My 23andmeTest Results – Full Cuban Ancestry – DNA

My 23andmeTest Results – Full Cuban Ancestry – DNA

My 23andme results from 2012. Results phased with my mother.

European 95.3%

Southern European





Broadly Southern European

Northwestern European

British & Irish


Broadly Northwestern European

Broadly European

Middle Eastern & North African 1.7%

North African

Broadly Middle Eastern & North African
-than 0.1%

Sub-Saharan African 1.6%

West African

Broadly Sub-Saharan African
-than 0.1%

East Asian & Native American 0.9%

Native American

Broadly East Asian & Native American
-than 0.1%

Oceanian -than 0.1%

Broadly Oceanian
-than 0.1%

Unassigned 0.4%



  1. Check if your blood type, bet you're rare rh neg. blood.
    African, are white indigenous Berbers.
    You'll be fascinated, & yes most likely there will be pirates in history, cause many Cubans are descendants of Crypto Jews, who were the pirates of the Caribbean.
    You will be Amazed.

  2. I am full Portuguese and get quite a few 23andme matches from Cubans (Spanish descent).

  3. Bro he probaly is more Ibérian than me wtf , i am from Portugal , but he have soo much Ibérian lel

  4. Like I said before all Hispanic people are mixed non are pure whites including people from Argentina and Uruguay get over it?

  5. I think when it comes to Latin America the peoples of Argentina, Uruguay, and Cuba have the highest European Percentages. I'm Cuban American did the test with Ancestry and these are my results: Portugal 53% Spain 24% France 10% Italy 4% Ireland and Scotland 3% Basque 2% Middle East 2% No. Africa 1% Sardinia 1% On my Fathers side of the family, they are from the Canary Islands, and the same thing on Mother side. As a kid growing up, I remember my Maternal Grandfather talking about, or telling jokes about the Canary Islands.

  6. Im Cuban-american, I cant wait to get my results in about a weeks time!

  7. So far my results are the least European among all the cubans who have posted their results on YouTube. I feel left out. 80.6% European, 8.3% Native American, 5.1% Sub-Saharan Africa, 3.3% North African/Middle Eastern and 2.6% Unassigned. By the way, try Ancestry. I did both 23andMe and Ancestry, and it seems that Ancenstry’s results are more accurate due to a larger database.

  8. I did mine came out 29% Great Britain, 26% European South, 17% European West, 13% Iberian Peninsula, 5% European East, 3% Ireland/Scottish/Wales, 2% African North 2% Native American 1% Middle East….. was told I was French Greek Cuban Native…. the Great Britain percentage really threw me off, but my mom think that's part her and part of my Cuban grandmother.

  9. Nice. So, one of your great-great-grandmothers was likely a mulata.

  10. After watching a lot of Latinos do dna tests on YouTube I’ve noticed Cubans are by far the most European. Cuban Americans seem to be mostly descended from the Spanish immigrants from early 19th-20th century

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