My Ancestry DNA Results ARE IN!!!! I’M WHAT??!!! Afro Caribbean Edition

My Ancestry DNA Results ARE IN!!!! I’M WHAT??!!! Afro Caribbean Edition

My Ancestry DNA Results ARE IN!!!! I’M WHAT??!!! Afro Caribbean Edition

THE DAY HAS COME!!! My ancestry DNA test results are in! You will not believe the results!! I made my ancestry predictions in a previous video and now it is time. I have been trying to construct my family tree using genetic testing and I am so excited to learn about my African ancestry!!! FYI: My parents are from Trinidad and St. Vincent.

Thanks for watching!!!

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  1. Afrikaans is the motherland of all the tribe's who migrated to other parts of the world ,Indians are part of Africa before the colonizers injected their ideas to divide n conquered business, the world maps was turned upside down to confused the world u have many people from different tribe's that looks like her those Africans who are saying that she dose not look like Africans. How does African look like? unless you have a big nose or a big mouth? wrong Africans came in different colors, shapes n seizes stop making fool of thou selves miseducation's have done a seriou havoc to thou soul's, sis welcome home Naija luv u n mama Africa luv u too

  2. It's good thing that none of your ansectors were raped by this crackers

  3. idk about yall but i just watched the bombest comercial, all 3 minutes like i forgot about the video

  4. OMG…A Black woman outside of Africa that has zero European DNA that's amazing! I feel I should rub you like a statue for good health and prosperity LOL..

  5. You look "Indigenous" from the Americas.

  6. My black people stop sending you DNA to these people, they are selling it to big pharma for them to come up with ways to eradicate
    us. Those who read this and are thinking about taking the test don't. You have two melaninated parents you are African. Yes it would be nice to know but not like this.

  7. I celebrate with you. BTW: We know what you meant by saying "blood" but it isn't the same as your DNA…just an fyi

  8. This is a great video. You're so excited and have so much energy reviewing your results. It's great!

  9. i am from St Vincent and the Grenadines and live in Trinidad both flags shown here and it is wonderful

  10. I cant wait to get my results. My parents are from the Caribbean ?

  11. 87% African
    12% Asian (most likely Indian/Desi ancestry)
    1% Pacific Islander

  12. Could be Papua New Guinea? South East Asian… I learned their are darkskinned blacks that are native to ?? Philippines they are called Negro Orientals and they're are other island around Asia with darkskinned natives?

  13. You are BLACK…..screw the blood….look in a mirror…..mirrors don't lie!

  14. Iam an indian and believe me i wanted to watch this video because by seeing your appearance I knew you had some indian connection. You have an indian(South indian) face structure. But obviously you are more african than indian. Anyway, you are a very beautiful woman. And i am happy that we are all somewhat related.

  15. polynesian was probably just added polynesian to mess with you also moana is a cartoon not a real race

  16. Wow! One of the highest African percentage every seen for someone not born in Africa!

  17. The French removed a great number of slaves from Togo and sent them to Haiti and Trinidad.

  18. Benin and Togo are two neighboring countries to Nigeria. By ancestry they’re same people with Nigeria.

  19. ?????? I see you family. We are descendants of Nigeria ??

  20. Welcome to your African Ancestry! As an African from the motherland, I can say that you’re Bantu from West Africa (Nigeria/Benin/Togo). The Bantu people migrated from around Cameroon many many years ago through Congo into Eastern, South Eastern and Southern Africa

  21. Definitely do more research about togo. Maybe see it if you can. Beautiful country

  22. I Saw The Vincy Flag (St.Vincent) And Clicked right away!!! Big up St.Vincent And Your St.vincent Parent!!!

  23. 've been studying ancestry and the slave trade for twenty years. Middle Eastern ancestry probably comes from the Arabic Muslims who conquered Northern Africa and were very heavily involved in setting up the slave trade. Jewish shipping companies were the biggest players in transporting slaves to Brazil and the Caribbean.

  24. Yes, you are right . To have a concrete info of one’s dna is wonderful.
    You are very pretty by the way.

  25. Such a lovely and beautiful person you are.

  26. Don't forget to make some Asian friends, too!!! I think it's amazing you escaped with no European. At. All. I've done the test – and EVERY black or African American person I've seen take the test comes out anywhere from 20% – 35% European…unless they are mixed and then it's more like 60-80%. I wish everyone would get tested because it could be a great way of bringing peoples together and finding common links. Even if it wasn't pretty how some of us got the European in us…it's in us…it's there…and we're beautiful…each and every one of us and what we're made of. I love these unveiling videos! It's like opening a gift to be surprised by what's inside.

  27. It’s funny people keep saying she looks so Indian and has Indian features. To me her beautiful features look Nigerian. This woman is flawless. My family is Jamaican and Puerto Rican. My wife is Pakistani. Also noticed the huge debate about color of Indian people. My wife says although the skin color does vary, the majority is darker skinned people. From light brown, brown, dark brown, to really dark. She also said depends on region. Lastly I had to watch this video several times to listen because first few times I just looked at how beautiful this woman is. Lol My wife says she sees some Indian in her features though. We took DNA tests and we find the results are better when more family members do it.

  28. All Peoples originated from Africa on Planet Earth and they are all different Complexions.

  29. I'll have a guess before watching the video and reading the comments. Your nose and eyes look a bit Indian (asian) shaped, so I'm going to guess 5% Indian. The rest I'm guessing Senegal/Ivory Coast area.

  30. I do genealogy and have for years. While it's true that European blood could be from what you suggest, and we know that did happen, there were actually many cases where interracial couples were in love and had families. Many African men and European women. I've seen it time and time again as early as the 1600s. Just wanted to share that! ?

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