1. Hey, I'm going to say 75% European, 4% Some kind of Asia West 5% North African !0% Polynesian 6% Africa (3% From the North and 2% from West)

  2. it is wrong that your adoptive parents lied to you because you obviously look like you're mixed with black.

  3. You look black and White ,a tad NA like PR.
    lol Hispanic not a race buddy.

  4. Mixed race.

    I'd say about 68% European, 30% African , 2% Native American.

  5. you look about high 60s European, 30ish African and the rest Asian

  6. Also take a Y-DNA test…..men only… .. it is the only test that that traces father to son father to son all the way back.

  7. Oh wait holy crap are the dreads your actual hair ?? damn that's impressive but I can see you being african and European maybe with a little native if you dad was afro Latino definitely see the African in you.

  8. You remind me of my husband who is half black/half white and that is what my guess is for you! He is very light skinned like you, but has more African features such as a broad nose and very curly hair. So you could be around 60% European and 40% African, as you probably know most African Americans have some European ancestry and you would have inherited that from an African American parent. I am waiting on my ancestry kit to arrive in the mail, how long did it take you to receive it? I'm looking forward to seeing what I am as my dad was adopted and we are not sure of his ethnic background either, so I myself am excited to see! Keep us updated, curious to see your results as well. Take care!

  9. you kinda look like me. I got my ancestry dna test done and im waiting on the results.. also kinda irrelevant but my cousins last name is gentry too lol

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