My Results + My 23andMe Results Changed!? | soothingsista

My Results + My 23andMe Results Changed!? | soothingsista

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Video edited by Stephanie Villa
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  1. You're a Euro-Chinese person and people can tell from your phenotype as well.

  2. I'd hold of on the membership. It's more for building your family tree. I used it to trace my family back to the 1700s. For me it was mainly family history that I already knew. I did find some cool records like the death report of a relative that died in the Civil War and immigration records from relatives that came from Europe. They offer a free 2 week trial, so I did that and canceled the day before renewal. If highly recommend waiting for that if you do want to find records like that

  3. The subscription is to their site. Some libraries pay for a group service to this site, so if you have a library card ask about it. If you don't have a library card, get one!

  4. looking beaut gal!!! pls can u do a video on ur make up in this xx

  5. MY heritage says british,irish.Ancestry says english.English is slightly different than british..An english person is a mix of british,scandanavian,europe west,irish.The ancestry dna is more specific.

  6. check out if you want to do the family tree thing for free! it uses ancestry's and others' information. it's mormon run but you dont have to be mormon to use it (i'm not and it worked so well for me)

  7. i guarantee the government is the behind this to get our dna but same time I need to know

  8. If you are looking to potentially increase the number of your shared DNA matches there are several DNA companies/organizations that will accept free uploads of RAW DNA data from Ancestry. MyHeritage will give their version of your ethnic breakdown as well as give you DNA matches from their own user database. GEDMatch does similar and FTDNA will accept uploads and give free DNA matches (not as inclusive as the others) and for a small fee will give you their ethnic breakdown as well. WEGENE allegedly has the best breakdown for Chinese and East Asian ancestry and is also a free upload – not sure how well their user database compares WRT DNA matches or if that requires an extra fee..

  9. I wouldn’t worry about it too much that it’s changing, the more people participate the more accurate it becomes. So it’s changing because they’re constantly improving. I think it’s cool that it does because if it didn’t it would almost be like getting ripped off.

  10. Not sure when you filmed this but Ancestry DNA just changed mine so maybe yours changed like your 23andme results.

  11. I was really shocked when I got my results too! I thought my ethnicity was half German and half Scandinavian but I found out that I’m 8% British and less than 1% Eastern European and Spanish. It was definitely very interesting to see these results and makes me very curious about my family tree.

  12. I did ancestry and you can do your family tree which is pretty cool. I thought it was weird that you only got those two regions. Mine had regions I hadn’t even thought about.

  13. I got 23andme for my moms birthday and sent in 2 samples, since the first sample was “unusable”. After the second sample didn’t work either, they just gave me a refund. Apparently if they can’t get a read on 2 samples, they say its not going to work. ??‍♀️ I’m still curious and want to have maybe my uncle take the test or myself, but I just feel like its a sign to keep our genes to ourselves ?

  14. They gave me a damn Helix ANCESTRY ad before your video ????

  15. That makeup look is so bomb on you ! Please do a tutorial 😀

  16. This eye look tho!!! Thank you as always Stephanie for putting so much effort into your videos. As a long time subscriber it is really appreciated!! I have always felt inspired by your content ?

  17. Your dad could still be a spaniard and have celtic blood. The north of Spain has a lot of roots with celtic culture!

  18. I never trust these kinda things. I think they are just a scam like how the hell can they trace your ancestors with a computer system. The best way to find out who you are is by talking to your family about it.

  19. dangggg ready to get into this lol, my 23 and me updated again going from 88.9% chinese to maybe 76 or 77?? cause i got like a small percentage of vietnamese and some genes from Chinses Dai (which us one of the minority ethnic groups in china) but hopefully more can come it says im native american too??? but idk

  20. I did for my birthday hoping to see my ethnic background, and I knew I was probably 1/2 Japanese, and all it told me was 50% East Asian ? really disappointed about how general it was

  21. Living for this eye look, Stephanie! Also love your earrings!!! Where did you get them? ?

  22. [LIKE SO OUR GIRL CAN SEE! ?] Hey, Steph! I’m a not a genetist but I’ve a bachelor’s degree in History so I hope I can provide some helpful background regarding your dad’s ethnicity.

    Back in medieval times the Britain islands up to the Normandy Coast and including France were wave-invaded by Germans. Later, in a more scattered pattern they went down to the Iberian peninsula. They weren’t reluctant to mix themselves culturally or racially, so they’re actually the main genetic core of a big chunk of Europe. Because of the vassalage system feuds inherited to kingdoms and the marriage-alliances a lot of this nuclear societies remained blood related. Specially Spain kept this system up to the XVIII c. or so. So if your grandpa was from, let’s say, the northern coast of Spain there’s a higher chance his genetics have German-French heritage. This could explain why your dad inherited ginger-like hair and is way taller. Meanwhile, shorter and more brunette and golden skin features, commonly associated with Spaniards were originated from the mixing between southeastern Spain and the Arabs. If you wanna keep digging and you go to Spain at some point I’m pretty sure you can research your last name on their archives to get more info on that side of the family. I hope this message finds you and is somehow helpful ⭐️?

  23. You should do a wisdom panel vs. embark for your dog!!

  24. I'd never give off my dna lmao did ya'll see the new season of American Horror Story

  25. Honestly I don’t trust any of these companies. They’re just drumming up ads on all these platforms to collect more of people’s data. Other people have said this but you really should be careful bc we have no idea who they’re selling this info to. *Also they don’t entirely know what their doing at this point so I wouldn’t pay that much money for their current best guesses.

  26. it is possible for your dad to have Spanish ancestry however not inherit that particular DNA , from what Ive read, you inherit only 50% of your DNA from your parents and your parents inherit 50% from theirs and so on and so forth. This is why DNA results can vary within families, even among siblings. for example your sibling may inherit DNA from Irish ancestors but you do not, that doesn't mean you dont have Irish ancestry you just didn't inherit that specific DNA.

  27. the thing about being Hispanic is that when our European ancestors came to America they registered in the civil registry as immigrants and the state often changed their surnames. That makes those relatives who stayed in Europe many times have another surname than ours.

  28. The main thing you have understand about Ancestry the extra cost is because a person has to physically go to the archive, like church wedding/baptismal records, census, death certificates, etc and majority are NOT digital. I think Ancestry could possibly find where your last name comes from. You should check the PBS show called Finding your Roots to get a better understanding of what they do. 23 and me just started adding more ethnic groups in there testing little over 2 years now b4 that was mostly focus on European back grounds.

  29. My boyfriend did Ancestry and he felt the same way! A few weeks later I asked him if I could see his results and I guess they had updated it and gave him more percentages that are more broken down. So, initially the results just said he was 35% Asian which is pretty vague. A few weeks later it showed that he was 24% Filipino and 11% Chinese. Hopefully it does that for you as well

  30. It could be that your grandfather grew up in Spain but wasn't ethnically Spanish? Like maybe he had that name from one person forever ago, and his parents moved back to Spain when he was a child? I'm sure your grandmother thought he was Spanish for a reason 🙂

  31. Girl don't even waste your time and money on the $100 option. NOT WORTH.

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