My Ancestry DNA Results 2017

My Ancestry DNA Results 2017

These are my DNA results from AncestryDNA.

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So in all I am:
1% Mali African
89% British
4% German/French
4% Irish
1% Italian/Greek
1% Caucasian



  1. Your great grandfather was not part native American …it would have shown a trace if it was be proud of who you are being white European is not a bad thing it's be proud of who God made you

  2. Welcome sister……Go get some Tea and crumpets…………….

  3. WOW everyone I see has Mali in them, that where homosapiens just really began?

  4. There is no Native American in your Blood & That 1% is Definitely Greek Not Italian.

  5. Caucasus/Kavkaz power!!
    Put the rugs on your walls and dance Lezginka!!

  6. Hiiiii,because we're all human.we've one father & one mother for first

  7. Europeans originate from India and migrated from India 50k years ago most Europeans communicate in Indian derived languages
    Why Europe or Atlantic Asia is a colony of India

  8. Thanks for Azerbaijani anthem <3 Many people have already mentioned but i'd like to repeat once more that Caucasian countries are Azerbaijan,Georgia,Armenia and Federal subjects of Russia in Caucasus

  9. First she says that her less-than 1% result from several African countries doesn't mean that she has African blood: "that doesn't mean that I have that in me…" (which she later backtracks), but then she opines that 0% Native American DNA doesn't mean that she isn't part native American. Funny how Science and Mathematics work. See that dark pheonotype of your great-grandmother? That's from your African ancestors, my dear lol.

  10. i had a similar result 89% british 4%irish 4%german 2% hispanic 1% italian

  11. You are more British than the Queen of England. Prince Harry needs to marry you.

  12. Wow! Fantastic! I live in England and my family have lived here right back to 1600 and I only have 19% GB! I'm more Scandinavian, Irish and Spanish, it seems.

  13. I would have guessed that you are mostly Irish and/or Scottish. The results are fascinating!

  14. Wow 89% is really high, your ancestors must be from the west of England which wasn't as extensively settled by Anglo-Saxons and the Scandanavians. Regardless the revolutionary war was basically Englishmen fighting other Englishmen, almost all the founding fathers were of English ancestry, so there's no real shame on that account.

  15. Caucasus is Armenia, Georgia ,Azerbaijan and some parts of Russia. Iran, turkey, iraq aren't caucasus.

  16. Your "native american" tales in your family were most likely a cover up for the actual black dna in your family. Sorry to break it to you but its super common to have these native tales when its in reality a cover up for slave rape

  17. I'm sorry for saying that but the way you speak is so boring and unbearable omg

  18. Based on your results and your family pictures, your ancestry must be very West of England. Could even be Welsh or Cornish.

    Love the patriotic music and family pride.

  19. Beautiful ancestry, nearly 100% British.

  20. Kid you're white, with trace African,in other words you're probably American,
    I thought you had a similiarity to the Swedish actress Liv Ulman,
    going by your looks , you're gorg

  21. Great video. The music was a nice touch. A person with your face could have been on the Mayflower. You are authentic American.

  22. But were your British ancestors Revolutionaries or Loyalists? Are you a Redcoat or a Rebel..

  23. Love the cat in the background. Very cute 🙂

  24. You are the white version of an afro Caribbean person i.e 99%african 1%europe or something else.

  25. Hi thanks for the immediate reply. I'm an old fella and I understand young people have romantic ideas they would like to be true. History tell you thought that a significant proportion of of the population in revolutionary times were loyal to the British Crown .. so don't be too anti British. By the times of the Indian wars America had been independent for more than 100 years … American soldiers were responsible for those atrocities. Anyway, come to the UK on holiday … you'll think differently. All the best.

  26. Is that "Deutschland Über Alles" in the background? (0:10)

  27. OMG yay! I'm so glad I came across your channel. New subbie here. I do ASMR & MUKBANG videos and I tell paranormal stories. I hope you will sub back ???

  28. Wow your'e even more British than i am and my family have stayed more or less in the same area of England for a thousand years..

  29. Your kitty is so pretty ❤❤❤ and the results are sooo cool!!

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