My Ancestry DNA Test Results, From Mexico Michoacan

My Ancestry DNA Test Results, From Mexico Michoacan

My Ancestry DNA Test Results. My surname is Galvez Gonzalez from Michoacan. Any family watching, these would be similar results.

* Africa 10%
Low Confidence Region
Africa North 4%
Mali 3%
Senegal 2%
Africa Southeastern Bantu 1%

*Europe 51%
Iberian Peninsula 33%
European Jewish 8%

* Low Confidence Region
Italy/Greece 5%
Europe East 2%
Great Britain 2%
Europe West 1%

*America 33%
Native American 33%
West Asia 6%

*Low Confidence Region
Caucasus 5%
Middle East 1%

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I really enjoyed getting the results from DNA since I was able to find a few 2nd-3rd cousins. It was awesome since they are from the same region of Michoacan.



  1. Your mom is so funny! Did you ever do dna testing on your parents?

  2. Soy de Michoacan y mi peke salio con un alto porcetage de origen judio…Ahora ando busacando el pinche judio que me gano el mandado ja ja ja ja!!Mi apellido es muy raro a la gente hasta le causaba gracia,pero segui un poco la historia de mi apellido y encontre que ciertos judios se pusieron ese apellido para salvarse de la la inquisicion española que los querian hacer birria en la hoguera y se fueron a refugiar a mi tierra ja ja ja!!

  3. I have Galvez and Gonzalez in my family from Michoacan too. You look so much like family. Would love to know if you are on Ancestry to see if we connect.

  4. Tienes 33% indio nativo de america el cual puede ser cualquier tribu de indios, los mexicanos somos mestizos.

  5. What they don't show on the site is the real truth of colonization. Those that were ousted from Spain, were Sephardic Jews… Spanish names were forced upon them… and on some anything ending with EZ comes from the House of Perez… Having something to do with the Sephardic ways. Iberian is Sephardic Jew.. There is more:

  6. Millions of Mexicans are getting the same results that you.!!
    Usually We are Native American with Portugal ,Spain and small European .
    Spaniars are descendents of different part of Europe and Jews
    Some Mexicans also have some African in them because Spaniars brough the slave with them .
    Please just read history don't waste your money.
    Problem solve for millions of Mexicans.

  7. Su mama parece española de las de rancho. Mas o menos le veo lo de la India pero no mucho.

  8. Arriba Michoacán! Saludos desde Pennsylvania.

  9. I got my test in weeks took almost a month I got African and Native American and some Europe but I think there iffy on the percents… I wanna take another test and try other companies to see how they match up but I'm not going to completely agree with this test my family members took this test and got completely different results so I'm not completely sold on this DNA test but my dad gonna take his and I'm eager to see how it matches up with mine

  10. Que seas ibérico no quiere decir que seas portugués. Si hablas español eres ibérico de España. Y tenéis el mismo porcentaje de español que de indígena.

  11. Es que todo lo que te sale de América es amerindio. Vamos, nativo americano.

  12. I’ve been wanting to do this for a long time! My parents are from Michoacán as well. I’m interested to see what my results are.

  13. Your descendants are those that are born after you. Your anticedants or ancestors were born before you.

  14. Her is the correct answer to your quest. Don't believe in that DNA kit BS. You are being lied to by Edomite fake Jews. Read on.

    There are no such thing as a Jew, you are being lied to. I posted this in another channel concerning this issue. Read on. Man, why you guys come to JewTube to spread that BS lie about Native Americans and Mexicans and the peoples of the American continent as being descendants of the Twelve tribes? I will not dispute the fact that there are some Israelites living among those nations but to make a blanket statement that they are all members of the twelve tribes is ignorant at best and I'll tell you why

    When the edomite Spaniards discovered these lands they also discovered to their surprise that there were people living already in them. Question was where did they come from? Well, had the edomites not been so busy in trying to hide God's truth they would have known that those were the descendants of Japheth for to them were those lands given unto eternity by Noah under the Lord's command. Four generations after Noah, Genesis 10:25 records the birth of Peleg (meaning division) “for in his days was the earth divided”. The biggest land portion was given to Ham with Sem inheriting most of the Middle East. I will not go into exact detail at this time, but is suffice to say that scripture provides irrefutable proof that all the so called colored peoples that are spread around the world are the descendants of Noah's sons that took possession of the earth according to their lot as instructed by Noah.

    Notice that I called them Colored peoples and yes that include the Chinese and all the oriental races. Descendants of Ham included the Egyptians and Sumerians, who founded the first two great empires of antiquity, as well as other great nations such as the Phoenicians, Hittites, and Canaanites. The modern African tribes and the Mongol tribes (including today the Chinese and Japanese). Also notice that this colored people were the result of The Most High changing Noah's generic make up in preparation for not only being able to survive that world of the children of the fallen angels who were white by nature but to separate the peoples after the flood during the The Tower of Babel fiasco when Noah's children ignored God's order to disperse and fill the earth. See The Most High already new that such a thing would happen.

