1. Those Russian, Scandinavian, British Island DNA's can all be considered coming from 1 source. They all migrated across the top of Europe before, during, after the Roman Empire. It probably entered your African DNA in Colonial America. Yay, melting pot!

  2. Have you checked into your account recently? They have updated the results. You may have some changes.

  3. I love the surprise. See people think because they are a certain color or creed, they think they just come from one peoples. But people have been migrating around the globe since the beginning. We are all 99.999999% the same people. They are just finding out now that we even have unknown human ancestors. My grandmothers family was originally from Shetland in Scotland, and all the DNA tests they did on everyone their were Norwegian and Asian. Figure that one out, not the Norse, but the Asian, and said nothing about Russian. I did mine a couple weeks ago, I guess I'll find out for sure.

  4. Nice I have European, African, and native American ancestry too check out my DNA results 🙂 but I'm way more European and native American than you lol

  5. Congratulations brother you are part of the human race! Welcome to the family.

  6. The day that black people in America realize that they are not black!

  7. The Caucus region: upper Europe – Russia, Azerbaijan and the like. That may come on two fronts: they invaded Africa and they migrated to the US and we know what they did to the slaves. So, it's not far fetched.

  8. ancestry is in the process right now of updating there reference populations from 3,000 to 16,000 your results will most likely change if have not yet done so. your low confidence may increase or decrease your high confidence same.

  9. Spencer called me a racist then he called me a monkey hmmm. How's that work lol. The truth will always shine through all this because I said the man in this video is black wow.

  10. I don’t trust this. This owned and run by Jews. They don’t want you to know who you really are.

  11. Mine said 95% English is that possible

  12. We are apart of the same genetic community: Virginia My results were 46% Nigeria 14% Cameroon/Congo 12% Mali 12% Ivory Coast/Ghana 8% Great Britain 3% Senegal 2% Africa SC HG 2% Africa SE Bntu 1% Native American

  13. If you had some Asian DNA you might have won genetic Bingo.
    Or is Native American kind of Asian?

  14. Most of all the DNA are mostly from south Africa I'm from Cameroon all the way from Africa

  15. Still waiting on mine………… Waiting….. Was able to trace my mothers side all the way to 13th century Cornwall thanks to my uncles timeline, but my fathers is a complete mystery

  16. This was cool bro! I've been meaning to do this myself!

  17. You are a man of the World…..darn near the whole world!! Now you got to buy tickets and go visit all those places!!

  18. Fake. How can your parents be from Nigeria, and you have a native American in you.

  19. The Middle East is in Asia which means you are also Asian.

  20. Great Video. I took my ancestry DNA Test about four years ago.

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