My “African-American” Ancestry DNA Results & Discount/Coupon | Virginia Native

My “African-American” Ancestry DNA Results & Discount/Coupon | Virginia Native

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My results start around the 1 minute mark, and the 4:55 minute mark.
I have been wanting to get my Ancestry DNA test done for a long time now and I finally did it. I got the kit within about 5 days of ordering it. And I got my results back within about 3 weeks of sending in my DNA.
I expected to be more African and to have Indian ancestry from the continent of Asia based on what my family told me.
I am also working on my family tree, which was easier to trace than I expected. But I hit roadblocks once I reach the time of slavery, of course.



  1. When I see Africans Americans get some percent of East
    Africa I get so excited because my parents are both Tanzanian and I have also been there. I was so excited to see that you are 10% East African?. BTW what part of Tanzania did you got to? I am from the Kilimanjaro area?. Nakupenda Sana pia??

  2. I just did my test and I'm 45% Nigerian. Apparently that's very high considering that other AA's get like 20% max of a given region.

  3. Queen that's really great news . Congratulations on your DNA results . I just recently got my DNA results back . I am blessed to know where my roots came from . There's so much study and learn now ♥️

  4. Glad to know you visited Tanzania. Am a naturalized American originally from Tanzania..Welcome sister??

  5. I'm thinking about getting my DNA Ancestry testing soon. Am I Nigerian or Ghanaian?

  6. Benin and Togo and Nigeria we’re apart of bigger pre-colonial Empire called Oyo and the Kanem bornu Empire, also the Dahomey Kingdom and Whyidah King (modern day Benin & Togo)

  7. Colonialism divided africa, africa was one big family, you should feel home where ever corner you go, I am from somalia, and i dont feel different when we visit different country in africa, never pretend guest, just fit in and melt, if you say I am amirican yeh Wright, that is act of isolation, you DNA is your passport, tell the truth I am Nigerian, Ghanaian, Benin, Liberian, my family is every where, am you brother from sub saharan africa and south eatren Bantu, coming to africa is world of wonder, I live in Scandinavia Norway, but every time I go there I cry like baby

  8. African Americans ain't african according to Dane calloway

  9. 1% somali woooooooow you are my sister ..know that african American got somali DNA

  10. Name one West African that have curly hair like you?? you have wooly hair, not nappy nigerian hair. The Hebrews may have kinky hair in West Africa but it is not curly.

  11. You're ?% gorgeous and it's great for me to finally see the face attached to the voice!⚘

  12. My Aunt showed 10% Kenya which is a big shock. I haven't seen this anywhere else yet from AA. 10% is alot to be preserved in one AA person. And I did not think any slaves came from that far east. This same Aunt was I think over 90% African so she's kinda an outlier.

  13. That's crazy seeing the difference in other African-Americans.  You're more African than me.  You're 80% whereas I am 78%, but I'm 32% Ghanaian.  I noticed you were 10% of that.  But anyway great video.  I have yet to go to African, but I plan to visit Ghana.

  14. I like it that you have East African blood , am happy to see a sister , many people from AA come from the west , am glad u have some east from u . ???

  15. Europe , Ireland , Britain , Iberia was BLACK!!!! People fail to learn the history of Moors/Muurs!!! Europe is named after the Black Princess EUROPA!!! Black people you are the true inhabitants of EUROPA!!! White people poured into Europe as refugees from Central Asia 1,500 b.c. They settled in amongst the Royal Black's and later took power enslaved them and sent the Original Black European's off to GHANA!!! Google to learn more!

  16. I’m from Zimbabwe & I’ve never seen an AA with East African. Very interesting

  17. I'm Zimbabwean and Malawi but I live in South Africa. Come visit SA too! ❤

  18. Sis do a 23&Me. And compare the two. You're not to darker than me & I was 94% Sub-Saharan Africa. I wouldn't hang my hat on these DNA tests & facilities conducted & owned by Ashkenazi Jews looking to muddy the waters. And remember Europeans & the country were Black (dark skin) before it ever became white. So European DNA doesn't always necessarily mean a white or Caucasian person. Good results tho ✊

  19. Africa is your home plain and simple, no need to dissect it

  20. You have a lot of Nigerian that's why you look Nigerian, it's just a name of a country but the people look alot alike they're very near each other

  21. She said since my last name is an English lady name I figured someone in my family descended from Great Britain. Lol…more than likely you got your last name from the slave owner of your ancestors.

  22. So refreshing to see someone know the continent of Africa. I'm an afro-descendant from the Caribbean and have made it my business to know about the continent, but most afro-descendants can't even name two African countries, tragically.

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