    Blessed be The Lord of heaven who knows the past and the future. Notice also, that with the exception of the few giants that the Lord allowed to survive the flood no white or pale like people existed at that time. It wasn't until the birth of Jacob and Esau that a fallen like race came into existence and by that time most of the surviving giants had been exterminated with the Lord ordering the Israelites to destroy their remnants as the descendants of Esau would take their place. At this point you might be asking yourselves Why would the Lord do such a thing. Well, the answer is obvious "To preserve Adam's lineage". See after Adam's fall, the Lord promised him that it would be from his seed that a king would come and destroy the rebellious angels lead by Lucifer who caused him to fall due to their hatred and jealousy of him as they would not accept the image of man being as that of their creator whom they have never seen.

    That king is Christ The Messiah and his return is imminent for the timeline established by The Most High is running out. Now, God choose the tribe of Judah as the one from whom that king would come with Levy being his priestess and the other 10 tribes as support. But they failed miserably. Instead of being the beacons of knowledge of the Lord to the world they went after the customs of the nations around them specially of the edomites and therefore God sent them into slavery with Judah and Levy suffering the brunt of that punishment. All of the tribes went into captivity and are spread around the world mainly in Africa and the Middle East but Judah and Levy are ones brought in chains as slaves to the so called new world. So, how can anyone claim that Native Americans , Mexicans and others are part of the Twelve tribes is beyond me.

    Most Mexicans and the peoples of Central and South America are a mixture of edomite and Japheth with some packet of Judah and Levy slaves in between. Have they mixed? Yes, but that doesn't make them Israelites for that mixture is very small, a tiny fraction of the population. The biggest concentrations are in the USA, the Caribbean Islands and Guyana. I personally believe most of Levy is Haiti, for they were priest who knew the Lord but they exchanged Him for demons and for that reason are suffering the most. I truly hope that there are others like me who can do more research to debunk this stupid theory and help awaken those people so they can find the true God again.

    Their 400 years of punishment is drawing to an end and with the return of Messiah around the corner the time for the truth to be told is of the essence.

  15. very cool! your mom does look like she has native american from Michoacan ! like the purepecha(tarascan) people! you guys have a similar look. Most mexicans from michoacan tend to have Purepecha native.

  16. My results are close to yours and one side of my grandparents are from Michoacan.

  17. You have a lot missing from your report, you very much can be Persian or south Asian (India) or the rest could just be Native American cause you look more native than Europe.

  18. Mexico, Central and South America are the only countries that our Spanish ancestors made love to native woman while N America whites slaughter them to a 1%.. Sad..!!

  19. My results are very similar to yours and some are exactly the percentage such as,the Native Indingous…my families are from Albuquerque, New Mexico

  20. Thank you for sharing!
    The world is a beautiful melting pot ! Ck out site
    I did the Ancestry dna test too through and it was a great experience and definitely a great investment. I found a lot of cousins too on Ancestry website. Muchas gracias

  21. Yo pienso que por tu forma de hablar eres de Uruapan Michoacan

  22. DNA , on Native Americans is the same of the Mexican Indians ,so que tienes 33% de indían too , I don’t know why people think that the DNA of native Americans is different of the Indians in America
    The continent. A country called officially America Doesn’t exists !

  23. How much was the test? I heard there are different packages or something?? Which one did you get?

  24. Cool! Congratulations. ~isnt the "Genetic Community" addition awesome!? (Mine was Chihuahua & Durango; specifically "Northern Chihuahua/Southwest New Mexico") *46%Native American, 32%Iberian Peninsula
    I think its especially important that we Hispanics of the Western Hemisphere do DNA Tests cause we have so much lost history and even MISINFORMED family history

  25. I want to get ancestry for my dad he was born in Mexico but i know his grandpa and grandma my (great grandparents ) were born in Spain but they passed . So I wonder if he can trace back what part of Spain he is from .?

  26. Ain't 1 purebred Latino on planet Earth. Lol. We are the result of Spaniards/natives/Africans/Europeans/random pirates all banging each other while conquesting the world.

  27. All humans are derived from the three sons of Noah and their respective wives. We are all God's children.

  28. Don't be surprised that you have Jewish blood. Jews kept quiet under Spanish (and later Mexican rule) because they didn't want to get burned at the stake.

  29. me parece muy raro cabrón!! pos si eres blanco puro wey…!

  30. President Vicente Guerrero, fromMexico abolished slavery in 1829, 40 years before Lincoln, but when Houston & Travis were given permission to come to Texas which was Mexico's, they brought their slaves against Mexican law.

  31. Do anyone understand that Mexicans are descendants from Europeans people are actually more mix than just Mexican natives which were conquered by Spain every family stared somewhere but is most likely they had some foreign ancestor at some point.

  32. Im very mixed my dad is Brazilian and Colombian and my mama is Puerto Rican and Filipino so I'm a little worried what will come up and my boys are mixed with Mexican.

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