1. Your have a lighter skin tone and your mixed race. In America, whites get lumped into one category, but ethnically whites have the most diverse DNA for being a global minority. Be proud of your origins and history.

  2. That's not "Russian". Northwest Russian is Finnish tribes. That simply means Finnish. About half of the modern Russia was originally ancient Finn's hunting lands. Slavic people came later and start killing us. We Finns are native North European. Finnic people lived in parts of Scandinavia also. Finnish DNA in Baltia also. Even Scottish have often 1-2 ℅ "Finnish dna".

  3. Welcome aboard fellow Viking-bro 🙂

  4. the Scandinavians during the 1700s shared the same DNA as Cherokee Indians when I got my results it said I was 39% which at first I was confused by because native American didn't show up in my results at all and my great grandfather was 100% so I was looking up information on Scandinavia because to have such a huge amount I was wondering which side of my family it came from and I found out that Scandinavians during that time were descendants of Cherokee people so if your's is the same as mine from the 1700s you are part Cherokee

  5. Jewish test…
    DNA testing (((companies))) admit adding fake ancestry…

  6. No one should be too surprised to find Scandanavian DNA in their test.  The Vikings got around. And black people shouldn't be surprised to find European ancestry, people get around period.

  7. my family is Scandinavian I have scandinavian in me my family is from Norway you could be related to Viking kings that would be cool if you are

  8. Hey your grandma liked the large black totem pole

  9. Ancestry DNA is a marketing scam….DNA will not tell you if your ancestors were from Mexico, Italy, Canada or any other country in the world as their commercials make it seem………Years from now, if your successors take an ancestry DNA test, will it show that their ancestors (you) were from New York, California or Texas?……of course not……Unfortunately, people are easily misled by these company whose only goal is to take your money…..A DNA test reveals a persons gender, race, etc., not specific locations in the world where their ancestors were from….I will gladly take only a quarter of what these DNA companies are charging to inform you what your race and gender is just by showing me a picture of yourself.

  10. I have a video about the various African attire and their meanings across the continent. As well as videos of my progress with Spanish.

  11. Hey we have some of the same regions cool. Would you like to subscribe to my channel I am trying to reach one hundred subs.

  12. US-Americans are very mixed people. Hardly anybody hasn't either European or native American or Subsaharan African descent. The strange part, that there is quite a lot of racism. Recently I have seen a video in which a black racist tells how "they" will enslave all white and Asian (meaning East-Asian) people, yet he didn't even realize that he has clearly European traits in his face.

  13. Good results. I am seeing more and more African Americans with a % of African dna lately.?

  14. Chris Rock lineage is traced back to Angola and Oprah lineage traces back to Liberia.

  15. It was great watching your vid bro… you are hilarious and had me crackin up. Thanks for sharing!

  16. You're 100 percent cutie! My results where 76 % African (43 %Nigerian)…etc. etc..23% European (8% Ireland and 7% Eastern European) etc. etc. perhaps I'll make a video soon! Thanks for sharing your results!

  17. So basically your Grandmother lied about being Native American which alot of black people do. Why is that by the way?

  18. I got 71 percent African 24 Iberian(Spain and Portugal) and 5 native american. Not surprised as my birthmother was from Cape Verde, Islands.

  19. One of the highest percentages of African especially west African that I have see great video brother you should upload to Gedmatch

  20. Great results!! My results are 94% African. Cameroon/Congo is my highest African region and Scandinavian is my highest European region also.

  21. How many weeks did it take to get your results from the time you got the email saying your dna sample started lab processing ? I've only got the email saying its arrived so far

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