1. I was born on the moon. I eat rice beans and lechon asao every day . Ilisten and dance salsa, speak Spanish 100% BORICUA HAHAHA

  2. Don't worry though your still Puerto Rican. Spaniards were still in PR until 1898 so your mom's European ancestors probably came a little before that. Also, it can be from where her family settled in PR. Your father must also have lot a European in his family.

  3. There is no way you are just 9% African. What was your range?

  4. Greece/Italy have some African/Middle Eastern roots anyway. So to say ALL Europe is "WHITE" is false. Southern European's
    and Northern Europeans have different genetics.

  5. For the ignorant and for the true innocent and young that is trying to get knowledge, you guys need to do better research about DNA testing so that you stop hallucinating about "native" blood and other myths. According to Liane Jensen, member of the Association of Professional Genealogists: “DNA tests are not 100% accurate. Some high-level points about DNA testing: Ethnicity estimates are pretty good to the continent level. Estimates from the major companies for the same person can vary widely. We inherit DNA from a subset, not all of our ancestors. The estimates will change as more data is gathered. DNA testing is more valuable as a tool to connect to relatives than to get an estimate of ethnicity.”
    In case it is helpful, a short article about interpreting ethnicity estimates: https://genealogymom.wordpr

  6. 29% Iberian
    22% Europe South
    20% West African
    18% Native American
    7% Jewish
    4% other trace regions between europe, africa, and asia

  7. And I was expecting you to be at least 20-30% African btw because of your dark features,nose,and curly hair!

  8. Hey Kristopher on the census sheet do you label yourself as white or Hispanic/Latino?

  9. You are basically a Caucasian white kid (84%) with MAJORITY European background with some minor and distant Sub-Saharan African and Native American background…don't go to Africa and start high-5-in anybody…they will laugh you all the way back to the US…and anyone who tells you that 8% Sub-Saharan ancestry makes you "black" is just an idiot "1-Drop-Fool" and the US is infested with these morons who are STILL worshipping a FAKE identity "rule" that was invented by illiterate, toothless, syphilitic White slave-owners to deny their mixed-race off-spring any inheritance…SMH

  10. 9%african wow i knew you would be maily european but i expected more african!!!

  11. Yes Puerto Rican, has a lot European ????I'm portorican I can't wait to do myne

  12. You look exotic. A lot of people don’t realize that Puerto Rican’s have a lot of European. Is your mother from Lares?

  13. Hi Kristopher,
    If you want to know your real ancestors you have to do Y DNA test as it shows you your paternal lineage….. ( Haplogroup like R1a, R1b, G, H, E1b1, J1 or J2 )

  14. You can definitely see the African in the curls and the Native American, in those dark eyes and high defined cheekbones. Good genes that makes up a very cute guy.

  15. Hi I'm Lexus. Nice results you got there Kristopher. Your less than 1% up to 1% percent South Asia I think could be very likely from your Dad's side. I'm a quarter Greek from my Mother's side and I also got less than 1% percent South Asia(India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka) I'm focusing on India though. It could be noise but some of my cousins on Ancestry who are of Greek descent also got South Asia. I don't know if you are aware but Alexander the Great traveled all the way to India with his army and his empire went all the way to India and everything in between Greece and India. I believe a decent amount of his soldiers made it back to Greece, I think it is very possible that there was mixing between the Greek Soldiers and Indian women and that's where the South Asia comes from. That's my best guess, of course it would be distant but definitely possible. Do you know what part of Greece your Father's roots are at ? Mines is an Island called Kalymnos, Greece. It's in the Dodcanese Island group. Anywho I thought this would make sense and I could share it. You're a very handsome guy by the way. (-:

  16. Do you wish you were more than 9% African? That seems to a real tipping point for Puerto Ricans. What I find revolting is the number of Puerto Ricans who share DNA results online and seemed shocked and somewhat disgusted by the fact that the vast majority of their background is European. There is a pattern here. Can someone who is intelligent explain this to me?
    And P.S. I am not a raciest, but appears to the outside there are a lot of wanna be's

  17. I'm 12% african 2% middle east 8% native and 78% european

    I'm puerto rican (i thought I was originally portuguese!)

  18. Thanks for sharing. These are my results I am Cuban decent

    Africa 9%
    Cameroon/Congo 6%
    Africa North 3%

    Europe 78%
    Iberian Peninsula 38%
    Great Britain15%

    Native American 9%

    West Asia 4%

  19. Im only 9% African because i just found out my biological father is from Staten Island and of greek/french canadian decent so im only half Rican and just found recently out thanks to Ancestry DNA Matches

  20. Cool vid and nice results bro. Tbh I thought you'd have much higher African DNA, like 25%

  21. 75% european means that your african foremothers were raped for 400 years !!!!!

  22. Great Video Daphne Cotton. Thanks You BROTHER ●Castano BROWN FAMILY SALUTE!

  23. I did DNA land I came out 65% Eurasian 28 African 5% Native and 2 ambiguous w.e that is lol. Also did ancestry DNA came out …

    62% European 27% African 9% Native American and 2% middle eastern.. pretty similar in both over all.

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