My Ancestry DNA Results South American

My Ancestry DNA Results South American

I went through Took about 5 weeks for me to get my results. I can honestly say i love every single one of my percentages. Thanks for tuning in today to watch this personal ancestry dna video. Thanks for watching.
Here are the results:
Native American Ecuador/Peru/Chile 41%
Iberian Peninsula Spain/Portugal 18%
Europe South Italy/Greece 16%
Middle East 8%
Africa North 4%
Ireland/Scotland/Wales 4%
Europe West 4%
Africa Southeastern Bantu 2%
European Jewish 1%
Benin/Togo 1%
Asia East less than 1%
Great Britain less than 1%

UPDATE: I do talk to my biological father once in a while. He just says his family is from Spain. I just don’t think he knows too much about his grandparents and ancestry either, he became a merchant marine before I was born that is why he kept leaving. I found out my bio dad was born in Santiago, Chile and now resides in Italy. I still don’t know too much about my dad’s side of the family. From my mother’s side I have a great grandmother that is said to of been of German descent, and I have seen pictures of her so it its highly likely she was. My mothers Grandmother from her dad’s side was Native she called her “abuelita Margarita”. I am positive there is more native from my dad’s side but since both my paternal grandparents have passed I can no longer ask them. 🙂 I don’t know where the Middle Eastern came from or the N. Africa or the Other regions of Africa. Would love to know though. The Europe West is most likely my Great Grandmother on my mom’s side. The Ireland/Scotland/Wales is a mystery to me too. But most of it does make sense, its just a matter of being too far to track.



  1. This was awesome Marcia! I did mine last year, and we have some of the same ancestry! I only have 2% Native American though, but 23% Ireland, 8% Spain/Portugal 4% North Africa and some other places in there too, but like 40% British … we are just big old rainbows ❣️ Luv you my sweet colorful friend❣️?❣️

  2. 27% Native American – Ecuador/Peru/Chile (1st), 18% Iberian Peninsula (2nd) 10% S. European – Italian & Greek (5th) 16% Cameroon/Congo (3rd) 12% Benin/Togo (4th). Low Confidence Regions: 6% Ivory coast/Ghana 3% Nigeria 2% Asia Central 1% Senegal & 1% East Asia…

  3. Awesome results! Im Ecuadorian American my grandpa is 42% native American check out my DNA results if you have the time plz xoxo

  4. Beautiful lady!
    ~46% Native American
    ~32% Iberian Peninsula
    ~6% Caucasion
    ~5% European Jewish
    ~4% Scandinavian
    ~3% Middle East
    ~2% Europe South
    ~2% Benin/Togo

  5. So nice to see your dna result because I searched a long time for one Chilean result. I’m waiting for my test now and I don’t know what I’ll expect. My mother is from Santiago and my dad is German.. btw yours is very cool!

  6. The 8% Middle East was probably from the DNA the Arabs left in Spain when they ruled it for 800 years from 711 to 1492. Which is ironic because then the Spanish colonized South America and left their DNA there. Anyway history is amazing.

  7. nice results  very mixed and 8% Middle East cool..

  8. Very interesting test and video! ^-^
    You are 16% italian that's awesome!

  9. That's such an awesome test. It's so interesting seeing the break down of your percentages. I want to try this someday, but maybe if it's ever on sale for super cheap…thanks for sharing. It was very insightful. 🙂

  10. So cool I been wanting to do mine for ever. Saludos ??????

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