My Ancestry DNA Results! Totally unexpected!

My Ancestry DNA Results! Totally unexpected!

OPEN UP!! • W E L C O M E F A M I L Y •
I received my Ancestry DNA results from and the results were totally unexpected! But my questions are FINALLY answered! I hope you enjoy the video. Subscribe to join this crazy family of terahrizers! On my channel we share love, support each other through faith, positivity and kindness. Thanks for hanging out with me today. Let’s chat in the comments!!

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  1. The results are in you are 100 percent adorable and cute !!! I am German too maybe your my cousin too!!! Fun video !!!

  2. Why are you so surprised about having 58% German. You look German. lol

  3. 9 regions of Africa is shown but what % African descent are you? Is that from your Mom's side or Dad's side? You need to be honest with yourself if DNA says you have African DNA. Just deal with it. I have 13% and many people who did tests found they have 2-10+ percentage of African and didn't know it. Some came from racist family and now what can be said? LOLL

  4. I found out that I'm actually 44% Southern European (Italian), 28% Irish/Scottish/Welsh (Irish), 10% British, 7% Iberian Peninsula (Spanish), 4% Caucasian, 3% European Jewish, 2% Eastern European, <1% Native American, and <1% South Central African.

  5. Here’s my AncestryDNA test results :

    34% Earth, SOL 3
    22% Gliese 876 b
    19% Epsilon Eridani
    16% PSR B1620-26 b
    9% untraceable

  6. Africa 9 regions, Asia 4 regions, Europe 117 regions. They have Castles in Germany. Andalusia, Spain is Morocco. the Moors lived there.

  7. The Vikings invaded the UK, so many that are Irish/Scottish/Welsh/British will have a small percentage of Scandinavian.

  8. I did mines and I’m 85% African, 14% European and a pinch of south Asian
    I’m a panda ? ❤️

  9. Omg! I'm directly related to Miles Standish as well! He's my 10th great grandfather on my mother's side! Hey cousin!!!!!! ?

  10. Why does Ancestry count only England as "Great Britain" and then has another group for Scottish/Irish/Welsh??? Surely they should just count it as all British Isles? Or do each country seperately.

  11. Are you racist !! Just acknowledge the African regions we saw on your report.

  12. Notice the 119 down votes? Those are the Marxist Feminist indoctrinated HATERS,
    who now wish only the worst for this woman as they rally for white genocide.

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