My Ancestry DNA Test Results! (Salvadoran)

My Ancestry DNA Test Results! (Salvadoran)

Hello to my friends from Snapchat and to the new ones to come! Hope you enjoy this video I’ve made sharing and explaining my Ancestry DNA results. Feel free to message me about any information that I have shared, or anything that I might have not left clear. Please leave additional information that might be able to help me better understand my results. Least but not last, enjoy!! 😀



  1. In Latin America we always seem shocked when African ancestry shows up in our DNA, that's only because of the media and the poor job our educational institutions have taught us history intentional because of prejudice .. True history will show that most peoples of Latin America (up to 85%) will have anywhere from 5 – 25% African ancestry. Always remember the original conquest of Spain for 700 years up to aroundthe 1490<s was from the African Black-a-Moors and later with Arabs and Berbers.

  2. I think they sent you the wrong results, you look 100% mayan or pipil

  3. Omg my family is also El Salvadoran and I really want to know my bloodline. You are very well versed with your history such as your Roman theory which I find so fascinating! Us Latin Americans are a beautiful mixture of all cultures.

  4. That was refreshing, to hear DNA results from someone who has a decent amount of knowledge about history and geography. I've watched too many Americans, who kept saying "I've never heard of this place" about half of the countries that showed up in their test results.

  5. I am, just as all humans in the whole world are,
    95% Chimpanzee
    Wow! This is awesome!

  6. Making a small comment/observation about not knowing where the Italian side came from and thinking it could be Romans… well you do know there were lots of Italians all over Central America during the time Spain had it, right? It wasn't only Spanish. When Christopher Columbus sailed over here there was no such thing as El Salvador and he was Italian. My parents, grandparents and great grandparents were born in El Salvador but my last name is Granillo which is actually Italian. Just thought you should know…

  7. Very well informed and intelligent young lady – she knows her Euro history and that is rare among many young people today. My two children from my first marriage are half Salvadoran. My daughter took the 23andme test and came back with 25% native ( Lenca) and 25% Iberian/Southern Europe. Her other 50% (from me) being Irish and Western Europe (German).

    This young lady in the video does not look "mostly" Native American. She is Mestiza, but more south Euro than native looking. Also – regarding the red/lighter hair in her family, this could also be from Spain, the northern part of Spain having a heavy Celtic influence, related to other Celts (Irish, Scots, Welsh) in Europe. Her "Irish/English" might be Celtic Spanish as she even mentions.

    The African ancestry in El Salvador is assimilated into the Salvadoran population from early colonial times (slavery). I wrote a paper on Afro Salvadorans ("The Third Root"). They are a very small percentage of the population in ES, and do not have a distinctive population group in the country today. However some Salvadorans (more from the eastern part of the country) have small amounts of Afro ancestry. 10% is much more than most Salvadorans usually have. My daughter was only 1% Sub S. African. Also – with these tests they can be off by 5% either way, not exact. But still very interesting. Shows the legacy of Spanish colonialism and the slave trade in all Latin American countries, even El Salvador. Today this part of the history of ES is long forgotten by most Salvadorans.

  8. Are they making pupusas in the back lol. Love how you know the migratory possibilities.

  9. I notice a lot of el Salvadorans, no matter how non black they look always have at least a little African ancestry, which is crazy cuz you don’t look black at all !

  10. I can see your Native features clearly. I would have guessed slightly more than 30%

  11. You look way more Native American then Spanish (you appear 25/30% european at most)

  12. jajaja less than .5% escandinavian…alguien se paró en caca escandinava.

    Sos medio negrita y bien indita vaya..

  13. great vid and I got a really higher percentage on my Italian I got like %35.
    Proud to be a salvi 🙂

  14. You have to remember that christopher colombus was italian and explored under the spanish flag

  15. I just did mine I can’t wait. I was born in elsalvador came to the us when I was 13, but I also didn’t know we had african slaves at one point, the schools never mention about slavary. unless they taught that part of history in high school not sure. I did some research before n yes there were slaves but who ever the ruler was at the time did not want the slaves mixing more, because the natives and european were already mixing, and also the ruler was also racist and thought the white race was superior. but i don’t know why u r surprised u have italian, there was spanish, italian, german, even some middle east people in el salvador.

  16. I'm Salvadoran. I've been called white, Italian, Cuban, Puerto Rican, and mixed black.

  17. All your European is most probably just Spanish. You don't look very Spanish though, you look what you are, mixed, with the European ancestry (by your results just Spanish most probably) being a little bit more prominent than your native ancestry.

  18. Nice Video 10% African I have a El Salvadoran friend who says no el salvadorian has African blood in them he's not racist it's just what he was taught I guess hopefully he sees this video

  19. You look mostly Native American, like the typical Salvadoran…you look identical to my sister

  20. Hey, I know that you were were trying to say almost equal parts on Native and Iberian which is cool. Your whole thing is cool but I don't want to give it away for you lol.

  21. Mayority of the latín people are mix, mongolian,moors, Roman, from the spain way back plus native, Americans.


  23. Why are you recording this with all that background noise?


  25. Your video was so interesting! Thank you so much for sharing, especially all the history of El Salvador 🙂

  26. I love your video well explained! Very cool results!

  27. You're very pretty. That's really cool to know that what your real blood line I always wanted to do the same thing but hasn't yet. But I know for sure my indigenous blood

  28. You look very native by the way and im sorry but 5% Irish is basically nothing and your hair isnt blonde lol

  29. As far as the Western Asian decent, El Salvador has a decent sized population of Lebanese/Palestine in the country as well as a Jewish community. The FMLN President is of middle eastern decent. Maybe that’s how you have West Asian decent in your DNA.

  30. Coolio! Check out mine!
    We have a similar hair color

  31. I’m half salvadorean, you look like my mom and me. Wow. Thanks for sharing dude.

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