My Ancestry DNA Results (Mesopotamia, Northern Iraqi, Nineveh) Middle east??

My Ancestry DNA Results (Mesopotamia, Northern Iraqi, Nineveh) Middle east??

Ancestry DNA Results Shows I am
0% native american
0% African
4% Asia…
فحص الحمض النووي



  1. I'm an Iraqi Arab(South)
    I am
    80%(79-100%) Middle East(Arab)
    10%(0-27%) Iran(Persia)
    9%(0-12%) Caucuses(Assyrian/Chaldean/Aramean)
    1%(0-1%) African(Southern Bantu Peoples)
    Results from

  2. My Mother side is from Iran and they are Assyrian, however my grandmas grandparents were Armenian and Russian. My grandpa on my mom side is full Assyrian. My dads parents are from Iraq and moved to Iran. They are Chaldean. My dna results will be interesting.

  3. الآشوريين العراقيين يشبهون الارمن و الروم (اليونانيين)
    أعتقد بصراحة أنهم أصلهم روم و ارمن لكن انتسبوا للكنيسة الآشورية .

  4. للمعرفة انو النسبة القوقازية الي فيك ما تفترق كتير عن الشرق الاوسطي لأننا احنا اصلنا قوقازيين الي هجرت الي الشرق الأوسط وتقاسمنا لنصفين الجنوبيين y1 والشماليين y2 بس فش فرق بين الاتنين ومخطلتين بين النوعين يعني السوري فيه الجين الجنوبي والشرقي ..
    تاني شي كلمة عربي ،اشوري، ارمني.. الخ. هي مجرد القاب علينا احنا الشعب السامي.

  5. I just got my Ancestry DNA results and they are almost similar to yours. I’m Iraqi-Chaldean. My results were:
    54% – Caucasus
    27% – Middle Eastern
    15% – Europe South
    4% – European Jewish

    MyHeritage DNA results:
    83.2% – West Asian
    8.9% – Middle Eastern
    5.5% – Italian
    2.4% – Ashkenazi Jewish

  6. الحمد و الشكر للعلم … جماعة احنه اهل العراق الاصليين طلعوا ارمينين لا اكثر ولا اقل

  7. I am Chaldean (catholic Iraqi) and my dna results were: 77% Middle East, 23% Caucasus

  8. Interesting results! I'm Egyptian and my AncestryDNA results are:
    74% Middle East
    10% North Africa
    5% European Jewish
    4% Nigeria
    3% Ghana
    1% Africa Southeastern Bantu
    1% Senegal
    <1% Mali
    <1% Benin/Togo

  9. Thank you for the video! Can I please know the name of the website/company? Thank you!

  10. شكرا على متابعة الفيديو… هذا النوع من فحص الحمض النووي يسمى اوتوسومال بمعنى هذا الفحص يشمل جينات الام والاب تقوم به شركات مشهورة
    مثل ancestrydna familytreedna 23andme myheritage…
    هذا الفحص يعطيك نتيجة فقط الي الجد الثامن أو العاشر بمعنى خلال الخمسمائة عام التي مضت تزاوج اجدادي مع أهالي المناطق القوقازية اكثر من الشرق اوسطين ولكن هذا لا يعني انني لست عربي فمن خلال فحص السلالات تبين انني عربي مستعرب..

  11. European Jews also come from Middle Eastern ancestors who left ancient Middle East(Western Asia) and moved out to Europe. Which is Why European Jews share DNA with Northern Middle Eastern people such as Northern Arabs, Lebanese Arabs, Iraqis, Syrian Arabs, Turks, Persians, and other pure blooded Northern Middle Eastern populations.

  12. Caucasus is part of the Middle East since the Caucasus is in Western Asia and Western Asia is the Middle East. Which means you are a pure blooded Middle Eastern and come from Middle Eastern ancient DNA.

  13. Italians and Greeks have J1 and J2 DNA which is a Middle Eastern Caucasian DNA..So, your DNA just means you share ancient Middle Eastern DNA with Italians and Greeks who also have ancient Middle Eastern Mesopotamian ancestors who moved out to ancient Europe.

