My Ancestry DNA Results (FamilyTreeDNA, MyHeritage, DNA LAND and Gedmatch)

My Ancestry DNA Results (FamilyTreeDNA, MyHeritage, DNA LAND and Gedmatch)

0:35 FamilyTreeDNA
0:53 MyHeritage

1:18 Gedmatch Eyes color
1:23 Gedmatch MDLP Project
1:45 Gedmatch Eurogenes
2:40 Gedmatch Dodecad
3:02 Gedmatch HarappaWorld
3:07 Gedmatch Ethiohelix
3:25 Gedmatch puntland
3:51 Gedmatch GedrosiaDNA

Gedmatch highlights (results that I think do recognize my “Baluch” genes in the same manner of “Indo Iranian” in DNA Land):

1:34 South_Central_Asian component in the MDLP k23b calculator.

2:20 West Central Asian component in the Eurogenes k12b calculator.

2:58 Gedrosia component in the Dodecad K12b calculator.

3:04 The Baloch component in the HarappaWorld calculator.

4:06 The BALOCHI component in the Gedrosia K12 calculator.



  1. Hello everyone!

    I am a 100% Baluch. 100%. I know this is because we have a book detailing all the descendants of the grandfather of the grandfather of my grandfather (7 generations including me). All of my known ancestors are Baluch from the Makran region in Baluchistan. Most of whom are from the Sarbaz region within Makran.

    I used FamilyTreeDNA and then uploaded the results to MyHertige, DNA Land and Gedmatch.

    I got 5% African (Africa) in FTDNA. But it says west african. I expected african but I expected east african. We do have a history with east africa. There are also communities in Makran and western Baluchistan that claim East african and Somali descent. East Africa is geographically closer and we are only separated by a body of water. Anyway how would west african blood make it all the way to Baluchistan? I mean I see no reason for someone to cross a continent just to come to Baluchistan :/ So how and why? I guess I'll never know the truth or find a concert explanation. Should I question the accuracy of the test? After this I tried to look for answers online and I read that we Baluch usually have 1 to 3 % of the west Africa component in our DNA. However, us Makrani Baluch have around 3 to 5 %. And I read that for this component to be in visually all Baluch, it must have gotten in our dna a long time ago (medieval or ancient times), when we were very small in number. And that this should be an indication that we aren’t as mixed as what is usual and expected with our neighbors. But I am not confident in what I read.

    I also got 47% asia minor (middle east). My understanding is that the asia minor component is the one that dominates the peoples of the Caucasus, Anatolians, Kurds and Persians. Or pretty much all those who live between Eastern Iran and Anatolia. As well as some northern Iraqis, Syrians. The colors on the FTDNA map aren’t really representative. So it doesn’t necessarily mean that I got it from all the way to asia minor. But most likely mixing with the people to our west. Like the people of Bander Abbas, Kerman or rural Persians. Also our language originates from the south or southeast of the Caspian Sea, so it is possible that whoever brought this language here brought his genes with him.

    I also got 48% central asia (central/south asia) which seems to be a mainly south asian component. And it seems to me that it peaks in the Punjab region in the border of Pakistan and India. Not as surprising as the west Africa given our geographic location and proximity. I’d imagine it is also high among the people of Sindh. I think it is more likely that we got it from them because of our history with them. But getting it from the people of the Punjab region is very realistic as well.

    However, Asia minor and central asia are both +45% for me. I expected to have at least 65% of only one gene. Given that I am ethnically a 100% :/ But I guess the results might be accurate if I think about it. We live between west asians and south Asians. So neutrally we are half west asian and half south asian.

    As you can see my FTDNA ancientOrigins doesn't make any sense. Somehow I am 0% European with myOrigins but 88% with ancientOrigins?! I’ll assume it is trying to explain something else. Also why does my ancientOrigins add up to 99%? But it is just 1% and ancientOrigins seems to have been made for people with european genes in the first place, so I suppose I shouldn’t bother with it.

    I uploaded my FTDNA results to MyHeritage. And it increased my west asia(asia minor) up to 54%. While decreasing the central asia(south asia) to 35.4%. It also decreases my west Africa to 3%. What I like about this one is that it breaks my west Africa down. It says 1.8% Nigerian and and 1.2% Sierra Leon. It also adds middle eastern and European. Adding the 3.6% middle eastern isn’t particularly odd but the 4% European is. What is worse is that it is “Irish, Scottish and Welsh (north and west Europe cluster)”. Which is as far as it gets geographically. It is not even in mainland Europe but rather islands in the Atlantic Ocean. It would have been more acceptable if it was geographically closer or if other calculators gave me these results.

    I uploaded my FTDNA results to DNALAND ancestry results. It gives me 3.6% west Africa and 1.2% of which is aka. They are an ethnic group from the Central African Republic. So that is the most specific for my west Africa than FTNDA and MyHeritage. I also got 11% Mediterranean islander. Cypriot, Sicilian and Maltese to be more specific. Which does dwindle my trust of the results. I should note that I saw DNA LAND results of Iranians online and the results ranged from 27% to 28% Mediterranean islander. So it might have something to do with the west asia component? The thing that I like the most and that does make the results somewhat more legitimate in my eyes is that it says that I am 86% Indo-Iranian. A.K.A. Baluch. Which seems to be more accurate than the previous tow. This “Baluch” result prove that our genes are distinct enough to be separable from any other. And it aligns with my expectations in terms of my results being somewhat homogenous.

