MY ANCESTRY DNA RESULTS ! KURDISH and something else maybe

MY ANCESTRY DNA RESULTS ! KURDISH and something else maybe




  1. I am Kurdish and I'm from Erbil but believe me your face look like Kurdish we have many many faces like you hahahah I swear god , but whatever Mr.kurdish so have a good life and i will save your video and i will paste on my Facebook after 6 month because i am student i mean after finish my study and i come back and i will tell you about how my friends and my akin feels about you have a good day.

  2. Dest xwesh! Cool, i'll do the test. 🙂

  3. dayı senin tip zaten asian alpinid yani avrupa kökenli bir fenotip türkiye türklerindede çok görülen bi fenotip ben senin tipinde pek bi kürtlük göremedim

  4. Lol?? I'm also from Khorasan but not a Kurd, i'm Turkmen who emigrated to Turkey

  5. Never heard a city in Turkey named Karakocan Elazig. Interesting…

  6. thanks for sharing your experiences. bijar is part of kurdistan in West of iran,

  7. Did you get an answer yet? im kurdish from adiyaman.

  8. Nice video, and by the way when the Turkish version is coming?
    Have a nice day)

  9. You look very Armenian. i see them all the time in my city

    Khorasan is near Turkmenstan? i know they did DNA studies on Iran/Afghanistan and found some have Haplogroup O3, the most common one among Chinese men. In Khorasan, one percent was found the paternal O3 marker. 6% of Isfahan city had the O3 marker. even 1% of Zoroastrian had it. This marker came to Iran from China during ancient Silk Road times, or with Hulagu Mongol armies when Chinese came as merchants and siege tactic soldiers/engineers

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