arabs got there, they are teaching them a lesson they're been surrounded with three hundred nuclear weapons to protect themselves from the Arabs now Arabs are catching hell Arabs took the anger's to word Africans by molesting our beautiful sister's n boys enslaving the African's to make themselves look good .

  17. Lovely; Girl. Made in Africa 100%. That is awesome.

  18. Bieng african can be very tricky cause you can have that skin tone and different textured hair and still be black.

  19. Africans are more genetically diverse than all other races combined…further Khoi and San do not have Asian features…their features are AFRICAN since the epicanthic fold first appeared in Africa NOT Asia… In fact Asians have Khoi and San features NOT the reverse

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