LONG TIME NO UPLOAD sorry! I’ve been a very busy bee so haven’t had time to upload! Hope you enjoy the video and see how surprised I was by some of the results! I am so proud of every single part of every individual result and would not ever change it!




  1. Lies lies lies what is they say you’re alien you would also believe that bwhahahah

  2. Maybe you have Iberian because of the history with the Middle East, Spain, and Morocco? I’m Bolivian Latino, I but just recently learned that Spain was conquered by the Middle East. And from what I understood they also conquered parts Africa north as well? My family got a high than expected percentage for African north. My dad specifically got his done by blood years ago (why? I’m not sure…) & his blood alleles were more specific with Muslim Moroccan. Our distant relatives in Spain shared basic history to help our confusion. So could that be a possibility why your percentages were close together? Even if it’s not the case, it’s still pretty cool that you’re basically the entire globe. Lol

  3. Myheritage takes some Berber(mazice) or how it’s called there: northafrica dna as iberian dna, because they are related.
    from where is your father?
    Iberians are the original habitants of Portugal and Spain not just Spain.
    You really probably 20% northafrican and your eyes are definitely from your berber ancestors.

  4. spanish people ruled morocco for many years. so i guess thats where your ibeiran side comes from

  5. You looked mixed race or kinda south asian. But your accent throws me for a loop. The eye shadow is very distracting though.

  6. I have seen white women with 9% African and they look no where close to your Afro features, genetics are a mystery

  7. basically shes 60% Indian/Arab/Asian and European and 2% black

  8. I got 41% Africa SouthEastern Bantu, 38% Nigerian, 3% European Jewish, 2% Great Britain, 1% Caucasus and 1% North African

  9. I love the results of these DNA tests. My first guess was that you would be Indian/South Asian and next African. I wasn't too far off. 🙂

  10. Ur beautiful and exotic is hard to figure out what race u are.

  11. The Iberian Peninsula could also be from your dad (Morocco). there was a lot of mixing in of those two groups in Morocco a few hundred years ago. Also, the other places in Europe could be your Belgian DNA, as there was also a lot of mixing there as well. So, you still could be 25% Moroccan.

  12. Ive watched so many people complain about how their results dont make sense but they do…but yours legit dont make any sense lol. The Iberian would also come from Morocco, and even with that you only have 22% Europe. And you have more than half south asia+East Asian ??? how lol

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