    I uploaded my FTDNA results to Gedmatch. It has a lot of different calculator but not all of them are accurate. Because not all of the calculators are meaningful for everyone. For example, some calculators are useful for people with European genes, others are useful for people with African genes and so on. I won’t finish talking if I discuses every single one of the collocutors. So I will only note the results that I think do recognize my “Baluch” genes in the same manner of “Indo Iranian” in DNA Land. Which are:

    1:34 South_Central_Asian component in the MDLP k23b calculator.

    2:20 West Central Asian component in the Eurogenes k12b calculator.

    2:58 Gedrosia component in the Dodecad K12b calculator.

    3:04 The Baloch component in the HarappaWorld calculator.

    4:06 The BALOCHI component in the Gedrosia K12 calculator.

    Some other calculators don’t seem to recognize this “Baluch” component but they still display realistic, good and accurate results. It is better to ignore the small results. Especially the ones that are 3% or less. One thing that I noticed with is that the “Baluch” component probably has something to do with the West Asian/Asia Minor/Caucuses/etc… component and the South Asia/Central Asia /South India/etc… component. Either both of them or one of them.

    I also used the Gedmatch eye color prediction but it was a failure given that my eyes are pretty much black/dark brown and not like the color that was predicted.

    I must say that I am still not confident with the results. Because I am sure that there is a “Baluch” component that is separable from others. Keep in mind that they need a sizable amount of results and data from us to be able to separate this component. This is how these tests work. Most of the people that do these tests are from North America and Europe. That is why they can separate the “Finland” component from others but can’t separate the “Baluch” component from others. It has to do with their database and the existence of the component. I know that the “Baluch” component exists and I know that they don’t have enough of our sample. That is why I have hope that in the future they will update the FTDNA results and add the “Baluch” component. Which will make me more confident with the results. If they add this component, then I am expecting it to make up at least 75% of my results.

    Please go ahead if you have questions. I can tell you about the “spreadsheet” and “oracle” of my any gedmatch result you want. If you have anything to add or say, then go ahead. If you have any explanations, then go ahead. I’ll be more than happy to go through what you have to say 🙂

  2. Balochistan sindh punjab rajasthan gujarat = indus valley civilization they have high % of baloch gene or in other words have high sindhi gene. Caucasian becoz invansion and west iran related to middle east iran related to indus valley civilization

  3. Greetings from Arabia! Interesting video,You sound familiar to me from the first time i found you on Youtube,I thought you are a Saudi or something close hiding under Asian identity for cover,Baluch Are friendly Neighbours.

  4. I'm 51% Eastern European
    23% Irish
    16% Southern European
    8% Scandinavian
    1% Scottish
    1% many different ethnic groups

  5. What’s the haplogroupe ?
    A lot of Baluchi men living in gulf region under J haplogroupe and are grandsons of king Sulaiman bin malik bin Fahm From Arabia

  6. Wow pretty much the same results as mine but I got a bit more middle eastern btw I'm Punjabi my parents belong to north of Indian Punjab

  7. Yeah but Baloch r all around the world ' has u know Baloch are Sami kuldani some are meadia and some are African in mukran . What u say about this ?

  8. Hey cool I am kurdish similar results we can say ? but only 3,2 south Asian

  9. are you have Anatolian or smthn? i find it hard u barely have any middle eastern DNA, fucking oman is next door. I have an Arabized (Balushi) friend and he looks pretty middle eastern.

  10. I see your comments everywhere, from ollie bye's videos to real life lore's. BTW, I am from ??. Nice to meet you.

  11. FamilyTreeDna is the best for Central Asian DNA bcs others doesn`t have any info about Central Asian nations that`s why they couldn`t fully show your heritage.

  12. Hey, man remember me?? I see your comments everywhere. We've even discussed before. Hope everything is going great.

  13. That is very cool! Biji Baluchistan 🙂
    This video makes me proud of being closely related to the Baluchis as a Kurd!

  14. What are Pakistan's violations of Goat Anal rights? This is my 69st pe.. Fuck. Wrong comment section.

  15. nice! im a punjabi sikh jatt and i can not wait for my dna test, ive heard alot and know for a good chance that they are descedents of saka indo scythians from central asia who moved down from central asia passing hindu kush due to turkish central asian tribes warfare increasing!they are documented to moved in hordes down to punjab for farming purposes and created the jatt race! its from a website called sikh scythians.. for a punjabi im pretty lightskinned not that this means anything but a third of my cousins have green eyes and are built very broad shouldered and tall on average, people always think my dad is greek or persian and in LA people always think my mom is persian! so i cant wait!

  16. assalumalaikum im still confused i know youre a 100% baluchistan but what this video supposed to mean?

  17. Wow, very comprehensive results. Also, it's really great to see people from all parts of the world share their results. I guess the west African must have some accuracy to have showed up on all the tests. Given the small percentage it was likely from a couple hundred years ago or so – so you will likely never know the details of that. Some sort of migrant got into your genetic line somehow.

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