  14. الأصل في الانسان هو الخلق القويم، والخلق يبدأ باللسان ، فكن صاحب خلق ولسان وعلم نفسك الأدب الرفيع بدل الشتم والازدراء

  15. Hello
    Idid DAN 2
    I am Assyrian
    62% I am Caucasus
    30% Middles East
    1% other rogious

  16. الاشوريین قدماء شعب انقرض بید المیدین و بابلیین
    الحالیین هم عشر قبائل المفقودة من بني اسرائیل صنعوهم
    انگلیز لما کشفوا سلالاتهم سلالات من الشعوب لن یجمعهم الا المسیحیة
    اقرأو هذا التقریر مکتوب بید باحث الکلداني
    أما المسیحیین الموصل کورد المسیحیین المستعربة
    عشائر الجرجیس و الشیرواني و القرداغ عشائر کردیة

  17. Cool I'm Iraqi from Hillah. You're basically Assyrian. I'll take that test one of these days. I wonder what my results will be.

  18. I am assyrian I did dna test with ancestry dna and my results were
    61% Caucasus
    19% Middle East
    14% Italy/Greece
    6% European Jewish

  19. My mom is Armenian, and got almost identical results.  Cool video

  20. Hi, my parents are both Iraqi, particularly from Mosul city! I did mine at Ftdna my results are 73% Asia minor (Turkey/Armenia) 10% Greek ( South Europe) and the rest is split in between Ashkenazi, and west middle east only!
    Just wanted to share my results as we are all ethnically diverse!
    Thank u!

  21. North Iraqi Arabs are indeed quite different from south Iraqi Arabs the latter seem closer to the Arabian peninsula well northerners are closer to Anatolian Caucasus based on geography it makes sense.

  22. I am Iraqi Arab from all over Iraq. I got my results as 48 percent Middle East, 39 percent Caucasus , 11 percent south Asia ( biggest surprise), 1 percent European Jewish And 1 percent south central African.

  23. I am 55 % Caucuses 38% North Africa 6% European   . I am from the center of  Iraq Alshemary tribe .My family still  thinking  they were Arab ,But definitely not My third cousin 91 % live in Europe and 2%only live in Middle East . This is crazy

  24. Why do we define Middle Eastern as Arab anyway?
    Haplogroup J2 is the Middle Eastern marker which is mostly Caucasian. the J2 in Arabia are not natives to Arabia. J1 is the ARAB marker.

  25. Hey there, Thanks for making this video. My parents are from Iraq too, I'm mixed from all regions. I'm of an Arabised Muslim background. My results are similar to yours. 53% Caucasus, 33% Middle Eastern, 9% South Asian, 4% Italian/Greek, 1% North African & 1% European Jewish.

  26. this just PROVES that "assyrians" of today aren't assyrians,the assyrians are pure semites just like their Arab counterpart,but you Christians need to get your heads out from your asses!

    assyrians didn't speak ARAMEAN,they spoke akkadian and Syriac is not an ethnicity it's an identity,you can be an ethnic Arab and be a Syriac, the fact that the term Syriac isn't limited to only the Christians in North Iraq and Levant the Syriac church extended till eastern Arabia modern day gulf countries(Bahrain,Qatar,Kuwait,UAE) had Syriac Christian minority that are ethnic Arabs, LOOK up Issac of Nineveh he's an ethnic Arab that was raised in village in Qatar.

    Before Islam Qatar was called Beth Qataraye,it was were most of your saints and priests originated.

    Now stop acting like snowflakes.

    the Syriac community in Eastern Arabia existed till 16-18 century and they were followers of the Syriac orthodox church, they refused Islam and were heavily taxed so most of them converted/moved to northern Iraq.

    my city was centre of Syriac monasteries.

  27. Does your family define as Assyrian, Arab, Chaldean or what

  28. wow you`re pretty much a mixture of caucasian and arab. I`m palestinian arab myself and my results are
    79% West asia
    62% middle east
    17% caucasus

    13% Africa
    9% north africa
    2% mali
    1% benin/togo
    -1% southeast bantu

    8% Europe
    5% italy/greece
    3% european jewish

    I`m basically arab with a little admixture lol

  29. Thanks for sharing the results! European Jewish is not so european; they mainly have about 65% ancestry from the middle east region. The ancestry dna write up gives a good explanation.

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