My ancestry DNA results!!!

My ancestry DNA results!!!

23andme Cuban DNA results

Haplogroups: Maternal H11a Paternal R-M412

97.9% European

92% Southern European

72.1% Iberian
6.7% Italian
13.2% broadly Southern European

4.1% Northwestern European

0.6% British & Irish
0.2% Finnish
3.2% broadly northwestern European

0.3% Ashkenazi Jewish

1.6% broadly European

0.9% Sub Saharan African

0.5% West
0.4% Central & south

0.5% East Asian & Native American

0.4% Native American
0.1% East Asian

0.4% North African middle eastern

0.4% North African



  1. I am half Cuban and came out 80% European as well. Almost all was Iberian – Spain.

  2. To get more Specific results to use Gedmatch. Saying Iberian Penisula is like saying the USA. Duh, there is much genetics in the Iberian area. Gedmatch is the real thing.

  3. cool results even half of the Spanish are not even 90%

  4. Wow that's the highest Iberian percentage I've seen so far. I only got 38 percent Iberian. My dad is Cuban and my mom is Puerto Rican. People confuse my dad with Italian and it actually did show up in my DNA. I got 29 percent of that. I look like my dad but have never been told that I look Italian. In fact I always get people speaking to me in Spanish.

  5. Anscetrydna lumps Iberia with Southern Europe, the Iberian region is S France,Gallicia,NSpain, Portugal,which is part of the MidAtlantic,(England,Ireland),
    those people are Nordic,blonder,Celtic types,he expected to be mixed ,he is,Iberian's are genetically distinct from Italians,Southern Europeans,
    that's why some of those people are nuts and throw bombs at each other, the Basque in particular, want to declare their own country apart from Spain proper,but the often funny government of Spain, does stuff to prevent them from separating.

  6. You might be 97% european but you don't look white to me you look middle eastern. Many spaniard are very admixed in spite of the european %.

  7. Yeah He's a latino because latinos are WHITE PEOPLE. The Latins were an ancient Italic tribe from Italy. Its stupid that Hispanics use the term "Latino", "Latina" and "Latinx" to describe themselves when most of them are of mixed native, african and some european. But I forget that thats in the "Latinx" culture, to be white, to be spanish beacuse THEY HATE THE Native American and African in them.

  8. That big sigh when you 'found out' you were overwhelmingly European. Of course I don't believe in those tests anyway. Nationality is examined not ethnicity hence making it inaccurate unless you live in a country that's entirely racially homogeneous such as Mali or Norway making nationality and ethnicity as one. I believe you have are much more non-European then what is displayed on those phoney test results. I hope that gives you relief that you aren't a pure 'evil white man'.

  9. Lol took a while to take the photo oh himself away from screen.

  10. Haslo en espanol chico y con mas detalles ya tu sabes?

  11. Cuban here as well. 50 % iberian 23 broadly southern european 11 broadly northwestern european, 9 italian 3 british 1 ashkenazi. Who would have thought?

  12. Cubans seem to be the most european out of all the hispanic dna test I've seen.

  13. Even if Latino or Hispanic isn't a race be proud of who you are, Latino has amazing culture and people and thank you for showing your result

  14. Thats really high Iberian Im also cuban, I took mine recently and got:
    Iberian Peninsula 40%
    Italy/Greece 34%
    Irish 6%
    Native American 7%
    Africa north 4%
    Europe west 2%
    Finland/North Russian 2%
    Nigeria 2%
    Great Britain 1%
    Middle east 1%
    Europe East 1%

  15. never seen a latino with such a high spanish percent, pretty cool ? we are all mixed differently but the same !

  16. People forget that Latino/Hispanic isn't a race you can get White, Black and Full naitve Latino/hispanic. Lots are a mixture though of the ethnicities i mentioned although the European genes are usually higher. I hate that in the USA it seems like language or culture somehow makes someones race. I find it weird that Latino and Hispanic are options you choose on racial census in the US since latino/hispanic are such broad terms including so many different ethnicities.

  17. Awesome results! I'm Spanish and I already knew you were Iberian esentially when you showed your photos, you look like a very average Spanish guy. Thanks for sharing your results!

  18. You should do an ancestry DNA! I would love to see that! You're more than likely more than 72% Iberian. You had about 13% broadly southern European on this 23andme and they are very vague. You're a straight up Spaniard! That's amazing! ?

  19. How sad that people are very rude. Nice results. Plus people need to know how they classify DNA and the history and people of the region.

  20. We are Cubans also and my daughter just sent hers. I assume she will be very much like you. Canary Islands on both sides of her DNA. Thanks for sharing.

  21. ahh Awesome Results!! ! I took one of these tests as well and posted it on my channel if you want to check it out! 🙂

  22. Lol. You’re more white than some white americans

  23. youre basically 100 percent spaniard with some super minute african and native american percentages.

  24. Cuban Americans are very white because the Cuban immigrants where part of the middle and upper classes.

  25. Cubano de mierda el Norte de Mexico es mas blanco que Cuba es otra Argentina!!! aca somos rubios altos.

  26. Nice results! Very high European. By looking at you I would have guessed more Middle Eastern/North African. Then again, your results are not too surprising because most Cubans, especially Cuban Americans, tend to be 100% Pure Spanish descent, and the Middle Eastern and North African even comes via the Spanish. Also, in your case, my guess is the small Native American percentage comes from Native Americans who were brought back to Spain or the Canary Islands from the New World. I have seen some Spaniards and Canarians on 23andme who had small traces of Native American like you. By the way I am Nicaraguan and came out 85 Percent European, which is also quite high, but I had about 9 percent native American and 3 percent African and small traces of Middle Eastern and unassigned. Always interesting to see Latin American DNA results.

  27. I'm Cuban too and I did my DNA test about a month ago , all I knew from my family background is that from my father's side my great grandparents came from Cataluña and from my mother's side they had come from Asturias , but migrated to Cuba much earlier than the ones on my father's side.My test results were :  98% European , with 60% Iberian , 28% from Italy and Greece , 10% Scandinavia and 2% North Africa

  28. I wonder if you might have some NA and African ancestry because one or more of your more distant ancestors moved from the Americas to either Spain or the Canary Islands. We always read and hear about migration from the "Old World" to the "New World," but I don't think it's out of the question that it flowed the other way, too.

  29. I watched your video while I was waiting for my ancestry DNA results. My parents are both born in Cuba and I have great- grandparents born in Spain and Canary Islands and my grandmother had a French last name. These are my results: 89% European (45% Iberian, 17% West European, 16% Italy/Greece, 5% Irish, 4% Great Britain, 2% Scandinavia); 6% North Africa, 2% Middle East, 2% Native American, and the one I was surprised about even though it was a small percentage was 1% Polynesian. My European ancestry was actually a lot more mixed than I anticipated. I thought my Spanish would be almost as high as yours. Interesting stuff!

  30. my mother is Puerto Rican and father Cuban….curious to see what my DNA results consist of.

  31. Cool results and video. I got 98 percent European but that's pretty much what I expected I think.

  32. If your Cuban your mostly Iberian. Unless your relatives fucked African slaves.

  33. But your not technically Cuban , those are not your roots of your grandparents weren't from there.. im half Cuban

  34. My parents are Cuban and I'm so curious to know where we come from. I just did mines with Ancestry DNA. I can't wait to get my results! ?

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