Hi guys so here, I’ve got my Ancestry DNA , Enjoy the video

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  1. As a Somali, you know your ancestory and your family tree, leading back to your tribe. These DNA-test are fabricated by the jews and white people. Therefore not applicable for Somalis. The Somalis are genetically black and just one of the many types African people to be found on the African continent.

  2. Every East African has Jewish North African it is given (and it is quite fine dear). I am dark skin too and have almost wavy curls hair that is similar to many North Africans and Somalis. We Somalis/Habashas are Black Africans just have Middle Eastern and North African (Moore's) heritage that's all walaalo. Mama Africa ❤??????

  3. My mom actually thinks she got her own race and it’s called SOMAALI
    She thinks she’s not Arab not white and definitely not African it’s crazy
    We had this big argument last night just to convince her how black African we are

  4. I'm always embarrassed by these Somalis, Ethiopians, etc.. Because, they always think that they are better than the other Africans that reside more south. Sadly, no matter what you think of yourself, Caucasians don't care! To them, you are still a product of Africa, as black as many other Sub Saharan Africans. They don't care where you are from, they still hate all of us.

  5. Thousands years ago world immigrated, moves from places to place ,
    It is not something new as history ,

  6. انا الصومال وافتخر وعندي احلا لون في كون بشريتي سمرا عندي اخواتي بنات ٤ اختي شهيرا هي ابيض واختي فريحة هي ابيض اختي اسيا هي سمرا وكمان اختي راقية هي سمرا واخواني اخي اكبر هو اسود اخي تاني هو سمرا واخي ثلاث هو ابيض واخي ربيع هو اسمر واخي خمس هو اسود ابي هو اسمر امي هي ابيض هدا هو الوان كل عائلة الصومال اصليتي الصومالي انا مو العرب ولا مو عجم انا الصومالي وانا اهل شرق افريقيا

  7. ill put my dick in your mouth

  8. The Bantu conquered Africa from the Sub Sahara (east to west) all the way down. Or all the way up to sub Sahara; however you want to look at it. From what I’ve read they had a great empire. So all it takes are a few of those soldiers to go off on a scouting trip & never make it back or take foreign wives back home and there it is. I don’t know much about the moors but they conquered southern Spain & the Middle East; maybe some of them travelled to Ethiopia and Somalia. I think all of your regions are right there and since we know everything branches out from Africa; why be disappointed. It’s not like you found something really weird like Native American. You would probably know that history of these places Iberian peninsula, Middle East & Africa, better than I. So tell me; what do you think?

  9. if you learn about the movement of peoples across continents over thousands of years you will find out that sub saharan africans travelled to east africa then north meeting up with middle easterners moving south. the mix of the two ethnic groups creating the peoples of east africa, the beautiful combination they are today.

  10. Others people with middle eastern Blood do lives in Israel . Jews and Arabs are Middle easterns ethnicities
    Ps : jews are a religious group and ethnical group with his own culture who came from mesopotamia.

  11. Do people need to know who they are?

    You are Somali, origin faraaciin.
    Color Black, region horn Africa.

  12. Look at my profile:Embrace who you are and don't be brain washed. "Your not Black?????? We start from a color, no?
    Great Britain44%
    Ivory Coast/Ghana15%
    Africa Southeastern Bantu6%
    Iberian Peninsula4%
    European Jewish2%
    Africa South-Central Hunter-Gatherers<1%
    Africa North<1%
    Native American<1%
    Europe West<1%
    Asia Central<1%

  13. Israelis are European….this DNA thing is not being explained properly

  14. Middle Eastern is not a race because they are a mixture of people themselves including black

  15. Wait what? Having dark skin and wavy hair is normal in Somalia/east Africa (east Africa is actually soo diverse we literally has all shades, hair textures, etc) Why do people forget Africa has soo many ethnicities with different features. I feel like people ignore East African features especially, or assume we’re not fully black because of the way we look??? Not all black people have afros and dark skin. STOP LOOKING AT ONLY WEST AFRICAN FEATURES/AFRICAN AMERICAN FEATURES.

  16. Who told u Ethiopia n's have more of southeastern bantu in them. Don't forget you are near to them than Ethiopians.

  17. I want those teeth !!!, will you swap for smaller yellow ones?, I am a non smoker but they might be 25 years older than your ones. Ha.

  18. …question,was the result from your father's side or from your mothers ?

  19. all I care is that I am Muslim,
    good bye to anything else

  20. There is no such a thing middle East it's northeast Africa!

  21. Where did it say portugal and spain? It said north africa

  22. Israel is not Palestine, Palestine is Arab. There are not enough samples, especially from Africa and the Middle East, as well as Native American and the Far East, so the groupings are not precise enough. Take it again in 20 years

  23. You are 17% North African so many times they have Iberian Peninsula DNA because of the close proximity. Remember its only 9 miles that separates Africa from Europe. Morocco to Spain. Now the 33% Middle Eastern Yemen is very close to Somalia and many Pirates always travel between Yemen and Somalia and Yemeni are true Arabs. When I say true Arabs they didnt have to be mixed down like the people from Iraq, Palestine, and Lebanon. And Somalians speak Arabic an I know many Somali people mixed with Yemeni. Just something to think about.

  24. palastine not isereal….. plz because jews haven't country…. it's occupation

  25. Basically the results say you are over 80% African(Black African). The 33% North African DNA they are referring to is E1b1b, which originated in Sub-saharan East Africa. E1b1b is the predominant African Haplogroup of the Horn of Africa. The 49% African DNA that you first mentioned is E1b1a. This DNA also originated in East Africa around the Great Lakes region. E1b1a is the DNA of the the Kushite and Kemetic (Ancient Egypt) people of the Nike River. Congrats! You are descended from the people who built the first and greatest civilization of recorded history!

  26. Morroco is in africa babe spain is in europe lol

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