1. If you’re going to comment on my being surprised that I’m European… don’t … I’m happy about being Mali ?? and Cameroonian so go ahead and get off this video if you have rude comments

  2. And another thing research all the DNA Founders ,you will notice that they are all european jewish khazar men or women.., why can't the DNA ancestry companies be run by black geneticist then the very same people that invaded Palestine Israel as converts but don't have any Semetic genes… You let these phonies define who you really are when they are fake themselves…

  3. Most people do not know this but Palestinians in Israel land were taken by Russian and German Jewish converts, these Palestinians genetics have some Semetic genes just as the negroes in that now reside in West Africa, Caribbean and North ,south and Central America carry the E1b1a and E1b1b…that's a fact and Geneticist around the globe is aware of it but theses rich white israelis fake Jewish Zionist that live in the land of Israel pay off the British millions of gold to keep the children of Israel oppressed and blind from the truth. Let the truth speak for itself.

    To all my black people don't be so gullable to believe these dna categories , Listen up all the so called Negroes, not the hamites in Kenya and Somalians ,to all you Asian Mongools Your wrong, the govt classify and deliberately categories Asian dna as native Americans in all dna labs and data banks which is just pure rubbishes lies and to fulfill there agenda and they knew this all along, don't listen to these crock of lies, they knew all along that NEGROES were the original inhabitants of Amerika, so they use outsiders to take the place of the first people of turtle island that were actually negroes, that's why your dna want show as native American in the first place , because they did not labeled the oldest skeletons in Amerika as native Americans…only Arborigines, watch and listen to the Latin America and europeans scholars and geneticist examine the oldest remains race were Arborigines Negroid not mongoloid they teach you in grade school…it was a lie from the beginning.

    Indigenous Americans were Negroes = ISRAELITES 10 tribes that made they migration to America before all Asians ever existed. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=7JEAMzJDyZs

    Negroes in Africa = Hebrew are Israelites like the Bible predicted an event that took place , watch and listen carefully https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=eeVAfq1iwEc&t=1854s

  4. Baby sister, that Indian thing is a falsehood that our people used to not recognize European rape blood from the past. It was a way to explain a light skinned child of two darker skinned parents. Today there is a pocket of Black Americans who consider these stories to mean we are Indians or indigenous to the Americas. They all have a Grand mother story even though their Grand mother was born in the 70's. Black people had very little contact with Indians on a social plain. There were tribes like the Cherokee who had Black slaves. Indians were known to return run away slaves for the rewards. Some tribes would harbor a few as help in fighting the Europeans. But on a pure social plain, they seldom interacted.

  5. I got 3% Scandinavian and 3% Irish and 23% Nigerian, and I was really surprised with the 25% Great Britain I got. Hail to the Queen!

  6. If finding out you have a mixture stops people hating whites or blacks it's got to be a good thing. Yes black slavery was a terrible thing the Ottoman Empire enslaved many people of all colour and they were not white. But don't forget it's not the every day people of a country it's the powerful 1% who enslave and are still enslaving us all today and they are not white they are of Arabic descent.

  7. Cool. Superdiverse. So many parts of the world's second biggest continent.

  8. Before: 60% African #bet
    After: Scandinavians (Finland, Norway,etc.) went to South Africa. That's where africkans comes from. a dutch mix.

  9. Lots of blacks in the U.S. have racist rapist genes, unfortunately.

  10. I heard that native American lie too, coming from a black family.

  11. One of the confusing things about DNA tests as currently presented is that where Africa is concerned, they use country names that did not exist before the early 1900s. They will be more accurate if they used the tribal kingdoms that existed before colonialism. Your Cameroon portion may actually come from one of the several tribes that are spread across Nigeria and Cameroon. You sound excited about finding out who you are – it is always a comforting thing – the feeling of completeness. Cheers!

  12. I live in Spain and you look totally different from the immigrant african people that I see here. Most black American people are mixed race and I totally see why. You don't look at all like the African black in terms of features. Only from my perspective., idk.

  13. My AncestryDNA test results

    19% Nigeria
    14% Ivory Coast/Ghana
    14% Benin/Togo
    13% Mali
    13% Great Britain
    8% Cameroon/Congo

    Low Confidence Regions

    5% Ireland/Scotland/Wales
    3% Africa Southeastern Bantu
    3% Europe South
    2% Europe East
    2% Africa South Central Hunter Gatherers
    1% Scandinavia
    1% Senegal
    <1% Caucasus
    <1% Europe West
    <1% Iberian Peninsula

  14. Europe was black before the Central Asian albinos poured into Europe running from Genghis Khan! Go read about The Holy Black Royal Roman EMPIRE!!!! realhistory.com

  15. don't feel so bad, i was stunned when found out im British, Scandinavian, Italian, African, and Nigerian, i thought i was scotch and native american and Irish!

  16. Respect From Cameroon. you are pretty and hilarious like Cameroonians . Lol

  17. Youre 86% African, not African American… Sad

  18. I like watching all these Ancestry DNA Results with black folks and Mexicans. They trip so badly when they see they have more "White" DNA in them or when Mexicans think that Mexican is race it self….LOL best reaction….can't wait to get mines. LOL

  19. I got my DNA Results back today and I’m black but I’m not from Africa AT ALL. I’m 91.3% European (Mainly from Finland) I was so shook

  20. Are you and your sister full blooded siblings? I am trying to figure out how this works.

  21. Did you download the Ancient Calculator? It might be able to give you better clarity on your AA roots, since it goes back up to 55,000 years ago.

  22. Why do blacks keep posting dna titles saying they are white . Like duh..its embarrassing..we were slaves raped by whites…its not something to be proud of posting it all as titles. And just bc u got a small percentage of something..dont MEAN your apart of that race..u got a few drops here and there. But sad to say ppl just gonna look at what u look like on the outside.

  23. All our grandparents say we have Native American. It's almost always European. It must have been a way to keep the captives from coming after them for telling on them for slave rape.

  24. Have you checked out the Ancient Calculator? If not, just google Ancient Calculator DNA. It's very cool. Tracks your DNA back 55, 000 years!

  25. If you want to go deeper into your DNA, there is a site called Genmatch. You simply download your DNA results. There are tutorials on YouTube to help you along the way. Good Luck!

  26. People have to understand. Your DNA and your heritage are different. You obviously you have Scandinvian DNA. But you could still have American Indian ancestors. It is just that you did not inherit anything from them for a genetic footprint.

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