1. The African American run into the problem of losing trails during the slavery era birth records were not kept very well, if at all. Leaving many results not accurate results.

  2. The moors are from Eastern Africa so if someone say they’re moors still Africa yes you will find a lot of Moore’s generations from the Philippine yes the first indentured race of people to occupy the Philippine islands

  3. We could be cousins. I'm 95% African & 4 % British. I used a different company however there wasn't a lot of swirling in my bloodline and I'm proud of that.

  4. From indication of where he’s from Benin and Togo, those are a Yorubas people not igbo, and yorubas dominate Atlanta where is dad is from.

  5. Have you tried AfricanAncestry.com? It is awesome i havent tried it but i have seen people take it and the founder Dr. Gina showing their results and all on youtube.

  6. Make some Black history yourself. Everyone is doing it. For example you can say that English is an African language brought to England by the "Black Aristocracy". Most people in Negrocentric websites would believe that

  7. What is needed is for Black Americans to read ancient sub-Saharan books in African languages not read European books or European books translated from Arabic and then try to change them. Also I wish that I could believe they understand Latin and Greek when they quote Latin or Greek expressions

  8. From the first time I saw you on YouTube I thought you were from Benin or Nigeria!!!! It’s nice to know that I was somehow right!!

  9. Your dad being Antiguan just blew my mind. I'm Antiguan and I'm not sure how you popped up on my page but I was so excited when I saw black history told by a young black man. Keep doing what you're doing because you are really educating me and the people like me who truly want to know more about their history

    P.S. Where do you get your information from?

    And do you know anything more about your Antiguan history? Sadly I don't think Antiguans know enough.

    Sorry for the long post and thanks once again.


  10. Ohh cool, didn’t know you were Jamaican and Antiguan. I’m glad you found out about you African ancestry

  11. lol after this video I don't trust ancestry.com I think they just took the information about your parents and added great britian

  12. Yorùbá boy! My our ancestors Lamurudu, Oduduwa and our mother Goddess Osun bless you and all you are.

  13. I loved you on the 'Cosby show' and 'Malcolm & Eddie'

  14. I swear u dont look fulani, not one bit! You are west African… U look like an Igbo guy.. So..

  15. you do look angolian (: or congolese tribe does not matter trust me

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