My Ancestry DNA Results!

My Ancestry DNA Results!

I found out my Ancestry DNA results. They were surprising!

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  1. Your name normally signafies your heritage , for example Hassan is Libyan , Murphy is Irish

  2. Lots of Irish immigrated to great Britain. Plus do they include N Ireland as Great Britain.

  3. Had my DNA results back, coming from south east England about 40 miles away from London. I am 45% Europe west 21% Ireland, Scotland/ Wales, 16 Iberian peninsula and only 9% British ? Good old Anglo Saxons.

  4. Hey Madison ? You have an off center widows peak. Very interesting ?

  5. You are what is called a pure nordic. Beautiful.

  6. Wow! you are European? I would have never guessed. I thought you were from somewhere around Uganda or the Republic of Kongo.Damn, these DNA scientists are good! Maybe I should send them a hundred dollars and my photo and see if they can somehow find out where I originate from because when I look in the mirror I can't guess which continent I am from.

  7. I am British and my results came back as 12% British and 8% Irish.

  8. You don't sound Irish at all 🙂 The Vikings are  Germanic too, and  The English also came out of the Netherlands, not just North Germany..

  9. Your more British than me and I was born and live in the UK! I was 53% British in my ancestry DNA test.?

  10. Here are my dna results….what would I tell someone that asked what ethnicity I am? Africa 1%
    Low Confidence Region
    Asia < 1%
    Low Confidence Region
    Europe 98%
    Europe West 81%
    Ireland 16%

  11. Before hearing the results i'm guessing you're like 90% Norwegian

    after hearing the results i would say that i'm right because alot of Norwegian and Danish settled in Uk/Ireland , my conclusion is that you look very Norwegian / Danish

  12. Spit is a natural thing its really not that gross especially if its yours…

  13. I have taken a test with both ancestry and 23 and me, and I got way different results than I thought although I was completely right with guessing I had Norwegian cause I'm 6'3 etc and look like a viking everyone says I look Scandinavian well they were right but I'm also like 36% German. 🙂

    The rest was a surprise

  14. I got:
    Great Britain~ 64%
    Scandinavia~ 16%
    Italy/Greece~ 5%
    Iberian Peninsula~ 4%
    Europe West~ 3%
    Europe East~ 3%
    Finland/Northwest Russia~ 2%
    Ireland~ 1%
    European Jewish~ <1%
    Caucuses~ <1%

  15. The results of these DNA tests can be very strange. Me for instance, Im Scandinavian, Swedish and Danish on both sides. I think I could trace back my family tree at least 150 years and as far as that they were all Scandies. I do know that on my mothers side there were Dutch and Germans but that was long time ago. A month ago  Ive got my dna results and it shows 79%West Europe only 15 % Scandinavian!?. The rest of me is Spain/portugal. I checked it out more in detail by asking a DNA Scientists here in Gothenburgh and he said that many southern Scandinavians are more likely to have West European genoms than Scandinavian. Noh So little Scandinavian in me, that sucks but it explains why there are no beautiful women among my relatives

  16. Wow 100% European and only a few different countries that's cool. Are you gonna travel to those places?

  17. We have the same story! My family has been living in America since the 1640's and I also got 63% Great Britain which I also thought was a lot for someone whose family hasn't been there for 400+ years.

  18. don't forget folks just because it says Irish that doesn't mean your Irish you could be from Scotland 51% Irish could easily be 51% caladonian Scottish

  19. I didn't do this but my dad said I'm Scottish and Irish because that's where grandma and grandpa moved from

  20. sorry live in america not london please dont go from usa it is the best country america is and im on my phone by the wat it is good

  21. is this free? oh, thank you for commenting on my first ever video and giving me motivation to continue YouTube ❤

  22. I find test results more fascinating when you're mix ancestry like me. Mine was
    15% Africa
    40% Native american
    45% Europe

  23. 1. The Vikings didn't settle, had basically no genetic effect on the population.
    2. One-third of people in England are Germanic (Anglo-Saxon). Less so in Scotland and especially Wales and Northern Ireland.

  24. I wonder what results can Serbs or Croats have if there is no Balkans on the list. And what turks may have.

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