my ancestry dna results!!!!

my ancestry dna results!!!!

wow what a shocker – fun fact this is actually technically the first vid i ever filmed bc the first half was like mid august x wild x apologies again for how quiet the audio is in the second half of the vid jus dont want my flatmates to hear me hahaha x socials below bbys xxx
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  1. That’s insane! I’m primarily from Spain, but I’m a blue-eyed blonde & have 20% Italian & 9% middle eastern. You totally look middle eastern, Latin or North African. Btw you are GORGEOUS!!

  2. You have the same coloring ad someone from southern Italy.

  3. I would have thought for sure you were Latina or even a Spaniard before you started talking. ?

  4. I'm from Yorkshire as well and I got 69% Ireland/Scotland and 4% Sweden!??

  5. This is crazy, I'm totally mind blown. I clicked on the video thinking you'll be half middle eastern or half south Asian or something.

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