My Ancestry DNA Results (Haitian)

My Ancestry DNA Results (Haitian)

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Hi everyone, welcome to my channel. I’m so excited to share with you my Haitian ancestry DNA results! I know that I am African, but just wanted to know what part of Africa, my ancestors are from. Hope you enjoy my findings.
I met to say Ghana not Guyana.

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  1. Why do Haitians have so much begin to go dna

  2. Nice results that’s was a lot of Mali wasn’t expecting that I was expecting more Nigeria area

  3. Thrilled with your geography / history… Apprecite your incisive knowledge.
    Welcome home.

  4. Haiti came after the Spanish "discovered" the Island in 1400s and killed Natives, calling it Santo Domingo". Haiti's history is important among the African Diaspora legacy.

  5. Everything in your DNA is apart of you. Even if it's less than 1%, it's still apart of who you are.

  6. I received mine yesterday. My parents were born in Jamaica so I was fascinated what I would find. I’m 98% African and 2% European. It said I had strong links to the Caribbean and Jamaica. I’m 44% Benin / Togo, 28% Ivory Coast / Ghana, 14% Nigerian and then Mali, Cameroon / Congo. The European is 1% Iberian Peninsula (Spaniards were in Jamaica) but 1% Finnish and Northwest Russia that’s the odd one.

  7. Good results. Higher than most. There's little to no Black History in school books, on purpose. They know

  8. Don't say that it doesn't count. Your Malaysian blood might be distant, but if some of your grand parents or great grand-parents might have more of that Malaysian blood.

  9. My guess of 86% was off. I work with a guy who is 100% African, his grandparents are from the West Indies.

  10. J'ai une nouvelle a vous annoncer: Je sais que ce serait difficile de le croire, mais c'est la verite: vous pouvez vous-meme commencer a faire votre recherche. non seulement dans la bible, mais aussi faire des recherches dans les temps passes et present. Est-ce que vous connaissez votre identite? oui, votre identite naturel, car, si vous etes ne de nouveau, d'apres Jean chapitre 3, vous connaissez votre identite spirituel. Mais nous parlons de notre identite naturel. voila: des choses qu'on nou cachait depuis l'antiquite sont enfin revelees. Tous les noirs enleves de 'Afrique centrale et je crois aussi du sud d'Afrique, et transportes vers les Ameriques, durant la traitee Negriere, et tous qui restaient encore dans le pays… sont tous des enfants de Jacob. oui, des Hebreux; des descendants d'Abraham, d'Isaac, et de Jacob. Beaucoup ont ete transportes aussi, non seulement vers les Ameriques, mais aussi vers l'Europe et l'Asie. lors de la persecusion des Romains, nos ancetres avaient quiittes Israel pour se refugier en Afrique dans l'annee 70.A.D. Il y en a d'autres qui s'etaient emigre dans les Ameriques avant meme l'arrivee de Christophe Colomb. nous ne sommes pas des africains……les Africains sont les Egyptiens, les Ethiopiens, les Lybiens, et les Canaaneens, (il en a aussi des Ethiopiens Hebreux lies par mixages/marriages) Pour commencer, vous pouvez lire les versets suivants: Ex. 2:19, Nu. 12:1, Acts 21:38, ,Job. 30:30, Song 1;5, 6, Lam. 4:8, Lam. 5:10, Gen. 50:11, Amos 9:7, Rev. 1:14, 15, Daniel 10:6, Daniel 7:9, Rev. 2:9, Rev. 3:9, *Deut. chapt. 28 lire et relire le verset 68, Comme le Seigneur Dieu leur avait promis, ils ont ete amene captives, disperses partout dans le monde entier, vendues aux autres nations, paiens, Dieu aussi nous a promis de nous rassembler et de nous ramene dans notre pays. et aussi de juger nos oppresseurs. c'est la bible qui le dit: Lam. 4:22, Eze. 39:25, 28, Ps. 14:7, Ps. 53:6, Baruch 4:6, Deut. 28:68, Jer. 9:16, Eze. 22:15, Ps. 44:11, Deut. 28:64, 1Rois 14:15, Ne. 1:8, Eze. 6:9, Eze 11:16, Jer. 32:37, Jer. 31:10, Eze 11:17, Eze 20:34, 41, Eze. 34:13, Deut. 30:3, Esaie 11:11, 12, Jer. 23:3, Jer. 29:14, Eze. 36:24, Michee 2:12, Mat. 24:31, Marc 13:27, Eze. 11:17, Eze. 34:13, Eze. 36:2, Eze 37:2, d'apres quelques versets, il y aura une deuxieme Exode. Lorsque vous connaissez de qui parlent les ecritures, la Bible deviendra pour vous comme des secrets reveles; un livre ouvert. l'accomplissement des 4 cent annees d'esclavage est proche. USA. 1619 a 2019 = 400. Hispaniola: Haiti et Dominican Republic avait commence vers les annes 1500. Voici ce que Dieu avait dit a Abraham: Gen. 15:13, Actes 7:6.

  11. Very good results. But don't set a side Melanesian. Look up the original Melanesians. They are interesting also.

  12. Great video….history lesson on Ayiti !!! Very exciting!

  13. You beat me by 7 percent. That amount of Mali is not common. Check my vid-


  14. Thank you sooo much for taking the DNA test. I found several DNA matches whose parents were born in Haiti. I am also 93% African. If you upload your DNA raw data to , and for FREE, you can find more DNA matches (relatives). You are welcome to join my Facebook Group . We help others to find our family in the Diaspora and back home through DNA testing. As an African AMerican, this REALLY helped me to find my Igbo cousins and I received my ancestral name at a naming ceremony when Eze NRI of NRI Kingdom and many other royals came to the USA in Staunton, Virginia. Eze ERI of Eri Kingdom received me into his kingdom. UNFORGETTABLE.!!

  15. Minus 1 percent is a negative. You mean less than 1 per cent.

  16. That's soo cool, you are making me want to take one of these tests now lol. Mine would probably be very similar to yours.

  17. Without French defeat in Haiti United States would have faced much harder to expand from Mississippi river to west because French Empire would have tried to block it. At least it would have delayed for decades.

  18. You're beautiful….nice results..

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