My Ancestry DNA Results – Jamaican & Puerto Rican – Am I Black?

My Ancestry DNA Results – Jamaican & Puerto Rican – Am I Black? DNA Results For Angel Ramirez-Jordan – Half Puerto Rican & Half Jamaican

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  1. Cool video… I'm gonna do my ancestry DNA too ! ?

  2. Thanks for sharing.

    My sister did the test, and it links her up with some of our cousins and aunts and uncles from around the world. Just a cautionary word out there. If your paternity is questionable, you may not want to do this test.

  3. ive always wondered if complexion was gendered. my cousins are biracial and the girl is brown skinned and the two boys are light and almost look completely white with out a tan

  4. Hey Angel…my parents are Jamaican. Iberian peninsula also popped up on my DNA. Based on what Ive heard, my family has been on the island for a long time, with some Maroon blood somewhere in there. I read somewhere that some of the first slaves to Jamaica were brought from the area of Portugal…Iberian Penninsula maybe…in addition to the slaves from West africa & Ghana. I guess in your case it could have come from either side.

  5. Many Native American Indians look Chinese. Also Africans has slanted eyes. I have seen Chinese and African people who looked a like.

  6. Angel you should check out The video momondo-Lets open our world fest Carlos
    In The video there is a Cuben person eith 70 prosent native american

  7. I’m Eritrean located in East Africa close to Djibouti, Sudan and Ethiopia. Eritreans have a wide range of phenotypes and melanin. Some are incredibly dark skinned and some are as light as you. Some have negroid features, some have very “caucasian” features and some have mixed features (wooly hair and thin nose/lips) but this has nothing to do with the color aka admixture. The darkest skinned individuals can have silky hair but negroid features. I’m more brown skinned with a reddish undertone but my hair is similar to yours, maybe one type curlier but I have more negroid features except for my thin nose. It’s really hard to explain but a lot people say I look like Nas lol.

  8. It's irrelevant what your mixed with, all one needs to know is that you have black in you and that's who you are. I guarantee if you come across a white man he's not going to be asking what your mixed with, he's only going to see you for what you are and That's a black man.

  9. Practically Justin Beeber’s cousin. Oh man, I’m so sorry.

  10. Even if you had 40% black in you that 40% would outshine other regions percentage in your attributes lol we have powerful presence

  11. You probably really dont have any Chinese background, but it still doesnt mean you cant have it. Sometimes not all genetic markers are passed on.

  12. It doesn’t mean your grandad lied about the Chinese blood, maybe you just didn’t get that DNA. Random segregation of chromosomes in meiosis.

  13. If it ain't black throw it the fuck back and in the garbage

  14. Khoisan are classified as Bantu. Im South Africa and the features would be similar to East Asian which is why if you dont know you might think you have some Asian in you.

  15. Hey bro, loved this so the southeastern bantu is Angola, as Angola had the highest amount of slaves that were shipped to the 'New world', they mostly were shipped to the Carribean And South America

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