1. Happy to be 100% European and born in Europe 41 years ago, now it's a dangerous mix, all Afro-Americans have European dna it's a mix of African / European (English who are not Celts but Scandinavian siblings appeared in the 5th centuries after Jesus Christ.
    Nothing to do with germany germans and the Celtic empire. ) / Native American.
    And most European Americans are not 100% European.
    Blond and eyes does not mean anything because it is melanin and it has nothing in common as albinos or kabyles are not Europeans and they are white, blond with blue eyes 🙂
    As a European I notice on the face of many afro and also Europeans of America that there was ethnic mix in the USA

  2. I also think your European is high in the DNA sort of way. Without a pure DNA test I'm 50% Polish, 25% English & 12 1/2% each Irish & Mohawk Indian. You're also probably in the age range of my older grandchildren so I've got some extra generations on you. See where I'm going here? I think if you're able to get a good trace of your family tree, it appears your relatives came out of Africa to Britain & that British/Swede and ?? might be higher up in the family tree than you'd expect.
    I've been doing my genealogy for about 10 years now & it can be fun, exciting & relaxing if you just work on it here and there. The Latter Day Saints have a comprehsive & free site called Family Search. It's a good place to start before you shell your money over to a subscription service. Pro Tip: Ancestry.com offers free site searches during different holidays & patriotic holidays. Hit their site about a few days before Veteran's Day. They may offer free military searches

  3. Cool results.
    Mine were:
    67% African
    31% European
    1% Asian
    1% Native American

  4. It’s always rape the excuse for European dna. Actually it’s called almost 300 years and generations of people together. If it was only rape during slavery trust me it would be far, far below 23% that’s just a fact check it out.

  5. I had my DNA test done at Yale New Haven Lab for health reasons. 42% Ivory Coast/Ghana, 38% Native American (Cherokee Nation), 6% Iberian Peninsula, 6% Melanesia, 5% Germany. I knew that I was African and Native American but didn’t know anything else. Amazing.

  6. European blood into the African American Community was not solely the consequence of rape that's mythology not true history my friend

  7. Its exhausting havin . To say this ober and over and over and over again:
    Rape of black slaves is not the only way European DNA made it's way down African blood lines. Black slaves also married white slaves, and black and white slaves were so forced to mate together.

    Not only that but you're 25 % European, that percentage would not be that high if you didn't have recent European ancestors, like 3 to 5 generations back.

  8. If they included Europe West, it might mean that when they were testing it they found a percentage of it in your DNA. They put averages as your results so when they test each ethnicity it goes higher and lower than what end result they give you. So it likely means you do in fact have a very small trace of West European DNA. But the average amount ended up being close to zero percent. Look at the amounts that showed up during testing, so you can see the full range of results they got for West Europe. They have that information somewhere in your profile.

  9. You are straight up moor west africans are moors including mali and benin mali is muslim and they traded with asian muslims thus your asian blood

  10. Because your very old mother she was slave and someone f**k her and he is white

  11. I'm late to the party but just wanted to say that not every Black familiy has the Native American ancester story. Kinda like not every White American family has the Indian Princess in the family lore. If the Native Gene doesn't show in someone's DNA results, that doesn't mean that Native DNA isn't in the family. I didn't get any of my dad's Native DNA, yet we share almost 50% DNA (I inherited more of my mother's dna, lol). Plus I didn't get any of his 15% Eastern European DNA either! If a person doesn't get a percentage of something doesn't mean it's not in the family. That's why it's important to test all of one's family members if possible to get a better idea of one's family ancestry makeup. ?

  12. you seem like you are a great person happy for your results.

  13. I'm Mexican and my results were 50%native American 45% Spanish and 2% east Asian and the rest being 3% Italian Greek

  14. My grandsons are 1/4 european and you would not think that by just looking.

  15. 74% african but darker than some AA with 80% african …you understand also that African and AA have the same features(variety skin color and others)….but at all youll not welcomed in europe or in south asia…

  16. Asia South might be due to being of descendants of Madagascar I think

  17. Many Nigerians that are Igbo are light skinned. This is due to the fact that Africans mixed with Portuguese and other groups. The mixture may not show up in their dna because it is so far removed(back) however, they have retained the phenotype of lighter skin even tho their dna does not show anything but African. DNA is weird.

  18. It's funny how the second American blacks realize how high their european is, they go straight to slavery rape, the reality is there was definitely alot of rape, but no one talks about the fact that there was many (more than liberal bullshit pushers admit to) interracial couples in hiding. Both white man and black woman, and black man white woman, happened more than people know.

  19. yes I did my results I am English and Welsh and African Cameroon and Congo and toga and Mali and I have Native American and I have one percent Asian I was shocked and a little French

  20. you cant judge African ancestry by skin color! I was only like 60 percent African. African blood is quite dominant and will wash away the appearance of anyones bloodline.

  21. I am 67% African (Nigerian, Sierra Leone, Kenya and West Africa)
    19% European (Spanish, French, Italian, Swedish and Greek)
    13% Native American (Colombian, Mexican, Bolivian and Brazilian Tribes)
    1% Oceanian (New Papua; I think)
    P.S, my grandfather was Mexican??

  22. It's not a tall tale . Native Americans enslaved us too. I'm 67.1% African and 17% Asian (Native American). The rest was European.

  23. I don't know why people are acting like they're so shocked that you weren't a hundred percent African or something. You are somewhat dark skin not even that dark skin. Your lips are fairly Keen. your features overall are fairly Keen so I don't understand why people assume you would be more African. From what I've seen you can't tell by looks at all anyway. I've seen light skin people say that they're over 80% African and then people that are darker like you or me or even darker will be like 69% African.

  24. So weird its almost like 1 fully white grandparent for you.I mean its not necessarily like that but it could be.

  25. Thank you for sharing!
    I did the Ancestry dna test too through Ancestry.com and it was a great experience.
    Yes ck out Gedmatch.com since it goes more indepth using your raw DNA. I use Gedmatch.com and it is so fascinating !
    Genealogy is like a huge complex yet beautiful puzzle. The world is essential a melting pot.

  26. I'm 100 percent American. I ain't come from no Africa..don't have any family from Africa we from America and proud of it

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