1. cool, I thought you would of had some Native American DNA because you look a bit like Cheryl with the Dark features. Has to be the Iberian (Spain or Portuguese) showing. cool video thanks. I'm in the lab processing time with mine. exciting stuff.

  2. You look like your results. No surprises at all. Irish is Celtic. Could Ireland , Scotland or England. And you do look a bit Germanic to. Cool result.

  3. Great results! Lovely video!
    I have the same colouring as you and our family have lived in England since at least the 1600s and I only got 19% GB! I also got Irish and Iberian Peninsula and a whopping
    30% Scandinavian. Also Italy/Greece.
    My blond, blue-eyed husband also
    only got 6% GB and 33% Irish!!!
    The English certainly aren't
    all Anglo-Saxon. Lol

  4. All regions of Europe you will see dark hair and eyes… just as u will see light hair and eyes all over Europe as well.. dark features is not something that you only see in the Mediterranean regions … Europe West (France and Germany) you see that colouring just as much as in Southern Europe. I would have guessed you both are mainly Irish with some west Europe thrown in too

  5. Most Irish are dark haired dark eyes. Celtic lineage Greek Roman Empire over few thousand years ago. From Ireland, England, Spain Portugal . Most English have Iberian blood also

  6. Your Iberian is just British or Irish. Iberians were one of the first settlers of the British Isles. Most people there get some Iberian, some with percentages as high as 15%, and none of them has Spanish ancestors. Your case is the same. Also, to me you look very British, I would say that around half of the population in the UK look like you or have similar features and colouring, so I don't know why you try to find and answer to your looks outside Britain, given you very British look. Your results are also extremelly common in British people, you are very "average British", probably 100% British (except for your German part).

  7. I just discovered that 'Irish' includes DNA from Ireland, Scotland and Wales. I do know I have ancestors from Scotland, so maybe this accounts for the larger than expected percentage of Irish DNA.

  8. Great video and great results.. thanks for sharing

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