My Ancestry DNA Test results vs my Family Tree DNA

My Ancestry DNA Test results vs my Family Tree DNA

I hadn’t seen any videos comparing DNA test results versus Family Tree results, so I figured I would post something to inform people about the differences. *I wanted to clarify, in the video I mention “mDNA”, I meant “mtDNA”. Also, I had my uncle further test his Y-DNA using the E-Z827 SNP Pack, not to further test the Y markers at 111. I believe testing 111 markers would hone in your DNA matches while the SNP pack is to narrow down where your ancestors came from. The genetic stuff is confusing! Feel free to leave me any comments or questions!

*Update – My Uncle’s confirmed halpogroup is E-CTS1096. E-CTS1096 is a subgroup of E-M215. FTDNA states: “Haplogroup E is an African lineage. It is currently believed that this haplogroup dispersed south from northern Africa with the Bantu agricultural expansion. E is also the most common lineage among African Americans. It is a diverse haplogroup with many branches and is found distributed throughout Africa today. It is also found at a very low frequency in North Africa and the Middle East.”

** Let me post all the halpgroups that I am aware of:

U5a2b – Mom’s Maternal (from Germany)
E-CTS1096 – Mom’s Paternal (from the Genoa region)

L2a1c – Dad’s Mom’s Maternal (Sciacca, Sicily)
E-M78 – Dad’s Mom’s Paternal (Sciacca, Sicily)



  1. yoooo we could be related german polish as well and fellow seefeldt

  2. You mention what sounds like 'haplo group" I couldn't actually make out the word. But it is where it shows way back into the past. You mentioned your father was "L2A1C" at this point. I'm not sure where this is found on the Ancestry site. or is this from another site altogether? Can you help?  Where was the part about the 'mtDNA" and the Y-DNA using E-Z827" from? Was it part of or another site (you mentioned Family Tree in your info under when this was published.  Thank you for doing this video.

  3. Thank you for sharing, you have very unusual eye color. Emerald. Beautiful!

  4. What an expert says is that AncestryDNA is more for finding cousins you have now. FamilyTreeDNA is more for those into serious genealogy research because they test mtDNA which Ancestry doesn't do and it goes much farther back that standard DNA testing does.

  5. Your facial features looks pretty italian to me, you are very positive person, thank you for this video!!!!!!!

  6. As it is half Sicilian it must have genetics from the Near East but more from North Africa

  7. Also Ireland was colonised by England that's why northern Ireland and southern Ireland exist 🙂

  8. This was an interesting video. I just started my family tree on I have a few historical records that I am using. I plan on purchasing the ancestry DNA kit. Eventually, I also plan on purchasing the FamilyDNATree kit.

  9. I want so SEE the results and NOT YOUR FACE!

  10. Southeastern Europe is not Germany South Eastern Europe is the ex Yugoslavia.

  11. interesting… your <1% South Asian "might" indicate a distant roma/gypsy link because the roma are descendants of a population that migrated from india into europe.

  12. Which test would you say is more accurate Ancestry DNA or Family Finder?

  13. BTW, the reason why Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin were so close to Sammy Davis, Jr, and included him in their Brat Pack was because Sinatra and Martin (Dino Crocetti) were Sicilian. And Sammy Davis, Jr was a bro.

  14. Ancestry DNA traces your genetic ancestors to only the 1800s. So, this means that from about 1800 to 2017, someone with Sicilian SNPs mixed with your family. Sicilians are mixed with Moors and other African slaves. In order to get your ancestral DNA results that extends to several thousand years, you need to go to and upload your raw DNA there. I bet, since you have Sicilian, that you have Subsaharan African DNA. Sometime from about 5, OOO yrs ago to the present, I'm sure that someone with SubSaharan DNA got into your family gene pool.

  15. There is a common misperception that the British or should I say the English are Germanic in origin. Scientific, genetic research of the English states otherwise. English DNA tests as predominantly ancient Britannic and predates any Germanic, Dutch and Scandinavian invasions. The English tend to be of the same genetic heritage as the Welsh and Scots with some addition of Anglo Saxon, Norman, and Viking etc. DNA. It's claimed in research, however, that no individual invasion to Britain contributed more than 5% to the English gene pool. Therefore, the English are essentially Britannic and not Germanic. So your genes are Britannic.

  16. Thats interesting that part of your family is from Sciacca, as is mine. I'm interested in taking a DNA test soon. As a male simply looking to find out details of my ethnicity and country origins, which do you recommend? I'm not concerned with cost. Thanks

  17. I don't know but I suspect these DNA tests are not very precise.. the headline % could be wildly out

  18. One mistake you're making that we all is to correlate your genealogical paper trail with your DNA. We have this notion that we get half from each parent or a quarter from each grandparent. But DNA transmission is more of a dice roll. As an example, my surname is Shannon and my genealogy says 50% Irish, 25% German or English and 25% French but my results show just 5% Irish.

  19. Woww Stephanie! Nice video! Thanks for sharing! 45% Italy/Greece? Don't worry about it!

  20. You look very similar to my x, she was from Slovenia in Yugoslavia, so Slavic with some Italian mixed in.

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